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Avatar n tn one side of my face has been hurting for about a month now with my one side of my throat and eye whats wrong with me im 21 and this is the first time this has happened to me i cant even open my mouth all the way help!
Avatar n tn I have been having bad really bad earaches and the inside of my throat on left side all way down throat hurts for about 9 or 10 days. I went to ear&throat doctor when ear was hurting and he saw nothing,I also went to dentist no infection or anything.I have a tooth on upper left side had root canal last year but there isn't enough tooth out to put a crown on. When I get this it's hurts to chew more the back of my throat.
Avatar f tn So I woke up this morning and my left ear was hurting very badly and when I swallowed, my ear and throat, which I had these symptoms before. But now it's in both ears and I'm starting to get a little concerned. Is there anything I can do so my throat and ears don't feel so bad? Answer soon!!!
Avatar f tn My Left ear and the left side of my throat has been hurting over the past few weeks. At time my ear iches, and my throat is sore when I swallow. I have not had a feaver, nor do I feel sick just this pain. Do you think it is more likley that I have an allergy to something, or do you think I have a virus. Do you know of any at home remidies to help sooth the pain?
Avatar f tn There was only clear/yellowish liquid that time. Now about two weeks ago the same ear has been hurting and I had blood come out of it. No hearing loss...I didnt really know what it was and though I might have had a cut in my ear. Last night I had a terrible buring/metal taste in my throat. Not sure if it was blood. It lasted about 10 mins. Anyway if anyone has a clue why Im having random bleeding please help I dont know if anything from a year ago has to do with now but I figured it may help.
Avatar m tn Hi Kenny, did you ever figure out what was wrong here, i Get a sensitive left side of scalp then a blister that comes up either on the inside of my ear or around the outside, sometimes it leaks fluid... be great to know if you know the answer here.
1626225 tn?1306462718 I started taken Kapidex and it didn't work, then proliced and Zantac and didn't work either. Now my acid reflux is so bad that I have constant taste in my mouth from the time I get up until evening. I tried Natural remedies such as AVC and Aleo Vera for the imflamation in my stomach, and it does help but the vineger irritated my throat so I stopped.
Avatar m tn Whay can you take? My ear and throat are hurting bad. My throats been bugging me for two and isnt getting better now my right ear is killing me. What can I do?
Avatar n tn Its a very mild pain and my ear just started hurting about 2 weeks ago and I went back to specialist and he said CT scan but he can't feel any lumps in mouth or neck. I have been taking some Nystatin for throat and Floxin for my ear. It does feel a little better but if I had fungus for a year could I have been doing more damage to other parts of my body by not curing the fungus sooner? Do you think it sounds like a Tumor or Fungus?
Avatar f tn What might be the problem if my right ear and right side of my throat are hurting?
Avatar m tn A significantly sore throat. My tonsils, tounge base and back of my throat were all sore but at different times in different areas of the throat. (it seemed to hop around a little but focused on my tonsils) Went to my GP who did a strep test but decided that most likely it was a virus due to several viruses going around. Strep test came back negative 5 days later. I was given "magic mouthwash", I tried chloraseptic, halls...
Avatar f tn I am 13 weeks and yesterday morning when I woke up my throat was hurting and today is the same it has been hurting all day. I usually always get headaches but since yesterday its been hurting all day and even my ears hurt a little. What do you ladys recomend i should take, I am trying not to take any meds like tylenol the less i take the better but I wanna get better and not worse. Anything you know that could helps and won't be any risk for the baby I alsi had a hard time getting pregnant.
Avatar f tn He told me to take ibprufen and something like zyrtec d for a few days and if i continue to have problems he wants me to see a ear nose and throat doctor. He said there might be something in there but he cant see past a certain point in my ear. I have extreme pain in my ear that runs along the bottom of my jaw and my throat on the one side. I also have some pain in the very back of my mouth. The pain gets worse when i swallow, smile, chew, yawn etc. I was also running a 99.
1244316 tn?1269217849 i am a prograstinator so i havent been to the ear, nose, and throat, doctor and my ears and throat have been hurting for a year....i know i need to go see one and im goin to soon cause i dont want my healt to be at risk anymore....anyways if anyone has any adive or know anything about this topic please write me back asap im very concerned....
Avatar f tn my son is 16 months old saturday i brought him to the doctor's because all day he had a fever up to 103.8. When we wen't the doctor said he had a ear infection and and had a croupy cough so he gave me amoxicillon well today is monday and for the last 2 days he has been awful nothing but crying and he won't really eat or drink. last night was the worst he would wake up and scream so bad he was throwing himself and screaming like someone was hurting him he has never that.
Avatar n tn I am a 28yr female and have been suffuring with ear problems my whole life. As i child i was always having ear infections and hearing losses but back then my parents had no medical coverage to do anything about. It wasn't until my daugther fell out of her bed one night that i did something. She was on the opposite walls where my couch was and i never heard her until she came to me crying and holding her head. This scared me.
1572016 tn?1295765559 Since yesterday my throat has been hurting and i have tried lemon and honey tea, and chloraseptic spray and 2 tylanol and non of them is helping with my pain in my throat. My pain i can feel on the outside below my ear. Should i call the doctor yet or should i wait it out till monday?
Avatar n tn and yes either way hematoma (bruise) or bursting ear canal could theoretically bleed. The eustachean tube that leads from the middle ear, and on to the back of the throat. Possibly there was some bleeding, the blood drained down the eustachean tube, this would cause the taste of blood. One quick self test is to pinch your nose, and bow out, like you do when trying to equalize pressure in a plane. If you hear wind rushing out of your ear, you probably did burst your ear drum.
Avatar n tn I had my blood drawn last Tuesday to test my thyroid, but the Friday before my throat started hurting. It wasn't bad, and I assumed it was my sinuses dripping or something. Well, it's been a week and it still hurts! It's getting worse and the outside of my neck hurts. My ears and my collar bone have even started to hurt a little...but the throat is were it's at. Any my throat only hurts when I swallow but my neck hurts continuosly.
Avatar m tn I tried popping my ears by holding my nose and blowing, and my left ear popped and suddenly my left ear felt fine but my right ear will still not pop and it is Thursday. It has been three days and I am now out of the antibiotic. Yesterday I was being very persistent on trying to cough up mucus and all of a sudden I coughed up something that had a little more substance than mucus.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have been suffering from painful right neck, right side of my throat and painful, sensitive small spots on right of my head. It started with a lump and tense muscle on the right of my neck, the lump went away but pain and stiffness is still there. The spots on my right head sculp are really hurting. I can't even touch them. I started using severe cold medicine, and vicks on the spots. What might be the reason?
Avatar n tn About three weeks ago my ears started ringing, so I went to the doctor to figure out what was going on. She checked me out and told me my left ear drum was pink and that I might have an ear infection. So she prescribed some antibiotics, a decongestant, and also suggested I have my hearing checked for tinnitus. I got my hearing checked and it tests out prefectly! This has been going on for a month now: The first 2 weeks I only experianced ringing in both ears (tinnitus perhaps?
Avatar f tn Would it cause pain in the ear when swallowing? Not pain in my throat but in the ear and under the jaw bone.
Avatar n tn If he/she cannot be reached, take her into the ER so this can be addressed. I would then make an appointment with an ear/nose/throat doctor and discuss placement of tubes because at this point, you can be risking permanent hearing damage if the infections cannot be controlled.
370181 tn?1428180348 I can't even afford the medication I need for my heart and I'd gladly buy Axels ear meds and forgo mine, but you can't get blood out of a turnip and there just isn't any money. And I don't know how to calm Axel down to help him. I know he needs antibiotics or anti yeast stuff, but I thought if I could just wash his ears out with warm water, that might get some of the crap out and make them feel a little better.
Avatar n tn It felt like someone was literaly taking a knife and stabbing it. The pain spread throughout the right side of my throat and lasted about 30 minutes then it went away. Last night the area below my chin hurt extremely bad for about 4 minutes, then it went away. I've been having a slight weeze accompanying all this. Yesterday I woke up with symptoms of a sore throat but then it quickly went away. Also occasionally I've had slight runny nose. Could all this be becaues of a bacterial infection?
Avatar n tn I don't smoke, and exercise regularly. This all started at the beggining of March. I had a mild sore throat and ear pain(left side only) daily accompanied by a soreness in the back of my mouth where the jaw hinges. I took a Zpak for the sore throat which helped a little but the ear pain remained. I saw my dentist who noticed my lower left wisdom tooth had broken the skin. The three others were 1/2 way out. I elected to have all the wis. teeth removed.
Avatar f tn Last week, I was sitting at the table and noticed the throat and ear pain went from right to left for a few minutes and then returned to the right side. Now Wednesday, I wake up with extremely stuffed sinuses and lots of sinus pressure. The ear pain has somewhat subsided but my throat is just not normal. Yesterday, I had the worst sinus pressure ever and was tired (it may have been from the OTC allergy stuff I took) but I just feel like I keep getting worse.
Avatar n tn It took me 3 one week antibiotics to get rid of it then two months later, i started having a pain in the center of the skull above my throat... behind my palate and having bad taste and smell coming from there.... also sore throat and ear pain... i also had a mild headache on the top of my head. I went to another doctor and she said it was sinusitis..