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484508 tn?1290010544 I had been on Androgel for low testosterone, but it did nothing, so I started testosterone therapy replacement using pellets, a newer procedure. I am 65. After 7 days, I was hit with overwhelming anxiety, panic, the yawns. Today it is a bit better- Today is day 8. I had no idea that testosterone replacement could cause anxiety. I took the stuff because I had anxiety, that Celexa had done a tremendous job of helping. I had to take a Klonopin last night because I was so anxious.
Avatar f tn It seems that there are no clear cut answers as to what testosterone therapy can do to men that are being treated for andropause. The only thing I can find that doctors for it and doctors against it agree on is that testosterone does cause prostate cancer to grow if it is already present. I wish they would do long term studies on this issue. My mother who is healthy was still having problems after menopause. She decided to take hormones, even though she knows they are dangerous.
Avatar m tn Estrogen for hot flashes, night sweats, dry skin, anxiety. moodiness. Testosterone for my sex drive. Prior to the pellets, I was on estrogen and managed those symptoms. For 16 years, I had little sex drive. The testosterone pellets drastically changed my life for the better. Desire, lubrication and orgasm skyrocketed. BHRT comes in different methods of delivery. Pills, patches, creams, gels, troches, and pellets.
Avatar f tn I have been on hormone therapy since my hysterectomy 6 years ago.he put me on a different kind a year ago, one with testosterone. It worked for a while, but doesn't seem to be helping much now. I'm a newlywed and my poor husband is really worried as I am too.
Avatar m tn Since the testopel pellets were injected my testosterone has gone to 500 which is still the low side of normal. I started getting breakouts on my face and a lot of acne on thew back of my neck and on my shoulders. Some of the pimples are very large others itch. Ive tried some acne treatments. The pads help with the face but irritate the skin. They do nothing for the shoulders neck or upper back.
Avatar n tn pills, creams, gels, patches and pellets. I get the pellets. They are implanted under the skin on my hip about every 3-5 months. I also recommend seeing a doctor that specializes in bioidentical hormones and menopause. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Can hormone pellets be removed? A friend had 50% estrogen, 50% testosterone pellets implanted about 5 months and again 1 month ago. She had a mammogram and biopsy in the last month showing breast cancer that is estrogen receptor +. She is perimenapausal and 50 years old.
650419 tn?1281359937 I have low testosterone from being on a pain pump implant for almost 7 years and I'm currently on Androgel but the side effect is that it keeps me up all night long like insomnia. I have been living this way for 4 months. I can't go to sleep until 4 or 5 am every morning. If I were to switch to the shots or the pellets would that rid me of the current side effects that I'm suffering from?
Avatar n tn Hello, The typical male testosterone level is between 250ng/dl to 850 ng/dl. The primary treatment for low testosterone is testosterone supplement. Testosterone replacement therapy may be in the form of skin gel, injections, long acting pellets, patches or oral inserts. Clomid is not the primary treatment mode for testosterone deficiency. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn I have been on testosterone pellets implanted in my hip. I've lost 25 pounds in the last 10 months. I think each woman is different.
Avatar f tn re taking a slow approach and want the testosterone pellets to wear off before further tinkering. I had over medication problems last Fall and we're now realizing how much the T-pellets were adding to it through process of elimination. I took the 50 for a week and a half starting on March 18 ending March 28. My question: did I take that dose long enough for it to have any effect and is it possible some symptoms I've developed this week like adrenaline rushes at night could be related?
Avatar f tn I had my ovaries, uterus, and cervix removed in 2006. I use progesterone and testosterone pellets, oral progesterone and dhea, and Armour Thyroid. My levels were good and I heard maca works well with hrt to optimize it. I got severe acne on my chin and insomnia the month I took maca. I stopped and my breasts are deflating and I'm having hot flashes. The Maca is the only change. I feel like I did when my hormone levels were low. Have I blocked my receptors?
Avatar f tn s one of the problems with using testosterone pellets in women. The levels tend to get WAY too high. A level of 500 is about 10x the upper range of the normal female level. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do aside from waiting it out. Physical activity should help you burn up the excess quicker but that can be hard when you feel like crap. Creams or gels are generally better than injections for women because you can maintain a more consistent level. I hope this helps.
640719 tn?1277140030 I was just wondering if anyone has had or heard of someone using the injectable under the skin Testosterone pellets? Patches are irritating to my husband and the cream stinks did I say stinks?! Wee U for sure! Can't even wash the smell out of his clothes. I'm wondering if there are any more risks going the pellet route? Doc, said they last 4-6 months. I've read infection but I think that is a very low risk.
Avatar f tn Estrogen is responsible for keeping our vaginal tissues healthy and strong. But we need testosterone for our sexual beings. Testosterone is responsible for getting back or not losing our sexual desire, give us the ability to lubricate and orgasm. I use bioidentical hormones of estrogen and testosterone. You do NOT have to take pills, there are other options. These come in patches, gels, creams, troches and pellets. Some women swear by creams and patches. I sweare by the pellets.
Avatar f tn Hormone Pellet Therapy will help you feel normal again! I had 1 Estadiol pellet and 2 testosterone pellets inserted. I also have Progesterone liquid I take. All are Bioidentical Hormones compounded in a pharmacy.
Avatar f tn I have tried the creams and they too just made me itch. There is more to bioidentical hormones than creams, gels and patches. They also come in pellets that are implanted by a doctor under the skin on your hip. I'm 54 with a total hysterectomy 20 years ago. I've been through the gamut of hrt. I moved to AZ and in finding a new gyn, found a doctor going through menopause. She does bioidentical hormone pellets (and has them herself). They are implanted in my hip and last 3-4 months.
Avatar f tn I get estrogen and testosterone. My delivery method is different than yours. I get pellets implanted in my hip.
Avatar n tn Bioidentical Hormone Pellets.
Avatar f tn m on thyroid med, testosterone pellets, b12 shots and vitamin d pills. I still have the fatigue, lack of appetite but weight won't go down, my stomach is always I would say bloated and the most uncommon of all is my fake forehead fever, it's there 95 percent of the time. I can feel the heat and a thermometer will say anywhere from 99 to 103 but orally I'm normal.
Avatar n tn My RE put my dh on clomid last cycle. It seemed to increase his count. I have read that it may not increase the count and that it really is for hormonal imblances. Nonetheless, I have not heard of it decreasing the count. I think you should have more tests done to look into what is going with the count as that is a drastic drop. But remember, on the bright side, it only takes 1, although I know we like to hear high #s, reality/science calls for 1. Hang in there.
Avatar f tn Thanks all if this info is so helpful. The pellets are estrogen & testosterone pellets as I had a hysterectomy & thought I needed some replacement if those. I was due to gave more placed & because I had no improvement we ordered the hormone tests. I wanted tested b4 we started but was told no. Oh well I am not going to get more pellets & just work on the thyroid/Hashi's & if we get rinse numbers right then I think those should come in line by the sounds of the above info.
Avatar n tn I made it a point to have hubby thoroughly checked out and now I know he has a low sperm count. I have heard Clomid being used on men as well as women, What do I do/?