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Avatar f tn I am the mother to a 3 month old baby boy who has been diagnosed with vanishing testis syndrome. He is fully developed as a boy but some time after 7 months of pregnancy his testicles twisted, lost blood supply and have died. Doctors have told us he will need testosterone replacement to go through puberty and will need testicular implants. I was wondering is there is anyone who has been through or knows someone who have been through this. Any information would be helpful.
Avatar f tn its a Indian cooking seasoning, but trust me it works. I use it every day and the turmeric vanishing cream. My skin is flawless. I am 41 yrs old and Im in the military. I have traveled abroad. I had a very bad skin infection in Baghdad. My skin was scarred beyond believe. One of my iraqi friends gave me turmeric and the vanishing cream. its awesome. I dont have a trace that I had big black marks from scars in my face. Acne is not even something that exists once I used turmeric.
549876 tn?1219952270 ve been making sure I clean my face 3 times a day, morning noonish and before bed. I then use clearasil vanishing acne cream. It works good! I have noticed, that the oil from my face gets on my pillow case and if I don't wash it twice a week, I break out more. So try washing or changing your pillow case more, and flip your pillow maybe. I have way through the week after I have used both sides for two nights each, just throw a towel over my pillow and sleep on it.
Avatar n tn I have found that what has helped my endometriosis the most is Natural Progesterone Cream, prescribed by my doctor. It is not the same as Synthetic Progesterone and is much safer. I have been using the cream for about 2 years and no longer need to get yearly laporoscopies. I have also cut down on my dairy intake due to the excess estrogen levels in dairy which feed endo. I find my calcium in other foods instead.
Avatar f tn Is your dr going to prescribe a compounded testosterone cream? This can be more common in women than you think..lol Your thyroid levels look good as long as you feel good. How have you been feeling? Most times a hashimoto patient feels best with a tsh between .50-1.0. What was your lab range for the free t3? Here is a question for you: Do you remember how long the destruction phase of your thyroid took?
630344 tn?1280104983 it is the active ingredient in clearasil vanishing cream and a clean and clear face wash...A lot of products use salycilic acid and I was told that is not safe to use during pregnancy.
Avatar m tn 8 months ago I got urethral meatus warts but this time cryotherapy did not worked. Each week I got the wart freezed and for 3 days period it was vanishing but it starts growing again. I have done this procedure for more than 8 times. Aldra cream did not worked ether. What should I do ? Please Help me.
Avatar m tn Hello. I'm a 39 y/o male with lost testosterone. I had some bloodwork done which revealed this and symptoms of low sex drive, fatigue, etc. My doctor put me on Android 20mg/day. I don't have insurance so I'm paying $650/mo for these pills. I was wondering if a comparable dosage in gel or injection form would be cheaper than the pills... Any help would be appreciated!
358971 tn?1330888975 hpts say negative all the way up to today...CD32. Still no AF. I totally believe i'm NOT PREGNANT but at the same time, there are things happening that i don't have a reason for, unless its ALLLL progesterone cream. I stopped the cream on CD 28, so it's not been almost 4 full days. But like this very moment, i'm starving! I keep eating low-glycemic foods to help stabilize my sugar levels but every ten to thirty minutes after eating, i'm hungry again!!!
Avatar m tn I have tinkered with Prometrium and testosterone cream. I have read mixed results about progesterone after hysterectomy. The testosterone cream, I thought, was causing acne. I NEVER have acne, so I stopped taking that. I noticed other issues going on and my regular doctor said it was due to the V-dot patch. My gyno did blood work and it came back low thyroid. I am scheduled to see the Endocrinologist on Monday. I have, since, been taking Synthroid for the thyroid issues.
606349 tn?1220227881 The pill is suposed to balance out my hormones if i am having hormonal problems. And I am using vanishing cream which comes with the natures cure for males. It is 5% Benzoyle Peroxide. I have been puting on the benzoyle peroxide vanishing cream 1 time every night. I have been doing all this for about a month now. I was previously on Tetricycline for about a year. It made my skin very clear and it just popped up a few months ago again. As if my skin got resistant too Tetricycline.
Avatar n tn Topicals typically are more of a problem for men than women. This is true for testosterone cream etc. Men also need very little progesterone so I would tend to recommend you ask your Dr about a compounded cream to apply to scrotum. This may achieve best what you are looking to achieve.
Avatar m tn Or do I just go on estriol cream/patch or estrogel cream....and then figure out if I need t add more, and how do I figure that out - how does one know if she needs progesterin/progestin or testosterone added (either the medical kind or the bio identical kind).
1453770 tn?1285176419 Both my period & libido is missing this month! I'm not grieving the lack of period, just the libido I've had for about 44 years now! The doctor's prescribed a topical testosterone cream for me, that I have yet to use, because the pharmacy is waiting for a shipment. I've tried Zestra & Excite, but they did nothing.Help!
Business man1 There are prescription medications to replace your low testosterone (by shot,patch or cream) in the appropriate patient. Certain conditions would need to be excluded before initiating therapy--ie prostate cancer, thickened blood, hypertension. Also this level should be confirmed by your physician via a traditional lab. Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn i also tested low for a number of other things. my testosterone took the longest to get normalized. i am female and was having to use a testosterone cream for a while.
Avatar f tn when men get older they make less testosterone and in our industrial world men loose it quicker progesterone is the building blocks for testosterone so if he does not have the building material how would he build the finished item. its safe and very good for yourself aswell, it has so many benefits for women its mad they dont prescribe it from doctors. well its not mad its economics they cant make any money from it as its not a drug. take a look at this website http://www.progesterone.co.
Avatar f tn well i wasnt ovulating at all when i started the treatment. im not seeing an endocrine doctor, im seeing a hormone specilist. im currently on natural progesterone and natural testosterone. im very very sensitive to artificial hormones so i really cant take them. and i never really understood how to chart my temps so i guess i should probably figure that one out.
Avatar n tn my testosterone was low several years ago--i got it up with a T-cream---but for some reason my body can't maintain it, and it can't maintain the DHEA levels, either
694895 tn?1263662430 My last episode began in the fall of 2006 and, in spite of numerous antidepressants, my symptoms perstied. I finally asked my Family physician to check my testosterone level. The result was 80...At my age, it should be close to 350. It is possible that low T is responsible for the severity and long duration of this episode. The Rx prescribed is Androgel...but at $250 an Rx I am unable to have it filled...I have no insurance and not enough money to start the treatment...
Avatar m tn Hi I wonder if you could help me for about a year now I have reoccuring hard lump like spots on my forhead and occaisionally on my cheeks and temples. I have tried all kinds of cream and regular exfoliating but nothing works. I have also tried squeezing them. In some nothing comes out, but in others after a lot of diging and squeezing eventually I get a hard white lump of stuff, comes out, not round but egg shaped.
Avatar m tn I know from personal experience. Natural testosterone cream reduced my blood sugar, triglyceride and cholesterol levels to a normal range. My depression lifted and my enegry levels increased. When testosterone is converted to DHT and estrogen it can be problematic. But there are safe and effective way to prevent that from happening. I'm not considering testosterone treatment for my baby but I know that an imbalance of hormones can effect the body in many ways, not just sexuality.
Avatar m tn For comparison, my Testosterone measures 590 ng/dL(nanograms per deciliters). Trial members will have a Testosterone cream to rub into their skin once a day for 30 days. I do not think any good things in life comes to us instantly. You should notice over time that your beard and hair will grow faster(about three-quarters of an inch a month). Your sexual tension(hornyness)will improve and your speech should become stronger as well as your physical strength.
1369218 tn?1282423884 I used to get very painful and clotty periods before I started the cream. I am curious who told you progesterone can cause testosterone to rise? I know a young girl who is on a birth control pill for elevated testosterone because of PCOS. She takes birth control pill that has a high amount of progesterone to fix her imbalance. I take the cream because I don't like synthetic drugs. I plan on asking my doctor if I can increase the dose and use it internally.
640719 tn?1277140030 I was just wondering if anyone has had or heard of someone using the injectable under the skin Testosterone pellets? Patches are irritating to my husband and the cream stinks did I say stinks?! Wee U for sure! Can't even wash the smell out of his clothes. I'm wondering if there are any more risks going the pellet route? Doc, said they last 4-6 months. I've read infection but I think that is a very low risk.
1035252 tn?1427227833 Alright guys....update is good and bad news. Good news...baby seems to be OK. bad news...may be a vanishing twin. They can't identify exactly where the bleeding is coming from, so I'm on bed rest through the weekend until my OB gets home monday and we can get in and try to figure it out a little better. Saw the heartbeat on the one baby, size was good...now to just lie in bed and hope and pray that the bleeding stops. It's so nerve-wracking....
Avatar m tn i have used androforte testosterone cream which i think is bioidentical testosterone and i didn't notice any muscle change when working out.
Avatar m tn t really know for sure if the hot flashes are caused by a drop in testosterone. (Your testosterone might be the same level it has always been.) If you want to test the notion that the low testosterone has caused the hot flashes, take the testosterone for a month, and see if the hot flashes go away.