The most diverse classical music period was the

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Avatar m tn During these years I experienced my first successes professionally and my energy levels seemed to increase slowly from 1969 to 1972 to pursue my jobs in the teaching world and in the Baha’i communities. In some ways this period 1972 to 1978 was a manic period with a tremendous outpouring of activity. Then in December 1977 it all crashed down into depression and the kinds of symptoms I had had in 1967 that took me into four psychiatric hospitals. 2.8.6.
Avatar f tn Gone with the Wind Sound of Music Music Man Grease Titanic The most important thing in my life is maintaining my walk with the Lord.
286034 tn?1201100440 At High School I was a keen musician, specialising in the Clarinet and the Tenor Sax. I loved my music teachers and had an absolute ball playing jazz and rocking out in general. I also starting singing and had the pleasure of singing with Australian jazz greats Don Burrows and James Morrison - some of the best moments of my life! I also enjoyed developing my linguistic skills at High School, having learnt German since reception, and decided to take this right the way through Uni.
Avatar n tn for instance, when I listen to a song now that would make me really happy a year ago (last Christmas I was on speed all the bloody time), I break into a frustrated sweat, because of the memories that it brings; I remember how amazing that song made me feel on speed last year, and it was like I was in a different world, and I realize that I will never again feel that good, never have such a rush of endorphines or such a completely ultimate affirmation.