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Avatar f tn This excess mucus leads to congestion,cough and sore throat and earache due to pressure on the tympanic membrane.This sore throat is called pharyngitis. It usually occurs when viruses (or sometimes bacteria) from a cold, flu, or sinus infection involve the throat. The treatment depends on the underlying cause. Viral infections are managed with warm salt water gargles, pain relievers like aspirin., and fluids.Rest adequately and do not smoke.
Avatar f tn Hi mila21, Oh boy, you're in that "fun" waiting stage between biopsy and results. It's like torture, isn't it? I hope you get good news next week. I can't imagine that a needle biopsy could cause a sore throat and earache, but I'm not a doctor. If it does have to do with the lump itself, maybe it's pressing on something that is causing the pain. You should call your doctor's office and talk to the nurse.
Avatar f tn It appears to never go away completely, and it gets worse and I usually get a earache and sore throat (hoarseness) at the same time with the inflamed tonsils. I have had my gums checked and the doctor never seems to give it much concern. It bothers me to often.My tonsils bother me often. My question is. Is this related to my Thyroid? Cancer?? What could be causing these problems??
Avatar f tn I would say that getting to see an ear, nose, and throat doctor would be a wise idea. You have probably met with one, and you are probably experiencing zero problems now. I have the same issues that you described with the issues on my right ear, too. I have problems with pain in my ear, and my right ear produces wax like there is no tomorrow! Weird, huh? I hope you found relief. I am going to find an ENT: ear, nose, and throat doctor for myself.
Avatar m tn my fiancee is suffering from earache and it is repeating frequently and he says, when he is in office due to airconditioning it becomes more and sometimes due to talking in mobile , im worried about it bcz it is happening frequently now and sometimes fluid also flows frm his ears . plz suggest me how to control it .
1536858 tn?1292589149 I have Diabetes Type 2 and have high BP. At the moment I'm having awful dizziness,just moving my head slightly is really wierd.Since Tuesday I've had earache,unusual for me and its just like it is when your jaw locks,eating ,yawning hurts my jaw.No cold or sore throat just generally feel off earache feeling a bit better today but dizziness is horrible.Wondering if its anything to do with the Autonomic Neuropathy caused by the Diabetes.
2001085 tn?1327443140 go, well now not so much feeling the sore throat much but having a very piercing earache in left ear hitting me every minute or two which if I lay down then the earache pain shifts to inside of head more to top left corner inside, what is strange about this is the top of my head in that area is very sensitive to the touch feeling somewhat a bit of pain, this feels like an earache much so though as to when I lay down it becomes a piercing pain inside head.
Avatar f tn Ive had a terrible sore throat for the last week, running nose, earache at one point, lost my voice. I actually was feeling better today till i noticed a very sore lump in my tongue near the tip, bout the size of a pea, deep in the tongue tissue.
Avatar f tn There are many nerves which run under the jaw and up the side of the face and the ear, and it is these they try to avoid when removing a thyroid, as it can cause paralysis of the face. So it is very possible you are having pain due to a nerve being pushed or compressed. Good luck!
Avatar f tn m so tired of my throat being sore and it is not helping my singing. I had an earache that was linked to the infection too and it is only just clearing up. Many thanks for your help!
4259918 tn?1351848942 I have also has earache and sore throat, cough, many have where I live in CA theres almost an epidemic..the waiting rooms are full especially children .I think its environmental allergies caused by the spraying they are doing .
Avatar n tn Earache for three days, went to Minute Clinic, said ears are fine but have canker sore on throat. Ear pain is worse and so is throat pain. No fever. What is going on?
Avatar m tn s complaining of earache and throat infection, the doctor prescribed her antibiotic called Ospexin, but two days later she still complains of pains and her fever is very high, next day her throat showed a sign of blistered throat, I can see a cracked or blood on her throat, although she has no fever today, she refused to eat anything. Today we have to visit her doctor again but I am not sure wether the doctor is giving her right medicine or making the right diagnosis.
Avatar n tn I started with headaches and earache, felt like a knitting needle in each ear, feeling hot and dehydrated so i started drinking lots of water which made feel sicky and flaky. Last week i noticed swelling and sore to touch area under my ears which i guess is my glands and a sore throat, yesterday i rough today i have headache, sore throat, earache as above glands?? low fevr of 38.6-39.4ish, drilling pain just above my buttock kidneys?? painful and v.
Avatar f tn Then the problem began to worsen and even happen on days I did not drink at all. This initiated my first doctors trip....I told the doctor my face hurts, my throat hurts, earache, wheezing, all on my left side....she chalked it up to allergies. After a couple weeks on allergie medication I realize I'm not gettiing any better. One night after a stressful day at work I realize Im having a hard time breathing and immediately go to emergency room....diagnosis...upper respitory infection.
Avatar n tn hi, i had sinus pressure and right side of throat is sore .. also i feel my bones achy on right side of the face...what i believe is sinus.. and after a day i started feeling fullness in my right ear , sharp earaches and swelling in the neck area behind ear and sides... the earache doesn't go away even after taking motrin... cud it b an ear infection... or TMJ or swollen lymph nodes... its a long weekend and have to wait to schedule an appointment..any guess on these symptoms...please help..
327385 tn?1378360731 i started getting a sore throat yesterday. today i have an earache and the pain goes to the top of my left side of my head. the pain is so bad it hurts to touch my hair on that side. i know i probley have strep, my son just got over strep 3 weeks ago. the pain in my ear is a stabbing pain and it hurts to take a deep breath . i cant get to see the doc till in the morning. i am worried about the sever pain in my head. is this common? any advice please would help.
Avatar n tn I felt very fatigued and slept for a whole day. After that day, the earache subsided and no noticeable swelling continued- until 5-6 days later. I woke up with swollen and slightly painful/tender lymph nodes on the right side of my neck, no earache though. I also have a bad taste in my mouth that seems to be coming from my throat (sort of like the taste you would get if you had a sinus infection). I have tried gargling with Listerine but it doesn't help. This has been going on for 2 days.
Avatar m tn Most of the pain feels like its coming from behind the tonsil, or way back of the tongue/throat, and i don´t have to be swallowing for it to hurt. Sometimes it just starts hurting, and it feels like it´s burning and stinging. Kind of the same feeling if you have an ulcer on your lip and something salty gets in it. This same sensation also occurs on the right side. I tried looking for any ulcers but because of the tonsils (like i said the pain feels like it´s behind the tonsils) i cannot see.
Avatar f tn Im ten Weeks and this morning I woke up with an extremely Sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, headache and earache all on the left side. Any ideas of what this could be? I was thinking sinus infection.should I go to the doctor or try some home remedies? I start classes Wed.
Avatar n tn But on 6 days after the root canal, towards the end of the Cipro course, I started having a sore throat. And today, I have had a earache all day. Is this related to the root canal or just conincidental?
Avatar m tn A tightness in my throat (sometimes making it difficult to inhale deeply or swallow), an ongoing headache (throughout my entire head), earache (sensitivity to loud noises and just generally feeling a bit muffled) and a tension in my jaw. This began happening after I experienced a sharp pain in the right side of my throat, followed by a strange taste in my mouth, and most of these symptoms are stronger on the right side. I've felt a bit lightheaded and a bit dizzy as well.
Avatar f tn Have been told i have strep infection have had sore throat, tonsil stones, sinusitis, earache, dizziness nausea and now really bad stomach pains under my ribs. What is happening to me? I had allergic reaction few days back to metronidazole for a womans prob, my throat swelt up, so have no treatment for that now and on another antibiotic pencillin one for my throat.
Avatar m tn ve also had earache on the same side where the main white patch is. My daughter has had a sore throat, earache and chesty cough recently. I'm going to get myself tested for throat gonorrhoea and chlamydia - do I need to wait a week post encounter as some sites suggest or does the fact that the white spots are there mean a valid swab can be taken? How worried should I be about STI here?
Avatar f tn s on fire coughing and an earache fever and chills what in the world can I take to ease the symptoms that will not harm baby I'm almost 12 weeks