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Avatar m tn even when i watch a porn movie i dont have those intense feelings.how should i get rid of this prolem and enjoy my life.
Avatar m tn t get sexually excited even if I watch porn movie. no morning erections at all, and I feel my penis smaller, means shrinkage. I m worried too much, I've never had sex with a girl.
Avatar n tn t have sexual fantasies any longer even when looking at a great looking woman. Hot sex scenes in a movie get my blood flowing somewhat but when the next scene rolls around I forget that I was interested a moment ago. I talked with my doctor, but it was clear he doesn't have this problem and didn't think there was any medical referral that would be useful. I'm very interested to hear what the urologist who monitors this forum has to say about these things.
Avatar n tn His body is producing extremely high testosterone for example he was tested in October 2016 and his levels were 289; tested again in December 2016 and his levels were 550. His voice is deep, full on bush down there, enlarged penis, muscle tone, size 12 shoe (my 7 year old is a size 1) weighs 45 lbs and is 3 feet and 5 inches tall. His last bone age test results which was on January 30th 2017 were "a standard 6 year old".
1139187 tn?1355706647 Despite my ACTH and my 4 24 hour urine tests, I will purchase and try the adrenal fatigue test. Which test do I buy? I know my testosterone is low so I don't need that.... Also still confused on the process results.... What do I do if they are messed up?
Avatar f tn Omg I just watched the movie "The Fault In Our Stars" uh I cried like a baby. Such a sad movie :( probably doesn't help with all my hormones lol. Have any of you ladies seen it yet?
Avatar f tn I commonly see a lot of you talking about a movie on youtube that talks about birth or something? I've heard it's really good to watch where I want to deliver naturally. What's the movie called?
Avatar f tn Last scary movie i watched was "It" and i have been scared of clowns every since. Couldnt imagine this movie!!! I saw the previews and thought oh He!! no!!!!!
Avatar f tn What is the movie that everyone says to watch about pregnancy that is on YouTube and Netflix?
Avatar m tn I saw that transexuals are having good success with testosterone therapy and are getting deeper voice. I had my testosterone tested and in a range from 241-800 I am 650. The doctor says normal. He is referring me to an endochronalogist. Can anyone offer advice or direction on treatment ?
Avatar n tn DO NOT go on a high protein low carb diet . Atkins is horrible! It causes your bad cholesterol to go way up. And you will only Lose water weight. You will also stave your body of glucose. Your average daily protein intake should be 15 to 20 percent of your total daily calories. According to the U.S. Food and Nutrition Board, the preferred form of protein is from non animal sources: beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds. They are also naturally lower in fat too.
Avatar m tn My husband and I got clean off heroin 4 years ago and it took around 6 to 7 months before his sex drive returned. Its still not what it was while we were on drugs, bit its "normal" now. It will come back, hang in there and don't get frustrated with your wife, just tell her the truth.
Avatar m tn What happens is their testicles began to shrink because the synthetic Testosterone replaces their normal level of true Testosterone. Scientists for years have declared that prison convicts become more aggressive because their Testosterone levels increase while in jail. I wish you good luck, and I hope you find the way to correct your situation.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know what that movie is? I thought it was called from the whom to the world but I cant find it..?
501205 tn?1227345442 Today in my aftercare we had to watch this movie -- It was insane. It is called "Once Were Warriors". I dont know if anyone knows about it but it is about the affects of alcohol and domestic violence on this tribal family living in New Zealand. Our counselor is from a reservation and said that the kinds of abuse shown in this movie were common where she grew up. The violence in this film is so horrific and sickening some people walked out of the room and didnt come back.
203342 tn?1328737207 I just saw The Changling last night for the first time. That was so good but so sad! It's still worth watching, though, if you all haven't seen it yet. And I know, I'm probably slow here! But, hey, I do usually wait till things are out on DVD. It's just too dang expensive to go to the theater anymore and this way we can watch in our jammies with our own popcorn! So, what have you all seen and recommend?
770551 tn?1305578901 Where I live the AYSO and a couple of the private schools have a deal with the local movie theater. You can by ticket vouchers all year long from their fundraiser dept for about $3.00 off the normal ticket price. There is no limit and no expiration date you just have to pay cash. I buy 4 at the start of each month and put them away. If we want to make a trip to the movies it is already in the budget. They are also great to have on hand as gifts to slip inside birthday or thank you cards.
Avatar f tn Well can i ask what movie was it you watched? Was it a horror? Also how old are you? Some people are much more sensitive to watching horrors or thrillers, especially if you are either young and have a good imagination or have had a somewhat sheltered life. I too have had felt some extreme emotions when watching footage of real life situations and a couple have had me in total dispair.
Avatar m tn There's a few sites where you can watch stuff for free that are good, like crackle and hulu (legal, too!!!) I actually have never partaken in the whole illegal download thing... but this recent change in how movie players work has made me so angry that I'm contemplating doing it. It is clear that many of the new "Security features" are designed to prevent access to copyrighted material that's being used wrongly.
1718855 tn?1401756839 rules, I throw out a movie quote and whoever gets it right gives out the next quote... anybody wanna play?
7618687 tn?1392666995 Hi lady's I am 6weeks 3days and I have a weird addition of watching one movie and I replay it at least 3 times a day it started sence I was 4 weeks pregnant idk if it has to do with my pregnancy has any one ever had this kind of problem
7998970 tn?1435183202 Can anyone tell me the name of this one pregnancy movie on netflix? I've read the name somewhere but already forgot, I've seen a few mommies mention it before. Or any good pregnant movies on netflix in general?