Thai cold noodle salad

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Avatar f tn Just ate... yuuuuum!! Im full! Hahahaha! That rice was delicious! My baby is happy!
Avatar f tn Tonight i wanted ice cream chocolate milk soda cup a noodle and yesterday i wanted thai salad and thia food with a moca tea and who knows what ill want tomorrow any one else like this
Avatar n tn Red enchiladas rice charro beans and small salad lettuce tomato avacado and sour cream
Avatar f tn Leftovers from my wedding yesterday... pulled pork (made by my brand new hubby) and bacon-loaded potato salad (made by me) and broccoli-bacon pasta salad (made by my mama). Livin' large. No cake tonight though. Too much.
Avatar f tn Oh man. Shepards pie sounds real good right now lol. I've been having a cold for the last few days and haven't been feeling real good to my stomach so I made myself homemade beef and noodles in the slow cooker. And I made my hubby egg salad sandwiches cuz he picky. He didn't want beef noodles lol.
4540912 tn?1379630447 It's Sunday evening and I usually cook a nice Sunday evening meal. But tonight, since my husband and i went grocery shopping and just got back from a hotel, I'm going to make PRE COOKED egg rolls and ceaser salad :D I love salad! Which is probably good for me anyways lol. Then we're going to have ice cream sundaes for dessert :) so what's for dinner ladies?
10909590 tn?1416437106 Wat do u mommas crave for the most? Mine is ice cream,popcorn with extra butter,nd salad (tomato,lettuce nd cucumber)..
Avatar f tn Taco salad fajitas! Eating one right now!
Avatar f tn What can I take for a cold? I have loads of fisherman friends cold sweets in I have asked my midwife and got no reply. Also can you have a flu jab when you have a cold? I'm 16+6 and still haven't heard the heartbeat anyone else had this? Had midwife yesterday and she refused I have a home Doppler and still can't hear anything on there. I'm not sure if there is any drop in clinics to go to..
Avatar n tn I have had my gallblader removed on Sept 18, 2008 - One week later I was in such severe pain that my surgeon admittd me to hopital. I have x-rays, CAT scan,MRCP & ERCP. Came home felt great for two days and was back in the hospital with severe abominal pains - enough for deloutin by vein - Did another Cat scan, Lower GI series and sent home again. Have to go in two weeks for a Colonscopy.
Avatar f tn With my first born (my daughter), I could eat tomato soup all day everyday. I had never had it, but I got a bad cold at one point and my hubby bought me lots of it. I was hooked between that and canned ravioli! This pregnancy (19 weeks), I want Chinese food at I'll the way. :) had buttered seafood yesterday and am currently eating crab rangoons!
Avatar f tn That sounds amazing!
8550901 tn?1400740690 apples peanut butter, cereal, bagels cream cheese
Avatar f tn I ate canned chicken noodle soup with crackers and 7 up maybe not even an hour ago a little less. Thats the only thing i can keep down. Now I'm getting that hungry feeling like i haven't eaten all day. Should i eat again? Or is it bad to keep eating?
7826987 tn?1401691041 The list of medication my doctor gave me says I can take Tylenol cold and flu. but I would call your doctor just to be on the safe side.