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Avatar f tn The total testosterone was 4 nmol/l (reference range 1-3 nmol/l), SHBG was 100 nmol/l (reference range 20 - 160 nmol/l).
921994 tn?1244445863 Hello , im a 38 year old male I have been diagnosed with "Hypothyroid" since I was 28 y/o. I take 50mcg of levothyroxine 1x a day (perscribed by family doctor), I was recently referred to an "Endocrinologist" for further testing, He tested my TSH, Free T3, Free T4.
Avatar f tn Could you please post your testosterone levels with the reference range and explain more about your situation?
Avatar m tn this is where actual results with reference ranges come in, so we can see your result in relation to the range used by your lab. Your testosterone could have been below range, to start, but low normal on the second test, so the "swing" may not be as great as it might appear and most doctors tend to think that anything within the reference range is "good"....even if it's not right for the individual.......
Avatar m tn s the reference range on testosterone? Once again, it varies lab to lab, and we have to look at exact numbers. "In range" isn't always good enough to feel well.
Avatar m tn What are the reference ranges for the Free T4 and Testosterone? Reference ranges vary from lab to lab and have to come from your own report. You already have hypoothyroidism, so yes, you should get the antibody tests done to see if Hashimoto's is the cause of your hypothyroidism or if something else is causing it.
Avatar f tn Based on my reading, your numbers would not indicate high testosterone level but you list a reference range that has it as elevated. Have you been able to follow up with your doctor? Let me know an update and we'll go from there. PCOS is caused by an imbalance in the hormones (chemical messengers) in your brain and your ovaries.
Avatar m tn Please mention the lab reference range too. Anyway from the results you gave you need both thyroid hormone pill at some dose. Also please check out your Vitamin D level as low Vitamin D can bring the problems you mentioned.
Avatar m tn It seems all my TSH, Free T3 and T4 are either below the range or at the bottom of the range everytime I test them. My testosterone is low for a male 28 years old (253), which should actually be for a man 85 years old. My saliva cortisol results are all backwards showing I'm good late at night and bad during the day, but the blood cortisol shows I'm great during the day. There has to be something so simple that I'm missing in order to tie all these together.
Avatar f tn My wife Beth, is 48 years old and exercises religeously and has been fit and healthy her whole life. Beth has been feeling absolutely horrible for the past 6 months, showing many symptoms, fatigue, no sleep, hair loss, irritability, constipation, hoarseness, intolerance to cold, weight gain, muscle weakness, loss of balance. Beth went to an endocrinologist and had full blood work done. Beth received the following results. High level Anti-Microsomal Ab (Thy.
Avatar m tn should i set up an appointment with an endo? my LH was 4.5 on a flag reference range of 1.5-9.3 mIU/mL. my testosterone was 505 ng/dL. as you can see all my numbers are in the low normal range. could my blood test result indicate secondry hypogonadism. i recently cancalled an appointment with an endo, because i felt asthough i might be seeming like a hypochondriac.
Avatar f tn Hi, Yes, both testes and penis growth along with all aspects of pubertal growth in boys depends on testosterone also, but it depends on how low is 'low' you are talking about. Though the reference level of testo varies some what from lab to lab, here is a link from Mayo Clinic giving their standard levels up to adult age. If you are within the range limits specified there for your age then, you may need not have to worry, if not better to consult an Endocrinologist.
Avatar m tn Looks like you might have more than one thing going on. We can help you with the thyroid part; not sure what we can do for the rest. We need to know the reference ranges for blood tests posted, so we can actually see where your levels fall within them, or outside of. Ranges vary lab to lab and have to come from your own lab report. Your TSH looks really good. Your lab is using an outdated reference range, as do most labs. The "new" (10 yrs old) range is 0.3-3.0.
Avatar m tn What is the reference range (normal value) of prograf in the body (peak and Trough)?