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Avatar m tn A male should not take ANY testosterone booster or supplement unless he has his levels tested. This is a simple inexpensive test that you can request from your GP. The blood test should performed first thing in the morning, before breakfast. You have to understand that if your levels are normal and you take a supplement your sex organs may atrophy. Testosterone also increases red blood cell production.
Avatar n tn Hello, The typical male testosterone level is between 250ng/dl to 850 ng/dl. The primary treatment for low testosterone is testosterone supplement. Testosterone replacement therapy may be in the form of skin gel, injections, long acting pellets, patches or oral inserts. Clomid is not the primary treatment mode for testosterone deficiency. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn Im 20, in somewhat good shape other than the heart....I get palpitations, hard beating sometimes, and need to have the valve replaced soon. Pretty much everything I ever look at says a warning about taking with heart disease but im wondering why or is that more directed towards older people with worse problems. I can still work out and go run miles so I feel like I should be fine.
Avatar m tn Regarding inositol, I know that it often is used to help with insulin sensitivity and hormonal imbalance, two issues that plague many PCOS sufferers. Since acne can be caused by an excess of free testosterone, this may be why inositol was prescribed -- to reduce the free testosterone. I'm not sure if your free testosterone has ever been tested but I don't think it usually is part of any routine labs.
Avatar f tn He needs to take a supplement to naturally produce active testosterone. His testosterone levels are probably low. But it if he takes pharmaceutical testosterone then his body will stop making it worse than he his now. He needs to kick start his levels naturally with supplements. Many men have this problem. It is way more common than you think. My husband went through it too, which is how i know this.
Avatar m tn t really know for sure if the hot flashes are caused by a drop in testosterone. (Your testosterone might be the same level it has always been.) If you want to test the notion that the low testosterone has caused the hot flashes, take the testosterone for a month, and see if the hot flashes go away.
138239 tn?1239924924 my blood work showed my DHEA 78 & normal is between 102-1185, when asked doctor about this she didn't know why, thought there was a supplement for this. Asked Endocrinologist, he said it was nothing to be concerned about. So, whats up???? I've been battling weight gain for the past 3 years. Feel that there is really something wrong with my adrenal glands.they have tested me for Cushings (negative), scooped me from 1 end and the other.
Avatar m tn I have read Tribulus, one of the herbal components of the X180 supplement increases Testosterone (T) level by boosting LH and FSH . In your case, even though the LH and FSH are marginally above limits, I feel the damage is mainly done by the high estrogen level and if you can reduce the same ( which any way you need to do), with proper diet and exercise, I would think you will be able to realize the good effects of high testosterone.
Avatar m tn If you're not overdoing things in your workout, and you've got a balanced diet, you're on a good path- get your testosterone levels checked, and track the changes over time- hopefully you see a steady trend of increasing numbers- if you need to take a testosterone supplement, it's no big deal, and it shouldn't have to be forever. Regardless, get it checked and treated ASAP!
Avatar m tn im a 22 year old male 6 ft. i think i have low testosterone because i have very low muscle mass skinny wrists and quite small hands i have been on weight lifting programs for months and done the diet but no results. my arms look like a young boys. i also have little facial hair. i really think i have some sort of hormone defiencey but i dont know what to do.
Avatar n tn Did you ask your Physician why he thought it was necessary to order a supplement? Obviously there there are good reasons to maintain adequate Testosterone levels. Some of the things that Testosterone does do, besides maintain your libido or sex drive is to help maintain bone and muscle mass. It also helps in maintaining your muscle strength. It's also thought to decrease one’s likelihood of developing diabetes... and more!
Avatar m tn I'm sure that if you research your supplements that you will find that they increase your testosterone. An increase in testoserone (the male equivalent of estrogen) leads to hair growth and muscle gain. Your best bet is to find a supplement that doesnt increase your testosterone. If you can't find one, then you'll have to choose between quick muscle gain or body hair.
Avatar m tn t felt normal for almost 2 years and my irritability is sooo difficult to control. After counseling, after anti-depressants, My am testosterone level is 298. My evening level my physician wanted to draw is pending. I've had to push him to consider other options. If this one is low he says he'll give me a referral to an endocrinologist. In anybody's opinion will testosterone help, has it helped any of you with these symptoms.
Avatar m tn And this brings me to my next question - if it is so dangerous to supplement hormones like testosterone, since it causes the body to stop producing it naturally on its own, isnt there the same danger with VitD? If I am pumping large amounts of artificial VitD (how the heck is this stuff made anyway?) into my body, wont it mess with my ability to make the stuff naturally?
Avatar m tn with the exception of slightly elevated serium calcium, and hemoglobin but i did have a few numbers which were more distressing. i have now had my my testosterone tested 3 times the first time my Total Testosterone was 323, second time 532, and most recently 505, all of which are concidered low for someone of my age, particularly for someone as physically active as myself. my doctor had few anwsers for me, as i am only the second patient he had ever diagnoised with secondary hypoparathyroidism.
Avatar m tn I have been battling with low testosterone for a few years and trying to address it through natural means. Lost 20 lbs body fat (Now 5'08" 156 lbs 13 % BF), added heavy weight lifting in 3x weekly, eat a low carb high vegetable intake diet with more than adequate fat content, etc. Sadly doesnt seem to be helping.
Avatar f tn How is your estrogen and your DHEA-S? When your doc tests your testosterone, does he test bio-available testosterone, and does the doc test sex binding hormones, LH, FSH, to get the entire pic of your androgens and how your body is using the testosterone? Estrogen and testosterone and very very closely related - so it could be that your testosterone is simply converting over to estrogen instead of staying as testosterone. This cannot be controlled really - it just happens.
Avatar f tn I had low progesterone & high testosterone even before pregnancy, then during pregnancy. I was scared because your body needs progesterone to maintain pregnancy. My doc had me use a supplement cream to boost levels and I had a smooth pregnancy.
Avatar m tn We (men) are consuming too much of it in our food we must consume foods or supplement to slow down our bodies from producing it. at the same time increase our testosterone levels it makes sense doesn't it. What would we look like if our penis retracted all the way back?????
944903 tn?1269268918 I had my DHEA sulfate levels measured in June and they were below the limits of the lab (<15 for a range of 32-240) and my free testosterone was almost 0 (both results point to a probable adrenals problem), I took no medication (I was working on stabilizing my thyroid first)... and I got pregnant in August! So not sure if all of these specific hormone levels really matter!
Avatar n tn If you want to stay on top of your game use a natural male enhancement supplement, your regular multivitamins may not be enough to give you an edge.Male enhancement supplements not only help enhance erections and create penis enlargement, they also help boost libido and sex drive, increase testosterone levels and sperm count, and improve overall health.
Avatar f tn ve been taking a Vitamin D supplement, an evening primrose supplement (as i have horrible PMS symptoms at that time of the month that I've been to the ER twice for), vitamin b12 supplement, and a general multivitamin. I notice hair growth coming in after it falls out but it seems to continue to fall out even after re-growth. I've had a scrape test on the scalp and no fungal type disease on my scalp. My Dr's seem to have no answers other than stress for me.
1065748 tn?1255876527 In other words androstenedione then gets converted into testosterone and testosterone gets converted into estradiol mainly in the ovaries of a premenopausal female. Estradiol is the estrogen closely associated with fertility. Okay enough science out of the way. Here is what to consider when considering DHEA supplementation. Since DHEA is close to the top of the hormone chain as you can see in the chain below, it can effect many hormones down the line.
Avatar m tn I'm a 36 year old male and my urologist recommended I go on testosterone therapy (intramuscular injections 200mg every two weeks). I told him I still want to have kids someday, so he recommended I go on the testosterone therapy for 3 months and off 3 months and so on. I just finished my first 3 months and he warned me I would feel the effects coming off testosterone. Needless to say I have zero energy now, inability to focus, extremely tired and have a dull achy feel all around.
Avatar n tn Testosterone test that came back at 935 ng/dl. Doctor was concerned about elevated level. Questioned me regarding testosterone supplement use, which I am not nor ever have. My genitals were examined and I was informed my testicles were smooth and firm but larger than normal for my age. (greater than 25ml on orchidometer.) Retested total testosterone in January and it came back at 305 ng/dl. Doctor reviewed results and informed me T was back in normal range and not to worry.