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640719 tn?1277140030 I was just wondering if anyone has had or heard of someone using the injectable under the skin Testosterone pellets? Patches are irritating to my husband and the cream stinks did I say stinks?! Wee U for sure! Can't even wash the smell out of his clothes. I'm wondering if there are any more risks going the pellet route? Doc, said they last 4-6 months. I've read infection but I think that is a very low risk.
Avatar n tn My question is given the fact that I used anabolic steroids for 3-4 years (mostly winstrol oral, trenbolone acetate injectable, stanozolol injectable, testosterone injectable, and several prohormones which are precursors to anabolic steroids once converted by the liver) does this mean i have to wait longer to test conclusively for hiv?
585708 tn?1247192813 They say my thyroid blood work is on the high end of normal but because I have very low testosterone they are wanting for that to go up (with Andro-Gel but may switch to injectable) before they go for the thyroid, to see if there is a change with normal testosterone, In my opinion. He did say that the thyroid numbers may be too much for me and cause symptoms, but can't do anything until the testosterone is up.
Avatar n tn All of the symptoms you report sound very much like what I had and which were solved when I went on Hormone Replacement Therapy. I used Androgel and later (for cost reasons) Injectable Testosterone. Either form works great but it does take some work to get the dose right. Good luck! I had readings of 297 and then 250 total testosterone in two tests. FSH was 1 and free testosterone was 70. I suffer from depression, night dreads, social anxiety etc. Can this be the cause?
Avatar m tn Hi, How are you? Testosterone has been used for many decades for the treatment of testosterone deficient males.Today options for treatment include topical testosterone gels and creams, short and long acting injections of testosterone esters, application of testosterone through skin patches, subcutaneous testosterone implants, and oral testosterone capsules. The injection is given deep intra-muscular and is quite often painful.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone I just joined here I found this forum on google. I was just having this problem here. I went to the urologist a month ago because I wanted to ask him some questions. I was asking him why my penis hasn't grown like other people and he made me do some blood tests. It hasn't grown at all since I was born. It's been the same way since then! He said I have very low testosterone and you probably were low when you were younger also. He said my level was something like 3.30.
Avatar m tn I have just completed 48 weeks of triple therapy. ( I had HCV for 10 yrs at phaze 1) I do not drink, have not for five yrs. I do not use drugs, never have. Anyway. I was a physically fit guy before treatment, (6' 225lbs 11% body fat) lifted weights for years and never used steroids. I have last about 35 lbs while on treatment. Now after treatment it seams like it would take yrs to accomplish what was undone in 48 wks.
Avatar f tn Hello Im a 23 year old man and about a year ago I did injectable steroids masternol, diabol (pill form), and testosterone. i only injected 3 times and took the diabol for about 3 weeks but then I stoped abrubtly this was in oct of 07. I was fine until about dec of 07 and then I started feeling like i was in a dream like state almost like im not all there .. its been lasting up until now almost a year... is this a reaction to the steroid am I depressed.
Avatar n tn I just found out my test. levels are low. I'm 36 years old and have been feeling tired, moody, depressed for the last several years. I also have a lot of low back bain and my sex drive has also decreased. My cholesterol levels have also increased in the last few years. Are these all signs of low testosterone? Isn't 36 kind of young to be experiencing this? Is this also considered a mid-life crisis issue? I'm going to start some test.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, I would like to ask you if testosterone replacement therapy is considered immunosuppresive enough to give a false negative result on an HIV test- taken 8 weeks after a potential HIV sexual esposure? I'm currently taking 125cc per week/injectable (testosterone enanthate) and want to know if I can trust the results of what will hopefully be a negative HIV test results- when taken 8 weeks after a potetial exposure.
Avatar n tn yes I am taking the oral HCG and I am straving too. I just ate some extra strawberries, but if things don't improve I am going to start eating more.
341655 tn?1240368839 If you think you may become too ill to take your med by mouth, you need to ask your doc for an emergency injectable, which I think is usually in a dose of 50 or 100 mgs. of hydrocortisone. You need to have a medical alert bracelet or wearable ID of some kind, for emergency situations. Yes, you would have to go to an ER, or other doctor's office for treatment in the event of stomach flu, vomiting, or anything that prevents you from taking these extremely important meds.
Avatar f tn Discuss with your doctor the use of magnesium oil or a magnesium transdermal patch. Another route is to learn to give the injections yourself. Generic injectable magnesium is rather inexpensive.
Avatar f tn I'm so sorry to hear about your losses. I dont know which is worse, never being able to conceive or conceiving then losing your precious babies? I have the same outlook as you, keep trying and dont give up! The good thing is you have time on your side too (as in your age), I would recommend DHEA, they say to take 75mg/day and to expect it to take about 3 months to get into your system.
1346723 tn?1300718741 I was really bad though, I had ovarian drilling in december 2009 then I started my period (first time without meds!) within about 6 weeks, With injectable drugs i finally ovulated, we had to do IUI because I have hostile CM also :(. So after our fifth round it worked!! I'm currently 11 weeks. It is possible to get pregnant with PCOS it really depends on how you respond to treatment.
Avatar m tn doctor is saying that he will give her injectable antibiotics for 7 days which is the best solution for this problem.. we as a parent are reluctant to give her injectable antibiotic... please advise what to do ?? your cooperation is highly appreciated ..
Avatar n tn I have done several iui's and used clomid, femera and the hcg injections so far. I'm wondering about the injectable fertility Meds I keep hearing about, my RE hasn't suggested them yet... Anyone have any insight about other meds?
Avatar n tn one of the pills is Testosterone pills. He told him mom that he would no longer take these, but yet he is.