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512736 tn?1211343352 d CAD is greatly increased by performing a nuclear perfusion study in conjunction with the stress test. A radioactive substance called thallium (or a similar substance called sestamibi or Cardiolite) is injected into a vein during exercise. The thallium collects in the parts of the heart that have good blood flow. Pictures of the heart are taken with a special camera that can image the radioactivity of the thallium.
Avatar f tn A Thallium Stress test looks at the blood flow to your heart muscle at rest and during stress. During a stress test, a radioactive material called Thallium is injected into a vein. A gamma camera takes pictures of the Thallium in your heart. the EKG and Echo were at rest and they are Fine ! now A Thallium Stress test just to see how your heart Managing the blood during stress.
Avatar m tn There are probably some minor variations in your ECG that a thallium test ( looks at blood flow through out the heart muscle) would explain. Probably nothing.
Avatar m tn thallium stress test Report.. Please Tell me the conclusion of Report ? do I need angiography ? Dipyridamole myoview spect myocardial perfusion study Age / Sex : 65/M Indication: HTN, DM, ? IHD Isotope : 7mCi of Tc-99m Myoview at peak stress 21mCi of Tc-99m Myoview at rest Persantin Infusion Stress: Pharmacological Intervention was performed with injection persantin (Dipyridamole) at a rate of 0.142 mg/kg/min, 07 Mci of Tc-99m Myoview was given I/V. His resting ECG showed 0.
Avatar m tn Stunned heart muscle does not recover as rapidly as hibernating heart muscle. But in contrast with infarcted heart muscle, in which many muscle cells are dead, it does indeed recover. Function in the stunned heart muscle may not return for 10 to 16 days after the restoration of blood flow. To answer your question of how long depends on whether the heart cells are stunned, hibernating or necrotic...or combination of the 3 variables.
Avatar m tn since 2 years he has been experiencing BREATHLESSSNESS,at certain times.His THALLIUM STRESS TEST was done to rule out any heart problems,like blocks etc.The test results were good,with EF at 65 or so.but he still has the problem.We are confused what is causing the breathlessness.Some doctors say,thallium stress test is good enough,and we need not go for angiograpjy.We are confused what we should do.pls advise.
Avatar n tn By comparing the rest and stress perfusion images from the stress test, you can see if the walls of the heart are filling in adequately. Good luck with everything.
900662 tn?1469390305 Reverse redistribution (RR) abnormality is a phenomenon unique to thallium stress test. It is seen occasionally during re-injection phase of thallium-201 It has a complex and somewhat controversial explanation, but essentially there is an imbalance between thallium entering the heart tissue (dependent on blood flow) and leaving it (dependent on muscle cell health). What RR actually represents depends on why the patient got the test (fresh heart attack? old heart attack?
116881 tn?1189755823 Just to add. If a heart attack is occurring rather than stable angina, then the pain is very different. With stable angina, the pain will subside very quickly if you stand still or sit down. With a heart attack the pain is likely to last up to 4-6 hours and if treatment isn't received in that time, the muscle is likely to start dying. In most cases the pain stops when the muscle dies, just as it would if the artery is treated and blood flow restored.
Avatar f tn This means that a portion of your heart showed a diminished area of blood flow during the stress part of your test. Was your stress test a Thallium of Myoview stress test? These are much more accurate in detecting heart disease than a normal stress test. If the area has a diminished blood flow with no cell damage it means you most likely have not suffered a heart attack and the area can be opened with a stent, a very common procedure these days.
Avatar f tn I had a thallium stress test a week ago. Now I'm setting off radioactive alarms at the facility where I work which is a heavily secure building. How long will the thallium remain in my body?
Avatar m tn The thallium scan helps determine if areas of the heart do not receive enough blood. The exercise thallium scan is especially useful in diagnosing coronary artery disease, the presence of blockages in the coronary arteries (the vessels that supply oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle). Yes, it would be appropriate to take a stress test to determine if there are any vessel occlusions that may be blocking a good and adequate blood supply to the heart cells.
Avatar f tn I recently had a Thallium stress test which came back positive. The sets of images were taken by two different techs while I sat upright in a chair. Not wanting to believe the worst, I went to another Cardiologist. There I had the Cardiolite test, images taken by the same tech while I lay on a table. Those results came back negative. So who is right? Would having a calcium-score CT and perhaps a carotid ultrasound be the tie-breaker? I am 55 years old, post menopausal.
976897 tn?1379167602 My last Thallium stress test was chemically induced due to a ruptured MCL. I can tell you I had the same sensations, sudden SOB, rapid heart rate and a tight chest. It started the instance they started the drip and it stopped within a second or two of stopping the drip. It was one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life. The results were totally normal and exactly the same as the previous year, I had expected bad news as well. Go figure........
Avatar m tn Pointman, I had a thallium stress test last week and there was no blood testing that preceded the test to determine if I was able to take it. If we're talking about the same test, they put an IV in you, inject you with thallium, put you under a gamma camera so they can take pictures of your heart at rest. Then you go to the treadmill where they get you up to a defined heart rate, inject you with more thallium, and it's back under the camera.
Avatar m tn Respected Sir, I had conducted a stress thalliun test in Feb 2008 i was feeling some continueously light chest pain and irritaion and i had also the problem of gas trouble or Acidity first i conducted the endoscopy that was normal and then to ruled out ethe ischemic events i did stress thallium test that was also normal and the blood perfusion was normal to heart muscle and was written in report that in future the risk of Ischemic events is very low.
212161 tn?1599427282 did you walk the treadmill or get the shot to stress your heart and if you got the shot how did it make you feel.
Avatar f tn I have uncontrolled hypertension and began having nagging ache in my left arm, and occasional pain in my upper back, and ocaasional discomfort in my I had a thallium stress test...during the period in the test when they sent me home for a couple of hours and told me to return later, I had severe pain in both arms, was nauseated, and slept until time to go back...i told them about it, but they were not concerned...when i got the reults of the test, it wa normal...
Avatar n tn It is impossible to determine without the benefit of reviewing the stress test what the cause of the EKG changes were. Did his heart respond appropriately to the exercise stress by increasing. Either way given the strong family history-I think he is headed down the road to cardiac cath. Before though, you should sit down with his cardiologist to have a thorough discussion of the stress test findings and the need for cardiac cath This may put your mind to rest with the next step.
Avatar m tn Every medical test has false negatives because neither humans nor machines operate with 100% accuracy. However you are in very serious jeopardy whenever you receive a false negative result on a Cardiolite stress tests. That's because of an astonishing fact about cardiologists in the U.
1348686 tn?1310654243 A stress test is accurate 65% of the time. If you have a exercise stress test along with nuclear profusion testing the accuracy goes up to 85%. More important, the specificity is 97% meaning that 97% of the individuals that have a normal test result have no CAD.
Avatar n tn 1) Appropriateness of a Thallium test for a 80 year old. Secondly , if it shows heart muscles are in good condition and an angioplast is needed on the artery ( right coronary artery had 99% mid segment blockage) , we any way need to go ahead with the agiography and angioplast . So why expose him to both , the radiation from the thallium nuclear imaging test and the effects of the angiography dye ?
Avatar m tn If the doctor is looking for it I would imagine it is due to these symptoms. The thallium stress test will show areas of reduced blood flow while the stress echo will show areas of wall motion abnormailities which could indicate CAD.