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Avatar m tn Also, losing weight, if you are over weight at all, will reduce the fatty area above the penis, bringing the base further down, making the actuall shaft longer. Gaining girth is a whole different ball game. Another thing, The Kinsey Institute states that the average adult penis when erect is between 5 and 7 inches long. So in that case you may not feel like you need to increase. Just be happy and healthy.
229760 tn?1291467870 Mind you he is over 10lbs and with his carseat he feels like a moose. Of course my doctor walks in during the middle of this and he just starts to laugh!!!!!! I then proceed to tell him I want BIRTH CONTROL!!!!!!! He he he I bet Coop was probably getting a good laugh about all this!!!!! I love being a mommy!!!!!
894095 tn?1248878718 I think the only way to be free of drugs is to get to the root of the problems. I had very low self esteem issues and depression. In the long run, the opiates only made my depression worse. I really wish you the best. Just know you are not alone. At my lowest point, I took 100 tramadol hoping to end it. Fortunately, I am still here. I felt so alone. I did not know about this forum and others like me. There is hope. Keep reading and you will see many who have beat this. Good luck tomorrow.
Avatar f tn Morning sickness is just one of the joys of early pregnancy. If you can't keep anything, not even water down for 24 hours contact your doctor. You should start to feel better in the next few weeks!
Avatar m tn I like to play a lot of ball hockey, and I play on a lot of different levels (from fun to high level). Anyways, I was playing some hockey for fun with some friends in small gym. Luckily (I think), we use a taped up light wiffle ball on these night as opposite to the normal heavy orange ball. So its Thursday, I ended up getting an errand ball from 5 feet away straight into the eye. After a minute of pain on the ground, I looked and saw nothing but red.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone! I am Zach, 24, and I have always been someone who has paid too much attention to my health, when one thing feels "off", I go off lol. For about the past week I have been experiencing random pains around my body. Being active I am sure some of these pains can be contributed to that. These pains come and go very often, it could be in my toe for moment and then transitions to my elbow and so on. They never last long and there seems to be no pattern or trigger.
Avatar m tn My child is now 18 months old. 1st electrophoresis of my child was made at 13 month of age which showed hba-67%, hbe-21.00%, hbf-8.2%, hba2-3.8% (Report Comments: Hbe beta thalassemia). The 2nd electrophoresis was made at 16 month of age which shows hba-66.5%, hbe-22.5%, hbf-6.7%, hba2-4.3% (Report Comments: Hbe beta thalassemia). my child's hemoglobin was 9.60 at 10 month of age, 11.10 at 13 month age & 9.80 at 16 month age.
1995033 tn?1334163103 so im not sure what the worst part is specifically but they all make me tired... so i guess either the fatigue or the hip pain?
4437866 tn?1388119624 m aware the over 50% of pregnancies are unplanned joys so they mother never really thought of trying to loose weight before having a baby. Or they do bit don't reach their goal before finding out the happy news. But to me that's the joy of it. I don't care how Mich I weigh or how much I gained/ lost during. the important thing is there baby being healthy and happy. Our bodies go thru hell to bring life into them world.
229760 tn?1291467870 Mind you he is over 10lbs and with his carseat he feels like a moose. Of course my doctor walks in during the middle of this and he just starts to laugh!!!!!! I then proceed to tell him I want BIRTH CONTROL!!!!!!! He he he I bet Coop was probably getting a good laugh about all this!!!!! I love being a mommy!!!!!
441754 tn?1216930890 Okay I have been on bed rest for most of my pregnancy but I have been so sick that I have lost a bunch of weight. I have really worried about the weight gain issue for a long time now because I lost 18 1/2 lbs in the first trimester and I am now at 25 weeks and at my last visit I had gained 1/2 a pound putting me at 18 lbs less than when I got pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I am not a thin girl but I'm not overweight so this really concerns me.
7605218 tn?1396594896 The same thing happens to me all the time. Sleeping *****, but I need it so much.
Avatar n tn Hola doctor primeramente un saludo el dia 6 de julio hace 43 dias una protituta me realizo sexo oral con CONDON fue lo unico y eyacule en el condon ella no toco mi pene estoy realmente asustado de que me haya contagiado de VIH estoy realmente en una situacion de riesgo a los 17 dias de este episodio me note una cortadita en el pene no en el glande sino en el tronco del pene me asuste y me realice una prueba de sifilis dando como resultado negativo y a los 32 dias me realice una prueba de VIH se
Avatar m tn I am a gay.i have lived with him for 2 years.i don't know when did he get infected.i use condon everytime.and i'm sure that the condon is well during sex.because the doctor told me the test must be taken after 3 months.i take a tese after 53 days. i am really rather afraid.because my boyfriend has been diagnosised.i want to know:1.there's no risk because i use condon .right? 2.
Avatar m tn the girl touched the outer skin of the condon and (I cannnot remember if she washed hands) give me a hand job without a condon.Would that made me infected with AIDS?Thank you very much for reading and answering my question.
Avatar f tn i had sex with a man approximately 3 mths ago, he broke the condon and came inside me. been depress eversince. i have lost weight. i feel he gave me a terrible disease. am waiting for my hiv result. i should have reported him to the police a long time ago.
Avatar f tn It'll be the baby sitting low right on your bladder lol.
Avatar m tn El sexo no duro ni 2 minutos al retirarme el condon note que tenia un orificio en la punta talves por mordida en sexo oral. Todo el semen se quedo dentro del condon, solo que al retirarlo del pene me percato que al presionar hacia la punta note fuga pequeña de semen. Mi pene nunca estuvo expuesto ni desprotegido. Mis antecedentes: Nunca había tenido experiencia sexual de este tipo. Soy heterosexual, toda relación con mujer siempre con condon.
Avatar m tn Hi Doctor I had a sexual relationship with a transsexual My condom broke but at the time I broke out my quick condon did not last two seconds in with the condom breakin I was saying that the it did not have hiv but it scares me that my glans had a small black dot what I did was remove the point and wash my penis and not continue with the penetration sexual relationship did not last two minutes thanks sorry for my bad english