Throat and chest on fire

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Avatar n tn my throat feels swollen by my collar bone and also up by jaw line i can feel it when i turn my head either way up by my jaw line i have a runny nose and my mucus is yellow ive been having a weird headach that starts in the back of my head and runs down to my chest and yesterday my throat felt like it was on fire Help!
Avatar f tn A burning in the chest and throat. I was getting it so bad it kept me up and I was having a stinging pain in between my shoulder blades. It was terrible. Tums did nothing for me. I take Prevacid every day (ok'd by dr) and it works wonders. Heartburn was my first clue that I may be pregnant.
Avatar f tn Its a burning sensation in your chest and throat. Best I could describe it is if youve ever chugged down a soda too quickly, and you get that burning sensation in your chest/throat. Thats the best way I know how to describe it lol its not fun.
Avatar f tn Its just when these things are going down. I have no pains in my chest only my throat. Its like its on fire. The cooling of eating ice makes it better after a while.
Avatar f tn Oh goodness, you will know. It literally feels like your chest/ throat is on fire. Like there is acid up your throat. Miserable!!
9062499 tn?1426957962 s food or something sitting right at the back of my throat. Like when u drink a pop , and u burp and it makes ur eyes water and throat burn ...
Avatar f tn I had that same chest burning and had to take motrin and musinex D or DM which ever one was for chest for about 10 days, it was terrible HOT COUGHS TOO?
Avatar f tn i am now getting burning sensations in my legs and arms and also my throat and face. i have shoulder and neck pain and have had that on and off for the past year even the side and under my foot tonuge is sore, ????????????????
Avatar f tn Woke up with a horrible cold sore throat my chest feels like it's on fire coughing and an earache fever and chills what in the world can I take to ease the symptoms that will not harm baby I'm almost 12 weeks
1472764 tn?1287588186 All i was able to take was tylenol, and hot water with lemon and pasturized honey. The doctor and pharmacsist said no to vapor rub. My chest wass on fire and so congested. I was also able to do the old fashioned steam flush (where you put your head over a bowl of steaming water with a towel over your head to breathe in all the steam). I hope this helps!!
Avatar f tn Try not eating a few hours before bed. And only sip on some chocolate milk. And try sleeping propped up on some pillows instead of laying flat. I hope some of this helps you. I know how miserable you are, heartburn is no joke.
7998970 tn?1435183202 It feels like your chest is on fire. Well at least when I have heartburn which is like everyday. And sometimes i get it so bad it makes me puke.
Avatar f tn Help I'm having a lot of pain in my chest it goes up to my throat I believe it's heart burn I've never expierence this ever it's a very uncomfortable pain :(
Avatar f tn It has been going on 2 to 3 times a week and it progesses all day long and after a while my chest starts to hurt and my throat feels like its on fire and raw... What can I do to fix it and get some relief and what could be causing it to happen?? A I don't eat eggs so I shouldn't be tasting them!!!!!
Avatar n tn He said there is some swelling, but doesnt look like anything to be worried about. a few days later, throat was killing me.. went to a diff ent. she said my throat was fire red. prescribed nystatin, and blood tested for hepatitis and mono. Test negative.. doesnt hurt now, but still swollen...under chin and behind adams apple... i cant get my mind off of it.. it feels like my throat is going to close any minute... Any ideas?
Avatar f tn I look as though I feel asleep on the beach without sunscreen. This only occurs on the front of my body, and does not occur on neither my chest, nor my stomach. (again, as if I feel asleep on the beach in a bathing suit) The heat that radiates off of my body is intense and can become painful if not caught early on (like while sleeping). Once it begins to subside, I get the chills really badly throughout my body (again, as if i had actual sunburn). The whole process usually takes an hour.
Avatar m tn s almost over now my chest is on fire.
Avatar n tn The main symptoms were originally burning in the chest/sternum, regurgitating acid into to throat, burning between the shoulder blades, and constant belching. More recently these symptoms increased to include a thick coating of phlegm in the mouth, and a thick, heavy, mass of mucus in the back of my throat. The latter makes swallowing uneasy, and panics me sometimes that I can't breath. I went to the doctor who prescribed me the PPI Protium (Protonix in the US).
Avatar n tn Try not to focus on your heartbeat, it will only make you more anxious, which I think would contribute to the sensation in your throat. Anxiety is the fuel to the fire and makes everything worse. Which is why I think you need to see your doctor to put your mind at ease. You mentioned that you are overweight, so that could explain the shortness of breath while running. I'm sure that everyone's heart beats fast & hard running for a train!
Avatar f tn Because my throat is hurting me I feel like if it was smoke in my chest or something ..
Avatar f tn I am 9 weeks 5 days. Woke up with a horrible sore throat and my chest is on fire... Like that cough feeling. I also just threw up stomach acid but not sure if baby related or sickness related. Should I be concerned about baby with these symptoms? Or should I drink OJ and see how I feel in a day before calling doc? It's my first child... Not sure what should and shouldn't be a concern...
Avatar f tn Two years ago, and out of the clear blue, I started to get pings in my chest. My throat also felt heavy. The chest pings and pangs along with the heaviness in my throat continue along every day. I have become very sensitive to strong smells such as cologne, window cleaner, fire anything that has a strong odor. Also my neck and shoulders are stiff and sore. My upper back is also sore. I tried Physiotherapy and it helped very much.
7600327 tn?1393358885 I had sever acid reflux before I became pregnant, so you can just imagine how much worse it is while I'm pregnant. My chest & throat are on fire. The worse part is nothing brings it on, it just freakin happens.
Avatar n tn I am having problems breathing. my throat to my chest is on fire. I vomited flam about a half hour ago Really I can't inhale - it feels like my passage is blocked. I am 44 and weigh about 250 pounds. I'm probably 100 pounds over weight.