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Avatar n tn So over in the UK , there is no Free and total testosterone? In that case your level is very low. Its in range but very low. I would find a good urologist or testosterone person over there and explore the possibilities of testosterone replacement therapy. Even if your thyroid levels are low, the testosterone being raised will add to your libido, your energy level, and possibly aid with other issues as well.
Avatar m tn im a 22 year old male 6 ft. i think i have low testosterone because i have very low muscle mass skinny wrists and quite small hands i have been on weight lifting programs for months and done the diet but no results. my arms look like a young boys. i also have little facial hair. i really think i have some sort of hormone defiencey but i dont know what to do.
5295072 tn?1366115008 Hi am a 42 yr old non smoker non drinker and ive just had my testosterone levels results, am in the uk and results are 5.2..is this why i feel terrible..
Avatar m tn I have been battling with low testosterone for a few years and trying to address it through natural means. Lost 20 lbs body fat (Now 5'08" 156 lbs 13 % BF), added heavy weight lifting in 3x weekly, eat a low carb high vegetable intake diet with more than adequate fat content, etc. Sadly doesnt seem to be helping.
Avatar n tn i took an anabolic steroid cycle once before and used test boosters to workout. ill never do that again. My testosterone count is low and i was wondering if anybody could give me some advice. i have heard about zinc pills, as well as HCG. Would these bring me back to a normal count? anything you guys could give me is greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn Hi. In the UK, Dianette (called Diane35 abroad) is the only pill licenced for acne-control as well as contraception. It contains 35 micrograms of oestrogen (compared with 30 micrograms in most standard combined pills such as Femodene). It also contains 2 milligrams of the anti-androgen Cyproterone acetate. Cilest (called Ortho Tri-Cyclen abroad) also contains 35 micrograms of oestrogen. Oestrogen blocks the effects of androgens (male hormones) on the skin.
Avatar n tn It is available in the UK. It is different from other contraceptives because it is not based on testosterone. Dianette is an eostrogen and an anti-androgen, it blocks the action of male hormones in your body to prevent acne and un-feminine hair growth. I use Dianette and oxytetracycline for peri-oral dermatitis-the spots on your chin. I also apply Differin to this area. To prevent it from stinging I use a gentle cleanser by La Roche-Posay.
Avatar m tn September of 2008 I began Testosterone injections for my Low Testosterone syndrome; began low at 50 mg and we worked up to 300 mg for a year; then the head aches came and were constant and then my left eye twitched and popped; it was now unable to stand light of any kind, the next week the right eye did the same, then my eye sight went from "eagle eyes" to almost blind, light sensitivity, next went my ears and became sound sensitive, teeth began to chatter.
Avatar f tn If I recall, there is a testosterone patch for women in the UK. We do not have any approved / commercial testosterone products for women here in the U.S. which is a shame. Some of the testosterone will probably convert to estrogen but you will probably need more estrogen than that. I assume you are still taking the zumenon for now?
5360700 tn?1366884690 Hi Chris, So if you have the other one removed, then you could go onto testosterone shoots or pellets, to bring your testosterone readings back to normal, I think you find I'm right in saying that, so you would still be the horny little guy you are now, as in your picture you look a bit on the small side for 53, sorry just saw your age wow, then yes shoots should do you the world of good.
Avatar m tn Hi all! I live in the UK and reached your forum looking for some answers. I will see an Endocrinologist soon but I don't know how 'conservative' is - so would like to have some opinions beforehand...
Avatar m tn and she looked at it and said it was a small tumor and they were going to put him on testosterone shots and monitor the tumor. I should state that my husband has been into lifting weights and body building since his early 20's. He is now 41 and for all of these yrs he has taken supplements. When they tested his levels he was at a 2% of testosterone when he should have been 150% or more. So he did need to be put on the shots. He started the shots at the end of october and in november.
Avatar f tn Any mummies on here from the UK? im a FTM and just had my 20 week scan..
Avatar f tn Is any one from the UK?
Avatar f tn I was just wondering if any one is from the UK on this app?