The politics of aids drugs in africa

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Avatar n tn I would like to assess my risk factor relative to the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in this region of the world and the potential of a remaining window period. Also, am I being absolutely excessive in testing?
Avatar n tn Hello, I was contemplating the percentage chance i contracted the HIV virus and was wondering that if the chance of someone having the virus is combined with the chance of transmission is so low, why does the general media/public make it seem like aids is everywhere. I guess the source of my stress is that feeling that AIDS is everywhere and easily contracted..I would appreciate any insight.
1035252 tn?1427227833 I just googled to get further information to be better informed and the site I got to is saying that the first cases of Aids appeared in the 1980's in New York and California in homosexual men when they developed rare symptoms and cancers. If you put into gooogle .The Origin of HIV and Aids and the first cases of Aids .......
Avatar n tn Browne led the team of researchers in Thailand and Taiwan where the AIDS-like disease made its first appearance. Browne has concluded that the new AIDS causes those infected to produce autoantibodies that block interferon-gamma, a chemical signal that assists the human body in fighting infections. The new AIDS targets this chemical and leaves the victim unable to fight off any infection -- leaving the person vulnerable to developing deadly sicknesses from even the common cold.
Avatar n tn Im very worried....that I might progress to the aids stage and die without anyone knowing what of because of the gestation period.I had sex with a hooker 7 months ago but i have been sick ever since.
Avatar m tn i am reading a few threads here that say in South Africa the standard window testing period is 6 months , i live in South Africa and have been in contact with the AIDS hotline , rest assured that in South Africa the window period is 3 months , i have also read that 6-8 weeks is a good indicator ...
Avatar m tn s more in the early days of HIV/AIDs, there were some people who would point to these rare cases and insist that HIV does not cause AIDs.
Avatar m tn 4 million adults and children died as a result of AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. Since the beginning of the epidemic more than 15 million Africans have died from AIDS. What do you can bad then?
Avatar n tn I have got OCD myself so worry about any little illness or condition. I just wanted to know what the likelihood of hiv being able to infect me through the wound in my foot?! how much blood would have to have got into the cut & whether it is possible at all? Also whether i should get tested?!
Avatar f tn I know mostly in west africa but we do have a high west african population in ohio? And last but not least can a miss step in the test like not letting the blood dry the full 30min affect results thank you and advance...
Avatar n tn Im worried about the chance of being infected with hiv aids and not being able to detect it through the normal tests.I slept with a prostitute and aquired syphillis.Since it was with a mixed race prostitute from Africa I started to worry because in Africa there is HIV and AIDS.I tested 5 times through the laboratory and realised a negative status.
Avatar f tn the hiv rates and aids rates here are the highest in the world, to protect the future and the children we do this so that kids can be born hiv free. I cant believe u dont see the sense in making this compulsory?
Avatar m tn Is it possible to have HIV/AIDS and the clearview test in a reputed hospital does not show it? the exposure 10 years ago was with an african girl from West Africa during a mission, it was one time and the condom broke. About 5 months after I felt very sick, i was shaking and been hospitalized. After that my life was different, frequent headaches, pain in the joints from time to time, but nothing serious until three years ago..
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973741 tn?1342342773 But this is difficult if you have a child who has not quite grasped the ins and outs of the politics of dealing with people. How do you help your kids with this? And of course, this will spill over into all areas of life so it's important. Thoughts?
Avatar f tn Genotype 1 is the most common HCV genotype in the United States. It’s found in nearly 75 percent of all HCV infections in the country. Most of the remaining people in the United States with HCV infection carry genotypes 2 or 3. The HCV genotype isn’t absolutely related to the rate of liver damage or the likelihood of eventually developing cirrhosis. However, genotype is a predictor of the outcome of treatment.
Avatar n tn When I put them on the pin opened up and scratched me fairly deeply, leaving a 1/2 inch gash in my upper thumb. The pants came from Africa and I am concerned about exposure to aids. Is it possible to get aids from a safety pin? How long would the virus stay on the metal? Thanks!
Avatar n tn I would like to assess my risk factor relative to the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in this region of the world and the potential of a remaining window period. Also, am I being absolutely excessive in testing?
Avatar n tn Hello there, looking at the origin of hiv aids ,it is said to have emerged from African primates,todate i read something about a Cameroonian woman who has a new type of hiv strain that matures faster than usual.I was involved with an hiv positive woman (as i later found out) on one occasion.I have had joint pains,lymph node enlargements,night sweats etc however after 9 weeks i tested negative.
1530342 tn?1405016490 My daughter-in-law is working on AIDs projects in Africa. The epidemic is much larger there, partially due to poverty and lack of education as well as stubborn refusal by some of using condoms. Of course, I can't let this subject go by without mentioning the fact that Hep C now kills more people in the US than HIV/AIDs.
Avatar m tn The prostitute is very excited, but also put my penis bitten,Therewas a slight bleeding!!!!I heard that South Africa is the high incidence of AIDS in the country,I felt very fear.In 34 days after unprotected sexual intercourse,I went to the hospital for detection.The doctor asked me to conduct a joint detection of antigen and antibody(The 4th generation test),The result was negative.How does this result is 100% accurate???I would like to ask in the future can i need to test again???
Avatar m tn from eating too much. And in the end even going through the diarrhea, I completely loose all appetite, which makes the gaining halt.