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2065676 tn?1331426040 We had a little Thai guy we saw in Bangkok. He spoke no English. After a massage with him. I'd feel reconnected to the universe. I'd be floating down the street in happy harmony.
Avatar m tn Hi all, on the 15th i had an exposure to a csw in a soapy massage palour located in Bangkok. Had protected oral and then proceeded to protected sex. However at the end of the session (lasted about 10-15mins), i realize that the masseuse is having her period are there is blood when she is cleaning herself. If my memory did not fail me i didnt see any menstrual blood on my penis. Thereafter we proceeded to wash up.
Avatar m tn Dear Experts, I'm absolutely freaking out after a few nights in Bangkok. I am suicidal and I'm on zoloft for depression. 1) On my first night, I met a bargirl(an escort who works in a bar in bangkok parlance) who said she gets tested regularly. We hit it off. We ended up in my room. I fingered her with my right hand. Its also worth noting, that I had a fresh cut from opening a bottle about three hours earlier. It wasn't bleeding. But I think I could see the pinkish flesh underneath.
Avatar m tn I am seriously worried that I may have contracted HIV or an STD from receiving unprotected oral sex during a Thai massage in Bangkok around 8-10 weeks ago. From what I can remember I had no cuts/open wounds on my penis at the time but I have read that these things can still be transmitted even so. I ejaculated into her mouth and she spat it out afterwards. My penis looks and feels fine although I am freaking out at the minute. Should I take an HIV test? Help!
Avatar n tn I went to girl massage in Bangkok in 24 July 2013. No intercourse or kiss with her excerpt she use her hand for me and I suck her nipple (as I remember when my tongue touch her nipple, I can feel sweet on my tongue). Then I go back home and I find that I have a small ulcers in my mouth. I am so feel worry about that. Therefore, I go to do a test P24 Antigen test at 16 days and Antibody test at 25 days. All the results come NEGATIVE. Now, I am having an itchy rashes on my legs.
Avatar m tn I recently was on a holiday in Thailand (Bangkok). I went to a massage parlor and got a massage from a Thai girl. During the massage I had kept my underwear on the whole time while she gave me a hand job which was really rough in which i think she would of definatley caused a cut on my penis cornea/ foreskin.
Avatar m tn Hello All, Today i went to one of the popular thai Massage parlor in Bangkok(Huai Khawng) and during my intercourse my condom got tore. she instantly knew and she went for bath. i think she realize after 2-3 stroke. is it any possibility for having Hiv or STDs? or any suggestion? i m bit worried.
Avatar m tn can anyone help me hold it together? just over a month ago i visited a thai massage parlour. i had unprorected oral sex. the masseuse then grinded her vagina on my penis for a few seconds. there was no penetration, but there was contact. i ejaculated as she put on a condom. we had sex for a few minutes...i think..... condom was removed. some more oral sex. ok. i know this is low risk, and to be honest i would of forgotten about it. 2 weeks later i developed a mild sore throat.
Avatar n tn I am 25 years old male from Thai. I went to girl massage in Bangkok in 24 July 2013. No intercourse or kiss with her excerpt she use her hand for me and I suck her nipple (as I remember when my tongue touch her nipple, I can feel sweet on my tongue). Then I went back home and I found that I have a small mouth ulcers in my mouth. I am so feel worry about that. Therefore, I went to do P24 Antigen test at 16 days and Antibody test at 25 days. All the results come NEGATIVE. 1.
Avatar n tn I had unprotected vaginal sex with a Thai massage parlour girl in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on Saturday 10 May around 4 pm (It's now Tuesday 13 May @ 11.30 am). She said she'd just arrived in Kuala Lumpur that day / just day or two before + had had all her 'tests' in Bangkok the week before which were 'clear'. Aside from the above act, I had unprotected oral sex (she on me + me on her) + protected anal sex (condom intact @ end), before finishing with the unprotected vaginal sex.
Avatar m tn Hello... I'm 21 male. I recently visited to bangkok. The tour guide in bangkok told me about soapy massage and i was really interested in it. So i visited once. It cost about 2500bahts and 200 for tips so total 2900bahts. Firstly, the girl give me shower in bath tab, rubbing all over my body with her body, i think at that time my tip of penis may touch her pubis area, but surely no peneration.
Avatar n tn 20-25 days back I returned from Bangkok after stay there one week, I take thai massage from a thai girl in Bangkok, she suck my penis but I am not ejaculated after massage I did masturbate and ejaculate myself few days there is nothing on my penis but after coming from there I found red spot on my penis no pain no irritation nothing. I apply Lobate - GM but there is no change.
Avatar n tn There I was drunk in Bangkok. Received oral sex from a Thai massage worker. I realize very low risk; however, that’s not my question. I took an HIV1&2 EIA AB test 3 months and 10 days after exposure… Non-reactive. My question is that most of the information on the 'window period' posted is 2 weeks to 6 months. On your post you state 3 months is good for determining negative exposure. Is this from experience or is it because 95 to 97% of the people will develop antibodies by 3 months?
Avatar n tn I had protected vaginal sex(At least one N-9 lubed condom was used) 53 days ago with a Thai girl in Bangkok 4 times over 2 days(I didn't pay, but I don't know her occupation). 2. Each time the condom didn't fail or break. 3. Received unprotected oral sex twice. 4. Gave uprotected oral for a brief amount of time once. 5. Of course, liquor was involved most of the time. 6. I always have protected vaginal sex with my partners. 7. I have stressed about this encounter ever since. Since then: 1.
Avatar m tn II see a dentist in Bangkok. He is high priced by Thai standards working in the embassy area. He regularly goes to Vienna for updating his dental education. I have never had to make an appointment more than one week in advance. Often, he sees me the same day I call. And he's even taken us out for lunch! I just emailed him concerning the price of a partial bridge. His quote topped out at $500. I saw a doctor in Bangkok who cost approximately $20/visit.
Avatar n tn I cant rest in peace till i get some sort of answer from you.... I went to bangkok and like an idiot i got an oil massage done....she rubbed oil on herself and then rubbed oil on me. il cut to the important part...she oiled my penis and put on a condom and gave me oral after which i think she put lube or oil on her vagina and got on top of me. i ended up penetrating her for about 30 seconds.i ejaculated within 15 seconds and by the 30th second i was out ofher.
Avatar f tn ) Generally, Thai medical and dental care is top notch.
Avatar n tn 3- Take a good amount of mustered oil and apply gently on entire penis slowly and massage for 15 min. 4- do it three or five times in a day, just don't let it get dry. 5- after three days most probably it will healed up but its not done yet, you are still not allowed to do anything. 6- keep massaging the cut area and entire penis for next three weeks with mustered oil.