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Avatar n tn I am a 25 year old female, I had a saliva hormone kit evaluated with testosterone, DHEA, estradiol, and progesterone, also progesterone/estradiol ratio done. The results came back as this, Estradiol- normal Progesterone- Low; 47.2 (range of 127-446) Ratio of Progesterone to estradiol - 33.0 Low; (range of 200-600) Testosterone- 83.5 High; (range of 6.0-49) DHEA- 366.7 High- (range of 106-300) I can tell that i have way higher 'male hormones' than the women's hormones but, why?
865758 tn?1285952904 The level at that time was 45, then they retested it on the 3rd day of my cycle and it came back at 42. My endo ran the estradiol and testosterone during ovulation because the estrogen level is suppose to rise during this time. This time it came back again at 42. Does this help?
727136 tn?1231182664 Third time was the charm but I was left with nerve damage at this point and for those with nerve pain - think shingles or diabetic neuropathy in your lower left pelvis vs. your extremities! I take Lyrica, which helps some. Ultram ER, which does nothing and Vicodin as needed - but feel like a drug addict when getting refills at Dr. Pain Mgmt. Dr. tried a stim implant and it didn't help - due to the location - he said it was the hardest to treat - imagine my joy! Not!
Avatar f tn Wonderful outcomes with those, except for maybe the last 2-3 weeks before it was time to get reinserted, I really felt the absence to the hormones and decided I need to go with every 3 months, vs. 4 months. Well, after feeling very blah for a my usual time before the reinsert, I go to get it (very happily!) and wait for the good stuff to hit. And wait. And keep waiting. This was around Aug. 1st.
Avatar n tn Might there be some other problem associated with the way my body absorbs and uses Testosterone? Even after the injection I'm feeling down, low energy, and can cry at the slightest little thing - my emotions are all out of whack. What can I do to achieve that same feeling that Androgel & Androderm gave me, but only for one day?
Avatar f tn I want enough estradiol in me to make sure I can string a sentence together, avoid depression, have a sex drive, have better word retrival, have strong bones, less moodiness, have good heart function, no cramping in legs (the worst when I am low in my estradiol)... no foot problems (yes... when estradiol was too low for a few years...bad doc's advice... yuk,... I ended up having to have surgery on both feet).. no joint pain... I could go on and on and on.
1809377 tn?1316520328 Even so, sometimes they will atrophy about three to six months after a hysterectomy and so you might experience a drop in Estradiol and a drop in Testosterone. If, of course, you have your ovaries removed, then you have lost your ability to create the sex hormones and will most likely choose to use supplemental estradiol and a little bit of testosterone. That's what I have done and it's made a world of difference in more ways than just in the area of sexual response.
Avatar f tn t see my doctor until the end of next month! my fsh was low enough, but my estradiol was 447. they drew testosterone as well and my total testosterone was 73... i'm not sure why they drew that again, probably because they just ran everything again... but do you know what that means? We have been TTC for seven months. :( I have bleeding between periods and ovulated three days after my period this month...so i'll be due for another period this month...
Avatar n tn 6 (reference range 2 - 18 ng/mL) ESTRADIOL - 30 (reference range 13 - 54 pg/mL) SHBG - 32 (reference range 7 - 49 nmol/L) I was thinking I need to lower my SHBG and ESTRADIOL levels since my % Free Testosterone is off the charts low. Maybe I need more free testosterone. I really don't know much about this, please let me know what you think. Thanks !
Avatar m tn Total T, Free Testosterone, SHBG and Estradiol. Yes estrogen. If you have higher SHBG and/or higher estrogen it would be sucking all your Testosterone leaving little Free testosterone which is all your body uses and you will have low T symptoms. Not saying it is one or the other or both. But at your age you have the total T level of about a 70 year old man! And that is NOT anything close to "normal".
Avatar m tn Hello, Chap. I think your birth year coincides with mine. On to your question... Before I get there, know that I am NOT a medical doctor. However, I do participate on testosterone forums (in fact, I belong to an excellent forum on yahoo which consists of men recovering from low testosterone. A few of the members there are medical doctors, as well.) Libido is complicated, influenced by more than simply testosterone. That said, we should consider the actual results from your bloodwork.
Avatar m tn Low testosterone and low LH at the same time may mean secondary hypo, because if testosterone is low LH should be high as this is the hormone that tells your body to produce more testosterone and it should be increased to raise your T levels.
Avatar n tn I agree with most of what jayjay30 had to share. What I don't get, is why your urologist or endo haven't tested your estradiol, total estrogen's,and DHEA. These are equally important especially the ratios of total testosterone to total estrogen's(ideal range 80-120) and estradiol to free testosterone(less than1.0).Mac, your testosterone could be converting to estrogen and this aromatization may need to be curtailed.
Avatar n tn Hi! As far as I am aware, there is no indication for checking a "routine" hormone panel in a healthy asymptomatic individual. It is usually a bad idea to order tests "just because" because this is exactly what happens! You get a result that you have no idea what to do with or what it means, and it scares the patient to death. If I were you, I would consider switching doctors so this doesn't happen again! Estradiol and testosterone levels are expensive too!
1281181 tn?1271688273 Some tests she may want to have include Testosterone, Free Testosterone, DHEA-S, and Estradiol. B12 deficiency can also imact hair. Also, for Ferritin, note that it needs to be 40+ regardless of ref range; you can have low Ferritin w/ normal Iron so make sure it's Ferritin they check. If she's on meds, the meds can cause hair loss; so can the change in TSH level and being at a suboptimal TSH.
Avatar n tn Could this be a cause? Estradiol=41 Cortisol=18.6 Insulin=6 DHEA Sulfate=183 Testosterone=66 Progesterone=65 TSH 3rd gen=1.08 T4 Free=1.3 Glucose=86 LH=3.7 FSH=3.6 Prolactin=13.
Avatar m tn i started to investigate whether there is something wrong or not.at some point i stumbled upon estradiol and estrogen.i had an estradiol level of 85 and an estrone level of 256 with upper limit of 50 and 155 respectively.my testosterone levels were normal.total t 9.5 and free 24 with upper limits of 12 and 50 respectively.!my platelets were lower than normal but never below 100k.also, red blood cell count were most times higher that normal even though i have anemia(MCV<80).
Avatar f tn The hormones he wants to check are prolactin, cortisol and testosterone and my GP has also ordered estradiol as she suspects that checking cortison will not be possible (it has to be done in a hospital and this is unavailable atm due to COVID-19). I will have a blood test next Tuesday, coincidentally during my placebo week (and probably my first day of period).
Avatar m tn I recently took some blood tests which show normal levels of IGF-1, Prolactin, Testosterone, Estradiol, but low levels of Luteinizing Hormone and low levels of Follicule Stimulating Hormone. Does this indicate anything?