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Avatar f tn I rushed to the hospital and they told me that my cervix was still closed and I have what they call a threatened miscarriage and to go home and doas little as possible and no heavy lifting. And by the next day the bleeding had stopped and since Ive just been cramping and having brown spotting. Gas anyone had this during their pregnancy? And if so did you go to term?
Avatar f tn I was told that and miscarried with some women they have a better outcome a lot of the times a hospital will give you the diagnosis threatened miscarriage when you have bleeding and they can't find the source just be sure to have your obgyn check you and stick to bed rest and pelvic rest till all bleeding is gone
Avatar f tn Hey ladies so I posted I was going to the hospital about a week ago for heavy bleeding. He passed it off as a threatened miscarriage. Well today at work I'm bleeding heavy again.. Of course I'm on my way to the er again but my question is have any of you bled heavy and still had a full term baby? I never bled with my daughter so this is scary..
Avatar f tn I had a threatened miscarriage first with no heart beart but went back to the doc a week later and it was real, the baby was gone and i didnt even know , it was light bleeding and harldy no cramping. Not tryna scare you tho. Good luck and i will keep yall in my prayers.
Avatar f tn Anytime their is bleeding they always call it a threaten miscarriage. I had one two weeks at 4 weeks 5 days pregnant my cervix was closed but no fetal pole shown and fluid was shown on ultrasound which indicate blood my levels were low. In your situation it's different than mine. My older sister had the same issue and my neice is now 11. See your doctor ASAP and lay down relax put your feet up and try not to stress about it it makes it worst. Have faith.
Avatar f tn Anytime bleeding occurs in early pregnancy they call it a threatened miscarriage. I was bleeding at 5wks and am now 22 else and I'm still spotting but all is well. I have a subchronic hematoma and it's almost cleared up..
10341359 tn?1409475833 Anytime they can't figure out what's causing the bleeding they call it a threatened miscarriage , does not mean u will have one but it's just that they seen no cause for the bleed , I had one at 13 weeks and I'll be 33 weeks tomorrow :) so don't stress
Avatar f tn Early in my pregnancy they said I was having a threatened miscarriage. Same thing with you...was about 5 1/2weeks pregnant started bleeding. The doc did a vaginal ultrasound and saw same as you...gestational sac but no fetal pole or heartbeat. Did bloodwork and a week later another ultrasound...where they saw all that they were looking for. They said sometimes when you are that early it is just the matter of a couple days in being able to see the fetal pole and heartbeat.
5900973 tn?1396067991 I'm going through a threatened miscarriage. I'm trying to stay positive but am so worried. Have to wait until Tuesday to have another blood test. Any advice?
1332690 tn?1292527044 I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced a miscarriage with only a day of clotty bleeding. Or if this could be normal bleeding and if I could carry to term. Does clott bleeding always mean a miscarriage?
Avatar f tn I went to the ER 2 weeks ago and that's what they told me too. They put me on bed rest and I am still on bed rest.
2009129 tn?1335374457 Yes anytime you experience bleeding in early pregnancy they call it a threatened miscarriage so don't get to upset. I am 21 weeks today and started at 5 weeks they said the same thing to me. They never put me on bed rest though bc I was earlier then you. But I have a healthy peanut growing and am still.spotting here and thereand.
Avatar f tn I went to the toilet during the night at 15+4 and the urine in the toilet was pink bt there wad nothing when I wiped, the next day my urine was a dark brown, and the same on the toilet, I saw my gp that day and was sent to the er where I was told after numerous tests I had a uti, but there was no explaination for the vaginal bleeding, I was then seen by a hospital obgyn who did a cervix check which came back that it was still tightly closed bt there was a fair bit of old blood sitting up there a
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever had a threatened miscarriage continue to a healthy pregnancy? I went to the hospital last night my hcg is 415 and I have a low sac with no visible fetal pole . I go back tomorrow to see if my levels have doubled.
Avatar n tn My HCG levels are rising but not as much as they wanted and they only see a gestational sac on ultrasuond - no fetus. There's a strong chance of miscarriage but was told follow up with OB anyway and maybe something will change. OB refused to see me because of already known risks and told me go back to ER and let them refer me out since it's a holiday week etc and I need to be monitored now.
Avatar f tn I also started bleeding during week 6 through week 7. I was told once again threatened miscarriage. I did NOT miscarry. I am currently 21wks pregnant with another healthy girl. Don't lose hope, you are just VERY early to see anything. In fact im surprised u even saw a sac at 4wks 6 days.
Avatar f tn So, after spending 8 hours going between two hospitals, I was told I am at risk of miscarry in and that they're classifying it as a threatened miscarriage. Ultrasound placed me at 6 weeks. And no heartbeat. But nothing points to miscarriage yet. More testing tomorrow to check my hormone levels, and again later in the week. On top of my regularly scheduled visit on the 4th. I can't do anything. But get up to go to the bathroom until either I lose the baby, or everything is okay again.
414635 tn?1272221293 I bled until 10 weeks when I went to the doctors freaking out because the blood turned dark brown only to find out that it meant the blood is ending and I went through the rest of the pregnancy with no blood and no problems. When you go to the doc, make sure she checks your cervix. I know they could see tears in mine so they knew that is what the bleeding was from. (kind of embarrassing that the doc knew that it was from having sex, but oh well) Good Luck and I hope things go well!
Avatar f tn Hi I found out I am pregnant nearly a week ago and have been bleeding since not as heavy as normal period but with some clots the bleeding has stopped now, I am starting to get pregnancy symptoms like sore breasts and headaches my doctor said I am having a threatened miscarriage and will not do anything.
Avatar f tn Docs just said as long as im not going through 2pads an hour its not serious but has told me about eptopic and threatened miscarriage. Hope ur scan goes well tomoz.
Avatar n tn I have three children and have just found out I am pregnant for the 4th time ( around 4 weeks) however, I am experiencing a threatened miscarriage. Like yourself I'm frightened the miscarriage has already occurred. I'd advise you not to wait until tomorrow for your blood test result and go back to the ER immediately if you are experiencing sereve cramping and heavy bleeding (bleeding heavier than a normal period). You need a medical check up a.s.a.p. so don't wait!!!
Avatar f tn I had that at 5 weeks coz I had a blood patch and they said it was a threatened miscarriage but it was because j had a failed twin, there was no heartbeat then but I had another ultra sound at 6 weeks n there was the heartbeat, they put me a week behind aswell, I'm now 14 weeks and everything is fine with one little baby. It's just matter of waiting which is horrible I no.
Avatar f tn Threatened miscarriage is a term most Dr.'s use when there is any bleeding or spotting at all. So try not to think of that word, it's scary and doesn't really mean much. I have seen this situation go both ways. In all honesty, the biggest concern is not the spotting, it's that you are measuring 2 weeks behind. There is typically a margin of error a week either way. Anything more then that is of concern. This of course is if you are aboslutely certain of your dates.
Avatar f tn I woke up to period like bleeding and blood clots, i went to the ER and i was having a threatened miscarriage. As far as i know, if its very very slight bleeding or discharge its pretty normal, but better to be safe than sorry!
Avatar f tn And ive noticed im not bleeding as much n no more black spots. Hope this is a good sign. I cant wait to see the doc, i may not beable to till wensday.
Avatar f tn Has anyone on here going thur or had went though a threatened miscarriage. How did it turn out. What was it like for you.
Avatar f tn Just looking for help answers....anything really..... I went to my first OB appointment last Thursday. By my LMP I was 8w2d however an ultrasound showed that the baby was measuring 6w2d and the heart beat was slow at 87. The OB said that I should come back Wednesday and do a recheck to see if my dates were off or if this was going to be a non viable pregancy. Yesterday I woke up with some spotting and went to the ER.
Avatar f tn They found a small bleed in there and dr has called and said classified as threatened miscarriage but not a miscarriage.