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Avatar m tn ve never had a huge package down there but recently I was dealing with more atrophy due to testosterone replacement therapy (I had levels of a 90 year old man for 1+ years before beginning treatment). http://imgur.
Avatar m tn ve never had a huge package down there but recently I was dealing with more atrophy due to testosterone replacement therapy (I had levels of a 90 year old man for 1+ years before beginning treatment). here is the link - - - http://imgur.
681588 tn?1275083189 Just know that dex is a very powerful corticosteroid - it lasts very long - sometimes up to 48 hours. Your dose is equivalent to 6.3mg of hydrocortisone, which is more like what the body makes. It is a pretty small dose which is good since you will be stacking doses (one dose will not be out of the body when you take the next) and hopefully that will reduce side effects.
Avatar m tn Testosterone Replacement Therapy will not increase penis size. Nor will anything else. Be grateful for what you've got.
Avatar m tn What is the best hormone replacement therapy and what hormones are necessary? How can she stay healthy, not gain weight and still be interested in sex? Any other advice about this whole situation would be helpful and appreciated.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am a male 41 years old, having very low testosterone levels and looking for testosterone replacement therapy and need advice, have so many question about this issue and also being obese, it is very difficult life.
Avatar m tn Most people associate Low Libido and Erectile Dysfunction with Low Testosterone but the symptoms and consequences are far more serious. Replacement therapy is controversial but for some, there is no option. If you haven’t already, get it checked. What do you have to lose? Good Luck, R. Glass. http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Hepatitis-Social/Testosterone-Replacement-For-Men-With-Low-Testosterone-Improves-Liver-Function--Metabolic-Syndrome/show/1117931 http://www.natap.org/2005/HCV/062005_02.
Avatar n tn In the past members noted above have discussed the potential for Testosterone Replacement Therapy for their low testosterone after doing tx. I just got test results back showing I am at the borderline of low normal, and low....about 300 ng/dl. After doing a LOT of reading about T ranges, and replacement, symptoms from low 'T', etc. I am beginning to think this may be a major part of my post-tx problems. The sx for low Testosterone are plentiful, and can be overwhelming.
Avatar m tn 7 if I am not mistaken, the thing is I guess now I will be patient a hormone replacement therapy for increase my testosterone and let me know what to expect, experiences or something that can help me with this new experience , thanks.
484508 tn?1290010544 So, supplementation with testosterone might help you. Side effects of testosterone therapy if done in excess can lead to neoplasm’s in the genital organs, gonads. Kindly consult an endocrinologist in this regard. Take care.
Avatar f tn You may start with Cialis 20 mg to see if that helps erections. On top of this he will probably need Testosterone Replacement Therapy. If after these two medications he still has insufficient erections for intercourse then penile injection may be required.
Avatar m tn You can also increase the testosterone level by taking more of meat, salmon fish, yellow, red and green fruits and vegetables. Also, your doctor may prescribe hormone replacement therapy via intramuscular injections, testosterone patches or gels. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
484508 tn?1290010544 I had been on Androgel for low testosterone, but it did nothing, so I started testosterone therapy replacement using pellets, a newer procedure. I am 65. After 7 days, I was hit with overwhelming anxiety, panic, the yawns. Today it is a bit better- Today is day 8. I had no idea that testosterone replacement could cause anxiety. I took the stuff because I had anxiety, that Celexa had done a tremendous job of helping. I had to take a Klonopin last night because I was so anxious.
Avatar m tn These hormones are very important for normal functioning of our body and if there is a deficiency of these hormones it is important to take hormone replacement therapy to overcome this deficiency. Please relax HRT will not damage your brain but is essential at the moment for you.
Avatar m tn Hello, You can consult a urologist and get prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone replacement therapy can be prescribed as an intramuscular injection usually given on a biweekly basis, as a patch or gel placed on the skin, or as putty that is applied to the gums of the mouth. Please do not try test freak as it is not without side effects. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
919239 tn?1269394658 has prescribed Prozac,Zoloft, Buspar,Wellbutrin,Effexor,Lexapro,Cymbalta, with no results. I just started testosterone replacement in the last 4 weeks. All I am saying is that I am starting to feel much better, and I hope it continues as it usually takes 4-6 weeks to bring your testosterone levels back to normal levels. It just seems to work for me.
Avatar m tn I can relate to what you're saying about the fatigue, etc. I knew it was hormone related. I do believe that you can find someone in your area. This is how I did it. I got into the phone book / yellow pages and looked up the pharmacies in my area. You especially want one that is a "Compounding Pharmacy"...they mix to your specifics, which is what biodentical hormone replacement therapy does. If you don't see one that lists that option just start asking which ones do.
1139187 tn?1355706647 First of all, I'm not an expert. That said, everything I've read indicates that long term testosterone replacement does shut down natural production which eventually leads to your balls getting smaller (testicular atrophy). Some reports suggest that if you discontinue t-replacement therapy there may be a way to stimulate natural production although not to the level it was prior. Chronic use may prevent that from happening.
Avatar m tn I didn't know where to post this question since testosterone replacement therapy wasn't an option on the board. However this does relate to depression/anxiety. Does any males here take this therapy?