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Avatar n tn My 7 year old has croup battles severe croup with every minor respiratory illness. His resp. therapits titles it "Croup variant asthma." We have seen little improvement with every medication prescribed. We resort to nebulized epis and oral dexamethasone when things are really scary, however they have seemed to lose effectiveness and relief doesn't last as long.
Avatar m tn I repeatedly complained of eye, nose, throat irritation, chest pains, and skin irritation. Could this be a leading cause if not a direct cause for my sleep apnea which was disovered years later. I have also later developed type II diabetes.
Avatar f tn Fingers and toes were counted, length of limbs, complete diaphragm (between abdomen and chest) bladder, kidneys, flow through the heart (looking for abnormal connections), palate (looking for cleft palate) flow of fluid through the brain, lenses within the eyes and other things (rechecking nasal bone length). also looked at my placenta, umbilical cord and my ovaries too. I'm not sure they check sex routinely unless you ask.
Avatar m tn ve had these symptoms for the past three years I recommend that you see a doctor and be examined as to why you have these symptoms and what is going on. In the meantime try and reduce the stress in your life since this may help reduce the grinding of your teeth and know that we are here to help support you.
Avatar n tn To better understand the connection I looked up the cross-sectional anatomy of the chest and found the the trachea runs along the back of the heart. It is likely that APCs cause the heart to bump against the trachea and irritate it. The cough phenomena has also been described by people with other forms of arrhythmias - which supports the proposed connection. Medicine and medical research is organized by organ systems.
Avatar n tn It sounds like you likely do have GERD, but you can verify this if you go to an ear, nose, and throat specialist and have them look down your throat, as what happened when I confirmed the diagnosis of GERD in my own situation. You might want to consider altering what you are drinking and avoiding or in some cases, watering down the ones that aggravate your throat.
Avatar f tn Went to a throat specialist, and all she had to say is that it is my anatomy... I doubt that to be honest. I have pictures if you need more insight. Please help me, I'm going crazy. Thank you in advance.
Avatar m tn It lasts for 2-4 seconds and each second it will pulsate twice (on,off,on,off). I checked up the anatomy of the neck and it seems to be around the middle to top of the Trapezius muscle. 2) Time to time there are sharp pains in my chest. The location can vary. It could be on the side of my chest or around my heart. It feels like a large needle is stabbed in. Breathing in hurts it more and I have to hold what remaining breath I have for 10-15 seconds.
Avatar f tn He has been also having pain in the throat area and feeling very fatigue and weak. Shortness of breath comes on with physical activity sometimes with light activity or even if talk too much. Chest pain is in mid section of chest and to the left. He has had chest x-rays, blood work, pulmonary function test, asthma test, CT Scan and all came back normal. He had a stress test with nuclear injection but was unable to do the full test due to pain and shortness of breath.
Avatar n tn If these red bumps are circumvallate papilla,they are normal anatomy and won't disappear.Sore throat has nothing to do with the presence of circumvallate papilla. Seeing an ENT to find out your throat problem is advised.
705366 tn?1253634943 OK so now we are into week 13. I have seen 2 different ENT who both scoped my throat, and said that nothing looked suspicious. I have had a CT Scan (with contrast) which came back totally normal. WHAT IS THIS!!!!!!!!!! Does a ct scan with contrast always show any sort of throat cancer? The lump makes it hard to swallow, my throat has hurt for over 2 months.
Avatar m tn Shortly after birth he started grunting and having fast, labored breathing. They took him to the NICU and did a chest xray. The chest xray showed dextrocardia but they told me that his lungs looked normal on the xray. They said that his breathing would get better it was just from transitioning. They made an appointment w/ a pediatric cardiologist. We went there and had an echo and he said that everything appeared fine for the heart but he did have dextrocardia of the heart.
Avatar n tn A close friend is being transported with an escort nurse and he has a chest tube. Heimlich Valve. I know the basic anatomy of the lungs, what a pneumo is, and how a chest tube works, however I am unable to advise my friends about the contraindications of fliying with a chest tube. There will be an RN with the patient, but knowledge is a wonderful thing and a great piece of mind. If anyone can share some do's and don'ts and or what to look for it would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn Hi, im a 27 and a non smoker, had the flu/cold last week that has since past, im now suffering a lump like feeing in my throat/ chest with a dry chronic cough and burning sensation from my throat to my chest...Please some advice on this thanks..
Avatar n tn Your mother-in-law was given antibiotics for her throat bringing and chest pain. Without examine her, the most important thing that I would be concerned with would be are these symptoms angina. Angina is a term that we use to described chest, throat or shoulder pain that is due to coronary artery disease. What I would suggest is that if her symptoms are persistent that she needs to return to her physician or see a cardiologist to ensure that these symptoms are not do to angina.
Business woman1 im inhale my chest hurt i can there is stuff in the chest my chough does not sound good and throat hurts still and chest hurt and below breast aslo. what so i do should i go bac and see my doctor or let them what going .
Avatar m tn I have been having very bad chest pain which sometimes goes up to the throat and sometimes starts from the throat and down to the chest. I had an endoscopy all was clear so that rules out heartburn and Gerd. I also had a cardiac cathertarization as my stress test showed i had ischemia that was all clear too. Now my doctor has given me medicine for esophageal spasms and that's not working . this is really making tired and fed up sometimes the pain wakes me up at night.
Avatar n tn I coughed really hard one day and it seemed like something just got dislocated or dislodged. I looked at throat anatomy pictures online and it seems to be around the suppraglotis or glottis area. Since it happened, I now notice I can taste burps and cannot burp completely. Does this require surgery or can I fix it myself?
907968 tn?1292622204 I had heart surgery 7+ months ago, This cuts through the muscle and sternum and then the use of a wire to hold the sternum together and lets the muscles and skin heal on their own. My exorcising is nothing more than walking two miles when ever the weather is nice, however this only works the legs. I'd like to work my upper body on days the weather - ain't so nice. My problem is I don't know what stresses are involved on the rib cage/sternum and the muscles.
Avatar f tn Cath angiogram only views the lumen (cavity) for blockage, but a ct scan views the entire anatomy of the vessel and trhat would include the buildup of soft plaque between the inner lining and the upper layer.
Avatar m tn it feels like something is stuck in her throat, and her chest feels tight in the middle, like someone is sitting on her chest. Wouldyou please help me figure this out or provide a treatment.
Avatar n tn Flu / chest infection it sounds like.. Definately the time of year for it.. I've never heard of a nose bleed and fever being related to any heart conditions. To me, those symptoms sound a bit odd altogether and unrelated to eachother almost.. except for the throat pains and fever and chest pains.. which could all be flu-like symptoms. But i can't help you more than that.
Avatar f tn Swallowing is a complex act that involves the mouth, throat area, and esophagus Swallowing pain refers to a strong feeling of uncomfortable squeezing and burning while swallowing, which may be felt high in the neck or lower down behind the breastbone. This may be accompanied by chest pain, the feeling that food is stuck in the throat, or heaviness or pressure in the neck or upper chest. Eating slowly and chewing the food thoroughly may help.
Avatar m tn I feel a hard object in my chest, just at the rib cage juncture with a right tilt . It pains if put little pressure. Is it an internal organ or a development?