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Avatar n tn Can someone give me some advice here, I took antibiotics about two and a half months ago and they seemed to upset my tongue one or two days after I finished. Tongue was red and sore, smooth looking and it had a dry fuzzy feeling to it. This did seem to get alittle better in time but the dry fuzzy feeling has always been there. During this time I have also gotten a lump feeling in my throat which seems to come and go, I know it could be acid reflux or even anxiety but it worries me.
Avatar n tn In my opinion your recent feelings in your throat, right ear, and tongue are no more than your anxiety. I don't have any studies to cite to support what the brain can do when scared about what-ifs, but I don't need any because if we all don't know by now, at the very least anecdotally, then we haven't learned about humans. I've been on this site since January of 2010, I went through the exact same stuff you did after my genital diagnosis.
Avatar m tn After 5 days my problem has almost gone away but still very mild irritation and sore throat is there. Also my tongue is whitish but can be easily cleaned with tongue cleaner. Am continuously doing warm salty water goggling. Can any one tell what could be the problem?
Avatar f tn t know if thats the reason for the enlarged lymph node! The thing is that 6 days ago my neck and tongue are sore but not like a regular sore throat its weird! It bothers me even when I move my tongue to the side and only the left side even my jaw hurts its unexplainable it only goes away when I take ibuprofen and after researching about my symptoms I'm scared! Now I'm panicking about it being throat cancer or something like that what can it be is it the thyroid? Cancer? I'm scared!!
Avatar f tn I think for the lump in your throat you should get it checked out by your doctor even if you have to pay. I don't know what it is but if there is a lump it has to be looked at. It may be swollen lymph nodes due to some sort of infection on the tongue. You can lots of other infections. I would be honest with the doctor and tell them what you have been involved in with this guy that cheated and your concerns.
Avatar f tn I would like you to tell me which are the possibilities to get hpv in mouth, tongue and throat via oral, how long elapses from infection to first symptoms, and what the symptoms are because I have been feeling so weird. I my throat I can see some blisters or bumps and an otolaryngologist told me were completely normal but I don´t think so. How does cancer feels? Please help me because I am scared to dead.
Avatar n tn I have muscle and joint tenderness, stomach pain and reflux and severe throat and tongue pain. I have been going from specialist to specialist and continue to get sicker. Right now I am having severe throat pain in my tonsils and surrounding area and tongue/mouth pain and I am told that it is not related to my thyroid condition or the Crohn's. I am desperate to find out what the problem is. I would really appreciate any advice right now.
Avatar f tn My tongue looks exactly like the picture above, but the only difference is that its in the far back near my tonsils and throat. My whole tongue that is visible to the naked eye is usually pink n appearance with a white/yellow coating from time-time, but not always. Otherwise, looking healthy... You have to get a flashlight, and get me to open my mouth really big just to be able to see this on my tongue in the back..
Avatar f tn when I went back to him, I asked a lot of questions, so he looked at my throat again and felt that my tonsil felt very firm and was pretty sure that there was cancer in there. I asked for a PET scan and that came back negative also, but he still wanted to take the tonsil. The tonsil was removed and that was also negative! Fustrated, I went to the Cleveland Clinic for a second opinion because, if there is cancer present, I would like to treat it early! The ENT did another scope and found nothing!
Avatar f tn I would like to know if bleeding from the throat due to severe coughing or brushing your tongue can be associated with Throat Cancer or Emphysema? For about 4 months now I have this problem. Sometimes it feels as if I have a Sore throat, but it hurts alot. When I eat and swallow I feel like the food going down is scraping on my throat or esophagus. When I cough severely and spit the phlegm there is a streak of blood, not red red but like an orange-red color.
Avatar n tn They look like little bumps in the back of my tongue and it fills ruff when I swallow. What are the symptoms of throat cancer? What do I have to look for?
Avatar f tn I have a skin coloured bump that has been on the tongue for over a month.
Avatar f tn he has scanned so much and for evrything he did labs with 24 hr urine. I have had a sorethroat since Sept2011 and hoarseness always clearing my throat and earaches only when throat hurts. When I brush my teeth it burns all the way down my left side of my throat I can't eat anything with acid or spicy or my tongue burns for days.Should I be concerned about cancer? Has anyone dealt with this ? Is that 0.63 Tsh normal?
Avatar f tn I would like you to tell me which are the possibilities to get hpv in mouth, tongue and throat via oral, how long elapses from infection to first symptoms, and what the symptoms are because I have been feeling so weird. I my throat I can see some blisters or bumps and an otolaryngologist told me were completely normal but I don´t think so. Please help me because I am scared to dead.
Avatar n tn My husband has/ had throat cancer. He went through kemo and radiation. He is going to tested Fri. to see if treatment worked. He still has very bad breath. Also 2 other spots have shown up too. He also has a large lump on his leg.
Avatar m tn So, the thing is, this year, i have develop white tongue and red lumps way back at my tongue together with fatigue and i am now developing anxiety and depression because of this. The white tongue and enlarged red lumps on my tongue had been around for about 3 months already but i don't already experience the symptoms i've experienced two years ago. that was my last unprotected sexual activity i ever had which was 2 years ago and not already engage in any sexual activity. please help me.
Avatar m tn I have no visible warts on my penis, however, I have been having this soar feelings in my throat for over a week, as well as fatigue and a slight headache. Today, I took a look in the mirror and saw white warts all over the back of my tongue. Not a pretty site. I am now a bit concerned because I read these may be the signs of a very rare oral concer caused by HPV. I even read somewhere that doctors may end up cutting my tongue out....
Avatar n tn Hi, i have had a pain in my right hand side of adams apple only when i swallow for about 3 weeks. This went last week and i had no symptoms apart from 2 cankers come up on my tongue which were very sore. This morning i woke and the pain i had before has now started slightly on the left hand side of the adams apple. As i say it does not hurt unless i swallow when it feels uncomfortable. Also my glands in my neck have been swollen for about 4 weeks now. Are these signs of oral or throat cancer?
Avatar n tn About a month ago, I noticed a red patch on the tip of my tongue. I used glyoxide, changed toothpastes and stopped using listerine to see if it would get better. It would seem to fade, and then return, and in the morning, it would have a whitish film over it. Now, it seems to be getting worse. The back of my tongue has this white film over it, and the taste buds look inflamed. The back of my throat is looking pretty gross as well, with whitish patches, and a mucuosy film over my uvula.
Avatar f tn My throat and tongue hurt in a weird way! Its not your regular sore throat its like the left side of my jaw throat and tongue! When I move my tounge to either side it hurts! I read about these symptoms and I'm scared!!! I also have an enlarged lymph node on right side of my neck for about 2 months now!! It only stops hurting when I take 800 mg of ibuprofen!!!!! What test can I get to rule out any kind of cancer?!?!?!
Avatar f tn I have swelling in my neck to ear and on the bottom of my chin. Cant clear my throat and theres a whitish, clear gummy mucus like stuff in my throat as well. And a bad taste . I also have white bumps starting midways of my tongue as far as I can see down to my throat.
Avatar n tn For the last month or so, off and on, I have suffered from horrible dryness of my mouth, tongue and throat, which causes my throat to feel somewhat swollen. I am taking the following medications: Allegra, Prilosec and Flovent (one puff a day.) I have not taken the Allegra for two days to see if this would help the dryness, but it has not. I do have an infection under a tooth where I had a root canal a few years ago.