Throat and ear hurts when i swallow

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Avatar f tn Why is it that when you swallow your throat hurts and it hurt the inside of your ear?
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm a 13 year old girl. Around 2 days ago my throat hurt then a day after my throat still hurt but not as much. Now I'm getting a shooting pain in my left ear when I swallow if I put a cotton ball in said ear then cover my ear then swallow it still hurts but a lot less. What's wrong with me?
Avatar f tn It has gradually got better, but now when I swallow my right ear hurts. When I talk or yawn it hurts also. What do you recommend I do? Or what do you think may be wrong?
Avatar n tn for the last 10 days I have had pain on the right side of my throat when I swallow and in the last few days I have had pain in my ear with it. About 3 weeks ago I had a semi bad cold with irritated throat, nasal congestio and swollen glands. My ears were "blocked" for a couple days, too. I got better and was fine for a week. Then a week later I started having this throat (and now ear) thing. It seems to have gotten a bit better but hasn't gone away.
Avatar f tn my ear hurts on the left and when I swallow-have used warm water -it just sits there doesn't came out or go down the throat
1346802 tn?1285777947 this only happens when I swallow. Very painful and hurt my inner ear too when this click happens. My tongue feels stressed out and like there is a foreign body sometimes pressing on my tongue way in the back. Drinking water has become a project and eating sometimes hurts too when i swallow. Not to mention only on my left side I have this chronic sore throat all these symptoms came on fairly quick and never went away and is getting worse!!!
Avatar n tn Hello, I had a low fever 99-101.5 overnight. Felt flu like and now my right ear won't pop and it hurts when I swallow. I don't think it is infected, it just all of a sudden felt plugged and when I swallow, it sorta 'pops' but hurts when it does and it doesn't clear.
Avatar n tn so today i was looking in at my throat to look for any wierd looking thing and i saw like a red mark with like something that i think was blood vessels in the back of my throat and when i swallow the part with that red mark on it only hurts. and the side that the mark is on is my left side and my left ear always hurts when i move a certain way or when i swallow or take deep breaths.sometimes i get headaches or pressure on my head from that.
1032337 tn?1252433592 s hard to swallow however my throat what i can see is not swollen and where the adams apple would be hurts extremely bad. I hurts to swallow, turn my head, move my tounch, and it even kinda feels like its effecting my ear like an ear infection. I dont have a job or insurance and dont know if it's neccessary to go see a dr for it. Do you know what this may be? Do you feel i should go get it looked at?
Avatar f tn They gave me antibiotics and I feel alot better now, but it still hurts to swallow and now I have a slight fever and head ache
Avatar m tn Sometimes, when I swallow, my left ear hurts very lightly. I almost always wake up with a very dry throat and whenever I swallow I experience discomfort on both my ear and my throat. The problem hasen't gotten any more serious ever since, but why hasen't it stopped already? I thought it could be a chronic infection or something, but then I saw about Larynx cancer and so I'm very very worried!
Avatar f tn I have a sore throat on the left side only. When I swallow my left ear hurts a little. Also, this morning I woke and the left side of my neck is sore from the side towards the back of my neck - once again left side only. The skin on that side of my neck is actually sore when I touch it. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn i have a pain in the left side of my throat and when i go to swallow my left eardrum hurts. whats wrong?
Avatar n tn The pain has gotten worse and now my ear hurts mainly when I swallow. The pain in my throat and ear is just on the right side. The right side of my head also hurts. When I try to clear my nasal passages, by sniffing my nose, this thick yellow mucus with a small amout of what appears to be blood come out of my mouth. Should I see my doctor at this point or just treat the symptoms with OTC products? I haven't taken anything thus far.
Avatar n tn I have difficulty swallowing because every time I swallow, it feels like I am tearing on my ear and it triggers the pain. Also, when I brushed my hair and got to a certain point on my skull, it hurt, and although it was far from my ear, the pain felt similar. Moreover, when I touch my ear it triggers the pain as well, but it doesn't feel as intense as when I swallow. If I don't touch my ear or swallow, there is no pain.
Avatar n tn I have this pain in the right back of head and neck that circles around the right ear and into the right side of my throat. I even feel it when I swallow. Movement makes it worse but it hurts even when I don't move. This has been going on for about 2 weeks and is getting worse.
Avatar f tn ve had the same thing off and on for years. I have it right now. Hurts to swallow and comes on its own without doing anything. I find that oil in the ear helps a bit. Pour some in your ear for a couple minutes then take it out. My doctor said it may due to TMJ. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn and it hurts like a needly pain and i have a little ball there. when i swallow my throat feels a little wierd like almost closing up and my left ear also itches and hurts. i dont knwo if it has anythign to do but my breasts hurt it hin they're just growing but you never know adn i get this weird pain on my neck back shoulders and abdomen. with really bad headaches .
Avatar n tn Chills, headache, fever, sore throat, general weakness, glands are rock hard but not swollen, hurts to swallow, tons of mucus, runny nose, tired, and I cant hear out of my Left ear and there is a pain in my right ear when I swallow anything.
Avatar n tn for the last couple of months, the right side of my throat hurts when i's not like a "sore throat", it's more like a pulled muscle--feels like it goes to the bottom of my ear. I haven't really had a cold or anything like that, just some conjestion and some drainage. The glands under my chin aren't really that sore or swollen. Any suggestions??
Avatar m tn Mid week last week I started to have a pain off an on on the right side of my throat right where my larynx is. The pain would manifest when I swallow or begin to talk or cough and would radiate into my right ear. This is not a severe pain but enough that I notice it. It doesn't happen every time I swallow or sing or talk or cough but it hasn't gone away yet. Now, if I push right at the base of my ear lobe it hurts (you know, the bony part) and radiates back towards my larynx.
Avatar f tn For about a month I have had this loud ear click in my left ear when I swallow. I can also hear it if I flex/voluntarily open up my ear. There's NO sign of congestion, infection, sinus problem, nor any pain or pressure. It is just a click/snap sound when I swallow now. It's pretty annoying and distracting and I've never had this problem before. Might I add that I am 5 months pregnant so I don't know if that would have something to do with the onset of this problem.
Avatar m tn My concern is that it is hard to swallow and hurts on the left side of my throat, the same side that I have the sharp ear pain. I can not find anywhere that mentions throat pain. I do not clench my jaw or grind my teeth, so not sure why they think it is TMJ. The pain kept me up all night and was horrible through out the days until I learned to eat and chew and a certain way. Now with the throat hurting I am wondering if it is really TMJ? Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I have swollen gums where my wisdom tooth would be on the lower right side, my neck hurts on that side, I feel like I have something in my throat, and my ear hurts when I swallow. It's worse when I'm stuffed up. My jaw hurts sometimes too.