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Avatar f tn The last ct scan was done in May 2012, now since then my gland under my jaw next to my trachia is big, like the size of a half dollar and hurts when I turn my head as if it is touching a bone and I have a burning sensation and my tonsil still hurts as well as my ear. ENT is a 40 year experienced DR. and says it does not appear to present itself as cancer and with inflammation only showing with no masses he is not concerned.
Avatar f tn Last april I got a yellowish lump on the tonsil. Dr said it is tonsil tissure, Just recently I got on at the back of my throat and now another higher on the tonsil. I had a tonsil stone come out about a week ago. My face is sore from behind my ear to under my chin. I am beginning to think this is a chronic tonsil problem even though it is not swollen. If that is what it is it really needs to come out. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Results are back. They found something in my tonsil. Going to have them removed. I talk to the Dr on Thursday and find out what kind of mass. This is the final suggestion on the CT scan: asymmetry in the transparency of the oropharynx secondary to a prominent left tonsil. inflammatory or neoplastc coindition may be considered. The radiologist does not mention a mass or size. Does that mean it is too small? Any help?
1600722 tn?1297607675 They same to come about of no where, protruding from the cavities in the back at the top of my throat, and then this evening i was bombarded with them, with them popping out at the top and bottom of my throat,below and beside the tongue, a very difficult spot, thus i had to throw up to get them out. I still feel there is more left in a cavity at the top but am too worn out to pursue. I was wondering if the any connection with tonsil stones and over active acid in one's stomach?
Avatar f tn Anyways I went to look into my throat a few days ago and I noticed that the white skin has grown and my tonsil above my tonsil area has 2 nodules looking things and my tonsil on that side is WAY smaller then it has ever been. I have also been feeling like something is loges in my throat.
Avatar f tn I had ear fullness and throat began to get sore just on left side. Dr. First said acid reflux but meds was not helping. So one day while my throat was really sore I looked with flashlight and seen a white spot on left tonsil. Was put on antibiotics but did not help so I decided to press in on tonsil while holding the light. To my surprise I popped out a tonsil stone.
Avatar f tn Anyways I went to look into my throat a few days ago and I noticed that the white skin has grown and above my tonsil area I now have 2 nodules looking things, and that tonsil is now WAY smaller. I have also been feeling like something is logged my throat.
Cat Since then my tonsil at times feels swollen, but when I look at it it looks the same. Can strep throat cause damage to the tonsil and make it sensitive. Any suggestions on how to make this tonsil less sensitive. I am 38 so I really do not want to have a tonsillectomy. It is not infected but it does have some crevices. So could it be that food and liquid gets in there and what I am feeling is it interacting with that?
Avatar m tn I am suffering from sore throat repeatedly.Then i see on my tonsil i found an white foamy appearance in my right tonsil.but sore throat not longer lasting 3 days.there are no any other symptoms in my body,just only white foamy tonsil.i have no fever,no lymph gland enlargement,& also have no tenderness in the tonsil. i thought it may be a case of streptococcal sore throat,then i take amoxycillin 500mg,3 daily for 7 days.But therefore white patch on the tonsil present till now.
Avatar f tn I have had tonsil stones but now my right tonsil is very large. No sore throat scratchy throat pain just pressure pain. It feels as if i have a growth in my tonsil or a clogged duct. I can feel the lump in my tonsil with my tongue and if i push with my tongue a bad taste will follow. I have had pain behind my tonsil, in my ear and also behind the glands in my neck. I also have a wisdom tooth which is partially exposed.
Avatar n tn I have taken multiple round of antibiotics, a Z-Pak, three rounds of doxicycline, a round of cipro, two shots of rochephin, steroid shots and steroid packs and still the same with my throat and tonsils. I have been seing my Dr. for the past ten years and he is a great one and I totally trust him, but we are both baffled. I have even seen an ENT and still baffled.
Avatar f tn I have had a low grade sore throat this time for almost 5 weeks and just discovered my tonsil on just the left size only is about double the size of the right one. My throat discomfort, when it appears is always just on the left, where the swollen tonsil is and before this experience I had a low grade sore throat, sometimes with a feeling of a lump stuck in it. Other symptoms-not always, might have accompanied it in the past. This all started about 3 years ago.
Avatar f tn Left tonsil is swollen and has white spot on it and a big bulge attached to tonsil (which is where white spot is, one dr. said was a tonsil stone and another said she didn't think so). Had it for months but first dr. kept saying gargle with salt/water. Anyway, had blood tests done by second doctor, test for mono, and other blood tests and urine sample (which was very dark yellow with floaty things in it).
Avatar f tn All this kind of comes and goes. Also my family dr diagnosed me with tonsil stones a year ago. Well the ENT told me that they are not tonsil stones just bumps. WhenI google my symptoms I have with the bumps I get tonsil stones. He said they are just there not causing any harm it was just the way I was made. So now I am wondering should I seek a second opinion? I worry A LOT and this whole thing has my nerves shot. Having trouble concentrating eating and sleeping.
Avatar m tn so i made the an appointment for tuesday today (22) i told him i have still ben havin pain on the right side of my throat only when i swallow. he looked at my throat and told my that my right tonsil was swallon and to finish the doxycycl hyc and if it wasnt better by monday he would have me see an ear nose throat dr. i had been smokin marijuana every once in awhile until july 13th.
Avatar f tn However, with my sore throat I have a lot of post nasal drip (possible cause of sore throat?). I take a combo of ibuphrophen, tylenol, and musinex to manage the pain. About 7 years ago I had reoccurring tonsillitis, saw an ENT and he put me on a strong antibiotic for 3 weeks. That seem to kick the tonsillitis, but I still get the sore throat with my tonsils turing bright red and my right tonsil still gets slightly inflamed.
1288270 tn?1301287612 I have an ulcer I guess,On my tonsil...Its swollen and dosent really hurt...No other symptoms...Any ideas what it is?
Avatar f tn I did get a referral to an ENT and I will still be going as I still feel like something is stuck in my tonsil,and my one tonsil is still larger. But the growth I was concerned about is gone! I'm Hoping all the weird things going on with this tonsil have all just been a result of an untreated infection.
Avatar f tn Yeah, my throat has been constantly red for ages now, and I have tonsils that produce tonsil stones on occasion with one tonsil in particular being larger than the other. The large tonsil looks almost like it's separated vertically by a large purple vein, and the part of the tonsil close to the center of my throat is somewhat pale looking. Should I be concerned? If so, what could be causing these problems?
Avatar n tn ve had persistent problems with my left tonsil. Since then it kind of appears as if it were receding back into my throat, and looked semi-atrophying and patchy and just generally weird. Recently i checked my tonsils, and the left one is gone! Like... it isn't there at ALL, and to the left of my throat where the tonsil used to be there is what looks like an oval-shaped hole in my throat.
Avatar f tn My throat is not sore, but on the left side, there is a swollen mass that is in the same area my tonsil would be. A NP was afraid it was an abscess, but my dr didn't think it was. My blood work is still out on an official mono dx, but the thing in my throat is not getting any smaller. It sometimes makes me keep like gagging. Any idea what this is? Or if I need to see an ENT to have it drained/removed? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I recently noticed I had a wart on my left tonsil and my throat is sore. I used to be a heavy smoker, for about 2 years. I have been a heavy drinker for the past 2+ years. Cancer runs in my family. I'm a 20 year old female. Do I have tonsil cancer? Can it be spread to my other organs?
1142320 tn?1261359451 My sore throat was very severe for about a week in May and then it stopped hurting but my left tonsil has remained swollen. The lymph nodes in the left side of my neck have been swollen this whole time too, and I have armpit pain on the left side. I recently developed some sort of illness with coughing, severe sore throat, and sneezing AGAIN... I went to the doctor and they have no idea what it is! I have been tested for everything under the sun... all normal. Hope you get yours figured out!
Avatar f tn Tree days ago I had Oral sex with my boyfriend. Last night I felt discomfort on my right tonsil and i saw little white spots all over my thoat. This morning I was diagnose with Strep Throat. I just started to take antibiotics. Is it possible i had the Strep Throat for this long? Is there a possibility I had pass this to my boyfriend thru Oral Sex? what could happen to his reproductive parts? ones is over if we have oral sex again will i get infected again?
Avatar n tn What causes yellow balls or lumps in the back of your throat? and what can you do to stop them from returning?