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5373017 tn?1367136199 Other than stop taking the med is there anything that can be done for this type of ED and why did it not affect me the first 12 yrs? I think dropping testosterone levels might be the cause, maybe TSH. I need help. It is odd that alot of guys in their early 20 r having ED proplems. What is causing theirs could affect us older guys too!
919239 tn?1269394658 In my experience, there is a direct correlation between Depression and Low Testosterone levels. I really recommend going to www.thehiddendisease.com to see some very imformative videos.
Avatar n tn re on three meds that are stimulating (wellbutrin, adderall, which is just plain speed, and testosterone), one to relax you (clonazepam), one to help you sleep (ambien), and one that has tons of side effects for most people and usually used for OCD (clomipramine).
590177 tn?1288425854 Sorry but not much people respond in the adrenal forum. I have adrenal fatigue and hydrocoritsone makes me dizzy even at low dose of 2mg. I take 4mg throughout the day just so that I can get out of be and go to work. Just wondering if anyone knows why this happens? is it low potassium? low blood sugar levels? I will ask my doctor to test this next time. I also get really thirsty and am getting some extra facial hairs (all these side effects are listed on the hydrocortisone leaflet).
Avatar n tn Because of the weight loss my diabetic oral meds were discontinued and my bp meds were lowered so the fat loss did improve my health. Im also schizophrenic and taking a low dose of quetiapine (seroquel) 300 MG AT 9pm daily. My endocrinologist ordered 200units injection every 2 weeks injection but my psychiatrists says No dont do it. What should I do? Ive read so many opinions online - some MDs say take the testosterone and some MDs say dont take the testosterone!
Avatar n tn I had to open this old thread because cpintarrun sounds a lot like me, and I hope you're doing well. Depression, evaluting life, etc. I'm hopeful that once my thyroid levels are back for a while, I should be back to normal. My only concern/question is around testosterone, which I have never tested. The reason I haven't tested it is that my sex drive is sky high when I go hypo, so I've always assumed that can't be an issue for me.
3249922 tn?1347023649 I am a 39 y/o male with an onset of high b.p. and low testosterone which came on around the same time. Could there be a correlation between the two and could hormone therapy help? I also wanted to know if I was to go on synthetic testosterone does that affect my ability to have kids in the future? Thank you...
Avatar n tn https://www.drugs.com/drug-class/antiandrogens.
Avatar f tn 00pm for back pain so I can sleep. Are the drugs affecting me, or is it age or what? I had my testosterone tested, and it was in the normal range, but at the low end of the scale. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Had cortisol stimulation test that was normal . Then he tested the cortisol again 8.5/8.6 (up 7 hours) and testosterone FSH 5.7 LH 4.2 Testosterone was 436, free testosterole 43.7 range 46-224. Had pituitary MRI because they were convinced He had a tumor but nothing there.
Avatar m tn I just wanted to see if low testosterone was still common. I failed to mention I am bipolar and been on many meds and also overweight. Just wanted to see if there were any males that deal with low testosterone. I already had planned on getting the test.
Avatar m tn Has anyone else had a rise in BP with testosterone? Im 36 and in decent shape, BMI is 33 and am taking BP meds. Looking for feedback or personal experiences. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Be aware, the standard lab ranges they use for testosterone are _not_ age adjusted. And most doctors dismiss low testosterone out of hand, Come back and post your testosterone levels with ranges when you get them.
1281181 tn?1271688273 Some tests she may want to have include Testosterone, Free Testosterone, DHEA-S, and Estradiol. B12 deficiency can also imact hair. Also, for Ferritin, note that it needs to be 40+ regardless of ref range; you can have low Ferritin w/ normal Iron so make sure it's Ferritin they check. If she's on meds, the meds can cause hair loss; so can the change in TSH level and being at a suboptimal TSH.
Avatar m tn Most of your symptoms appear to be due to low testosterone. Some common low testosterone symptoms are decrease in sex drive, ejaculation problems, shrinking testicle, fatigue, loss of body hair, difficulty gaining or maintaining muscle, depression, and loss of strength. With therapy there will be improvement in all these parameters with time. The cause of low testosterone has to be found out and treated.
775302 tn?1253100505 ve finally got up the nerve. Ever since I have been on a regular Regimine of pain meds I have had a severly decreased sex drive and I am unable to.... let's just say "finish with a bang" Even when I try to pleasure myself I am unable to complete the act they way I would like, and believe me.... I like!!! LOL I am really upset about this because I really like sex with my husband and he feels like he isn't satisfying me if I don't... well you know.
Avatar m tn I can only comment on one matter and that is that testosterone levels and libido are not related. Your testosterone level may be normal, or in your case high, while your libido is low. In my case my testosterone was normal yet I had low libido. A low libido can be related to several non testosterone causes, including depression (whih you mention), other medication, anxiety issues, erectile dysfunction etc. If I were you I would (in the following order): 1.
Avatar m tn BP meds can cause ED. And as for testosterone shots, that can actually cause ED, but it will give you big muscles (and small you know whats). It's treated in other ways medicinally, but it's harder if you have anxiety and BP problems. Don't know how bad your BP is, but it can be treated without meds. Might solve your problem.
Avatar m tn I am 26.5yrs old and I used steroids when I was 19 and a half till I was 22. I have had a bit testicular atrophy and I have noticed a little bit of lack of firmness and want of sex. Also energy levels have been low. My bro n law is 32 and has the same issues without the steroid use. He was prescribed to use .4cc's of testosterone cypionate once a week. I have followed in his foot steps and went to a urologist and got my testosterone checked. He said next appt.
Avatar n tn My wife and I have had a bit of trouble getting pregnant, I got my testosterone tested and it was lower then it should have been so I started testosterone shots, after a couple weeks I felt better then I have in a long long time. Had my testosterone tested again and it was way back up so I stop the shots. Few weeks later I had just eaten some pizza and got super dizzy. ever since I have had some form of dizzy or lightheadedness.
Avatar n tn you need total testosterone, free testosterone and estrogen levels checked. I was treated @ age 35 and I am now 45 and I haven't taken my meds for 2 yrs and have had alot of health issues in the last 2 yrs esp with my heart it's time to go back to the replacement therapy. I have tried them all from injections to gels to patches.I like the injections I give them myself but the do hurt like hell.
Avatar n tn I would suggest that you have your total testosterone and thyroid function checked. If your TOTAL testosterone is low, then a prolactin level, sex hormone binding globulin level and repeat total testosterone level would be indicated. Free testosterone levels are quite unreliable, so I would not obtain that. There are testosterone supplements (not pills) that can be prescribed if your levels are low. S.A.Liroff, M.D.
453025 tn?1205777979 I have been seeing a man for quite some time now, I have learned that he uses testosterone injections as well as HCG injections. I know that he as been taking testosterone injections longer than HCG. I believe taking the testosterone injections are to make his body bigger as he is a bodybuilder and the HCG I believe are to enlarge his testicles.