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Avatar n tn I regularly use a q-tip to "scratch" my ear channel and often soak in hydrogen peroxide to help remove wax. I'd guess the tip is in at least 1/2".. I think the "wall" is just a change in direction of the air channel heading for the eardrum.
Avatar f tn Following cataract surgery, I was provided a plastic eye shield to wear at night, and some tape. But no diagram or instructions on how it is supposed to fit on my face. Does the "lip" on one side of the round shield go towards the ear, towards the nose, or up or down? It doesn't fit my face closely no matter which way I turn it. I'm also wondering why a device with a headband hasn't been invented?
Avatar f tn Hi all, I think I've read every q and a for this problem but of course everyone is a little different. I have a swollen lymph node that's about an inch in diameter right below my right ear, behind my jaw. If I look at a diagram, it looks about where your salivary glands sit, but the doc said it's a lymph node so I believe him. I took a round of antibiotics and the swelling hasn't gone down. It doesn't hurt at all. It doesn't move. It's pretty darn hard.
Avatar f tn The pain either starts in the ear and shoots up to the top-left side of my scalp, resonating deep like a stabbing or it just starts on the scalp. I'm wondering if this is something that should be looked into or if its just a migraine. ANY help would much appreciated!!!
Avatar m tn Today I noticed that the left side of my neck, not so much the throat as the area right next to it, has been rather sore and aches with a strange pain. I can feel a slight pain in this area when i swallow anything or touch or press on it. Ive taken a few pain relievers to no avail. It is from below the jawline to about where the adams apple is. My throat doesnt really hurt, just to the left side of it. Does anyone know what this may be.?
Avatar m tn From around the age of 13, I've suffered from unilateral head and neck pain on the right side. My chiropractor aptly describes my symptoms as left side of body weakness, increased pressure on the right side of the head and spinal (cervical) pain. The pain's epicenter seems to emanate from the area just behind the right ear.
Avatar f tn I have swollen, very tender lymph nodes (the nodes just above the adam's apple area) -- from a diagram appears to me to be the submandibular set of lymph nodes. They are so swollen that am having trouble swallowing and bending my neck, and the other muscles in my neck feel weak, yet the inside of my throat doesn't feel sore. This has lasted for over 3 weeks. I have Hashi's and am on 50 mcg synthetic thyroid hormone.
Avatar f tn I had pressure and fluid in my right ear and I had the ear drained then one month later the ear developed pressure without pain. I do not have a cold or anything else that would cause pressure in my right ear. I am 58 years old and never had ear problems. (maybe when I was a kid but I do not remember) Could this be sjogrens? I cannot find an ENT doctor that's familiar with sjogrens. I live in Chicago Illinois. Can anybody recommend an ENT Doctor that's familiar with sjogrens.
Avatar n tn About 7 or 8 months ago I had bells palsy and the pain in my ear kinda feels the same but I do not have any of the other symptoms my throat just feels weird could and ear infection do this? I also have pretty bad allergies and sinus trouble could it be from that possibly? I have no insurance and I am a stay at home mom so I really can't afford to go to the Dr for a bunch of tests if you have any suggestions please let me know.
Avatar f tn I lost my hearing in my left ear suddenly in Nov 2006, with screaming tinnitus, fullness, imbalance, earache, facial numbness and twitching on that side, left sided headache - all of my symptoms are getting worse and now I also have a heartbeat sound in my ear when I lie on it and a twitchy, tingly tongue on the opposite side. My diagnosis is Idiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss but I have just had a scan to rule out Acoustic Neuroma which apparently it did.
Avatar n tn I have difficulty swallowing because every time I swallow, it feels like I am tearing on my ear and it triggers the pain. Also, when I brushed my hair and got to a certain point on my skull, it hurt, and although it was far from my ear, the pain felt similar. Moreover, when I touch my ear it triggers the pain as well, but it doesn't feel as intense as when I swallow. If I don't touch my ear or swallow, there is no pain.
Avatar n tn For the past 3 days i have neck/throat pain/tenderness on the left side, other effects of this pain is ear pain and feels like i have a sore throat. I do not have a sore throat nor does my ear feel like normal ear ache pain. When i push on the outer part of my throat close to the adams apple I have great tenderness but don't feel any swelling or lumps that are unusual. Can someone please give me advice.
Avatar f tn I looked at a diagram of what a vagina should look like versus mine and it was completely different. The clit was in the right spot but I couldn't even see any sign of a urethra, but I thought that was just because it's small. But then just to check while i peed and the pee is coming out of my vagina as it appears.
Avatar f tn Why is it that when you swallow your throat hurts and it hurt the inside of your ear?
Avatar m tn From around the age of 13, I've suffered from unilateral head and neck pain on the right side. My chiropractor aptly describes my symptoms as left side of body weakness, increased pressure on the right side of the head and spinal (cervical) pain. The pain's epicenter seems to emanate from the area just behind the right ear.
Avatar f tn Hello.I am having ear troubles. I have always had middle ear infections, and all the ER has given me is Amoxicillan. (Sorry for the spelling). I have pains running from my middle ear down my neck. My whole neck is aching and I woke up with no voice. My throat feels a bit swollen and everything is throbbing. I do have ringing in my ears, and a growling noise when I shut my eyes or yawn. I have a headache in the back of my head and I've felt groggy all day. I do have vertigo.
Avatar f tn Basically my problems are constant muscus build up in my ears and throat, sinus pain/headaches and nausea, bad sore throat, constant ear aches and muffled hearing, suffere pain in ears and throat at times when i eat, yawn or cough that feels like a blockage. Would my Doctor refer me though? And what would a specialist do for me?
485259 tn?1519047026 If you click on the diagram, it will enlarge it so you can see things more accurately....
Avatar m tn Throat infections can cause inflammation around the Eustachian tube, which is the tube that runs from the back of the nose to the middle ear and is responsible for draining the middle ear of fluid. If there is Eustachian tube dysfunction from nose or sinus inflammation or throat infections, fluid can remain in the middle ear which can lead to dizziness. The blockage can also cause popping sounds in the ear.