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Avatar m tn I was also starting on the new Nabido (testosterone) injection. I went back for a further sample in June 2010 and there was no sperm at all. My FSH level was 0. I discussed this with my consultant and he believed he could get it back and referred me to the fatility clinic.
Avatar n tn me and my fiance are trying to conceive since last December. but they had him on testosterone and is only 28. so he quit in December. he has an appointment this month to get his sperm levels checked. but his doctor said that the testosterone was such a low dose it wouldn't affect his fertility. but I'm not pregnant so there goes what she knows.....lol. just try not to stress and get him to a doctor..
Avatar f tn Because your husband was able to produce sperm in the past, there is a chance that he has some sperm in the testicles. There are different reasons that men have azospermia ( no sperm); it can be due to blockage which can sometimes be correctable by surgery, or it can be hormonal, which can sometimes be corrected with medications, or it can be hereditary which might not be correctable.
Avatar m tn I have read that a varicocele can contribute to low testosterone and a lower sperm count. As for your hubbies testosterone levels the ones that really matter are the free testosterone levels or the ones readily available for use. I have other symptoms of low testosterone too so I am working on that. I retested my blood and I am waiting on my results. Anyway good luck and do let me know. I'm curious about my options if i face the same situation.
1752752 tn?1312171958 It is possible that whatever condition your husband has could affect his sperm count, and using depo testosterone in high doses for prolonged periods of time can affect the sperm count as well. IF he does have a low count, there are lots of options for achieving pregnancy, so don't despair! Good luck!
Avatar f tn The last doctor he saw for this issue gave him injectible testosterone without telling us that is would make his sperm count really low to nothing so we lost some months there. Just feels like a never ending battle.
Avatar m tn See your doctor. Your doctor can prescribe testosterone gel for you. The gel comes in measured doses that you rub on to your body (not the genitals). I am not sure if the testosterone has anything to do with the sperm count. You need to discuss your options with your doctor.
Avatar m tn I would recommend repeating the level--in at least 3 days. We never make a diagnosis based upon one sperm count because they tend to fluctuate so much. So, yes, your counts will probably return to your normal baseline. Don't smoke cigarettes or marijuana, take a multivitamin with vitamin C and zinc and stay out of hot tubs. Also, for your benefit--if IUI hasn't worked after 6 tries, it is probably time to consider an alternative such as IVF. Good luck!
Avatar m tn My GP did not say anything regarding my testosterone level... he said as well as other doctors... that my sperm is not bad and I am VERY capable of getting someone pregnant. I am hoping someone in this forum can answer my question regarding the correlation between this surgery and testosterone level. Currently, I have cancelled my surgery... I am convinced that the surgeon sees me as his next paycheck. You know what they say about surgeons... they like to cut.
Avatar m tn A lower prolactin will cause an increase in testosterone, which can lead to increase sperm production.Clomiphene is known to increase gonadotropin secretion, which, in turn, may stimulate testosterone release and improve sperm output. Hormone values need to be monitored while on this medication and one should not stop the drug unless advised. Whether these two drugs can be taken together or not depends on your medical condition and indication of use of these drugs.
5033762 tn?1370785022 I think it might be less than that. can someone please help me or tell me if that affects his sperm count in anyway? his doctor said it doesn't. but all the pages on the internet says it does.
282812 tn?1225110981 Varicoceles are very common in men and do not always effect testosterone or sperm count. There are different stages of varicocele did someone tell you that is why his count is low? Has he had a complete test of all his hormones? If not the clomid may not help at all. The cause of the problem needs to be treated if you do not know the cause for sure then you can't actually treat it. I am amazed how many men dealing with fertility issues only see a doctor or a urologist it is crazy.
Avatar m tn Well I think you should also take blood tests for FSH, LH and Testosterone and perhaps repeat prolactin again in a few months time. If you know that you produced sperm at some point in your lifetime, then probably you will be able to produce sperm again once the medication takes full effect and prolactin is stabilized. However, FSH is the best test you can take because then you will know whether your testicles are working or not.
Avatar m tn tell me why i have no spem coming out i had a op on my bowel and they took a cut a ft of my bowel and before the op i had sperm now i dont This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/335282'>NO SPERM</a>.
Avatar m tn If you treat someone who has a low sperm count with a mass dose of testosterone what would be the result and why?
1006003 tn?1256227415 Testosterone shots fixed him up, but ironically, taking testosterone this way decreases fertility (sperm development depends on a concentrated local supply of testosterone in the testes, so if you take shots, that local production decreases and sperm production is shut down). Incidentally, the investigations revealed a sperm count below one million, even before he began the shots.
4548024 tn?1590005019 MY husband and myself have been trying to have a baby for 4 yrs,my husband is on methadone but has been clean for 5yrs, the methadone has taken all of his testosterone from his body so he started testosterone injections it killed ALL of his sperm , he didn`t even have dead ones on the slide, so he stopped the testosterone about a year ago, over the year his sperm count slowly went up, after 6 months it was 57 percent and now after a year it is 83 percent, but now my hubby has no energy and no se
Avatar m tn Hi Adons, Google this, how to incress sperm count naturally, you will find the first two answers intressing, lots of info.
Avatar m tn Hi, I just got my exams an endocrinologist sent me, in them I have low testosterone I have 1.2 when the minimum is 2.7 if I am not mistaken, the thing is I guess now I will be patient a hormone replacement therapy for increase my testosterone and let me know what to expect, experiences or something that can help me with this new experience , thanks.
Avatar f tn Hi!My brother noticed in 2009 that he has a very low testosterone level and his testicles are shrinking. It has been proved by a few doctors, he gets testosterone injection as often as it needs (controlled by doctor), but without results. His testosterone level a little bit better,but it is always drop back and his testicles are continuously shrinking and he is in depressive mood very often. These doctors don`t know the causes. Where can we find the answere, is there any hope?
Avatar n tn I had my blood work done everything was normal accept my testosterone was elevated a little.My Gyn said she can not diagnose me with pcos but she cant rule it out. I also had a ultrasound done last month to look at my ovaries and everything was good and they saw a mature follice in my ovarie so i was getting ready to ovulate. So i dont no if i have pcos or not my Dr. wants me to see a fertilty Dr.Do u think elevated testosterone levels be the reason i cant get pregnant?
Avatar m tn also, i didnt have real sperm until 16 (it was just clear water) and even now, there is actual sperm only in first 2 shots, the rest is still clear. Sorry for my bad expressions.
Avatar m tn It is important that you visit a good fertility clinic and get more detailed testing done. There could be more than just varicocele, like a block in the sperm ducts, some issues with the testicular development etc. Probably you need to do one more SA to validate the present test. I am sure you would be able to get a proper solution from a fertility clinic and hope that your fertility problem if any would be cured early.