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Avatar m tn I agree with armywife92 about the Vitamin D. Reading between the lines, i thought about Low Vitamin D often being associated with being hypothyroid, and since you were tested for TSH and FT4, I wondered if perhaps you had symptoms that resulted in these tests, especially for thyroid. I imagine that with your TSH being within the old reference range listed, and your Free T4 being in range, that the doctor decided you were "normal" as far as thyroid issues.
1462489 tn?1285945325 Blood work was done, then redone and shows testerone level ok, in the lower end of ok but the doctor said my vitamin D levels were very low. She perscribed me vitamin D 50,000iu one a day for 1 week then 1 a month for 3 months.She stated she was confident i would feel alot better in just a week. my question is why? are they two closely related, vitamin d and testerone? thank you in advance.
Avatar m tn Vitamin d deficiency and low testosterone go hand in hand. If you are vitamin d deficient there is a good chance you have low testosterone and this would explain why you have lost the zazz down there.
Avatar n tn My wife had me go to a natural hormone doctor who ran blood work and said that my testosterone level was at 370 and I should be around 900 according to my age, my vitamin D level was very low and my estrogen was high, so I am on testosterone shots once a week, high once a week dose of vitamin D and Armidex for my estrogen level. I am taking 10 mgs of Lexapro but I don't feel a thing and have no idea if it is even helping but am afraid to quit.
Avatar m tn Some of these vitamins/minerals are necessary for the metabolism of thyroid hormones. Common deficiencies that affect testosterone levels are Vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, selenium and Vitamin A. Vitamin D is necessary for the metabolism of thyroid hormones and deficiency is also known for causing low testosterone levels. Same goes for selenium, which has also been shown to help in the conversion of the thyroid hormone Free T4 to the usable Free T3.
Avatar f tn Testosterone, Bioavailable was 87.5; Vitamin D, 25-OH, TOTAL was 24; Vitamin D, 25-OH, D3 was 24; Vitamin D, 25-OH, D2 was <4 I don't think I see results for Vitamin B or Hashimoto's, unless I'm not looking in the right place. Thank you so much again.
Avatar n tn Calcium, PTH, and vitamin D again, (after completing my Vitamin D therapy) total serum estrogen, and FSH, LH and prolactin. Calcium - 9.8 mg/dl PTH - 25 pg/ml Vitamin D - 23/ng/ml total serum estrogen - 133 pg/ml which he said was a bit high... FHS, LH and prolactin levels were all normal. I just talked with him again following another round of testing.
1240683 tn?1268232755 The only thing that has shown up is an ulcer in the ileum, low vitamin d, and low testosterone. The testosterone was rechecked after a week of vitamin supplements (particularly vitamin d - 1400mg day), and it came back normal. I've read that low T can be related to low vitamin d. Is this correct? Anyway, my primary question is this, could there be pancreatic insufficiency problems causing malabsorption of nutrients such as vitamin d that is causing the fatigue?
Avatar m tn t improved so I went back to my primary care doc and asked him to do a work up on other things that can cause energy issues, including low t. My vitamin d was also severely low (I work in an office). Anyway. I've been reading about all the different possible causes of low testosterone and I'm just really concerned. My current energy levels are not normal at all. My mood is always terrible.
Avatar m tn Vitamin D may decrease from certain medications such as certain anti-seizure, corticosteroids, heparin, certain antibiotics, mineral oil, and antacids; or certain disease states such as celiac disease, Crohn’s disease and Whipple’s disease. Insufficiency may cause symptoms such as bone loss, osteomalacia (in adults), and impaired Calcium absorption occurs due to very low levels of the vitamin. You did not mention your Calcium levels and suggest getting it checked.
Avatar n tn Also you say you suspected you always had low testosterone. Please do not confuse (as many do) low testosterone with low libido. They are not the same.
Avatar n tn Have your vitamin D checked!! I had the same problems and found my vitamin D was 8ng/ml in Jan 2015 severely low, should be 50 to 80.
Avatar n tn Calcium, PTH, and vitamin D again, (after completing my Vitamin D therapy) total serum estrogen, and FSH, LH and prolactin. Calcium - 9.8 mg/dl PTH - 25 pg/ml Vitamin D - 23/ng/ml total serum estrogen - 133 pg/ml which he said was a bit high... FHS, LH and prolactin levels were all normal. I just talked with him again following another round of testing.
12182312 tn?1427683956 Hmmm. The degree of vitamin D (and calcium) deficiency is significantly associated with the degree and severity of hypothyroidism. The possible explanations for low vitamin D levels with hypothyroidism: poor absorption of vitamin D from the intestine or the body may not activate vitamin D properly. Current recommended vitamin D levels for optimal health that I have read from various studies: 40 to 60 ng/mL (100-150 nmol/L) year round.
Avatar f tn This makes me think he should also be tested for cortisol and ferritin (a storage form of iron). Vitamin D and B12 are also important so I also suggest testing those as well. Do you think you can get him tested for cortisol, ferritin, Vitamin D, and B12? Also, symptoms are the most important indicator of thyroid status. Does he have any of the following symptoms besides fatigue, which is common for teenagers it seems? Fatigue Increased sensitivity to cold (temp. below 98.
Avatar m tn even getting oral sex,i barely get hard..is it due to low testesterone?? currently i am taking multivitamin,vitamin c, vitamin d with k2, fish oil, ashwaghanda and oyster extract.its almost 2 months i am having it. i notice that my semen is pretty thick than before..but still maintaining erection is worst.without stimulation, i get flaccid within 6-7 seconds..the time is accurate..i noticed it.what can i do for it??my married life is ruined by this..help me plz..
Avatar n tn She has extremely high testosterone extremely low vitamin d and lesions on her brain. she is only 29. her symptoms have been excessive hair growth, alpecia, excessive weight gain in the stomach area and face. she had thousands of test done. no cysts on her ovaries, no tumors seen on an mri of her head. thyroid uptake and ct scan were normal. autoimmune tests came back normal. she has a sharp pain that radiates from the back of her head into her ear cannal and the side of her neck.
270512 tn?1333177636 m taking lots of supplements, including myoinositol, melatonin, also taking DHEA. I take CQ10, and also Vitamin D. My vitamin D comes in 1,000 iu capsules. Do you have any idea how that woud convert to 5000mg? It seems to be really hard to find out how to convert iu measures. I'm also adding intralipid, prednisone, anti-biotics, and aspirin to my mix, as I have a high ANA, and may have immune issues, despite having had two children easily. My clinic doesn't use menopur.
Avatar f tn Could the O/C have caused the large increase in T3 or should we be checking for something else going on? She is somewhat anemic and deficient in Vitamin D, although not badly so. Physically she is kind of wreck with constant muscle and joint pain, fatigue, insomnia, shortness of breath, recent resurgence of epilepsy after four year hiaturs, neurological symptoms like hyperreflexia, etc. but is not overweight.