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Avatar m tn do you actually ejaculate before really doing anything? Or is it just per-seminal fluid? All men will start with per-seminal fluid when getting aroused.
Avatar n tn About 2 weeks ago, I was in a steamroom at a hotel (in a gay friendly town), and a guy came in and began masturbating himself right next to me. He reached over and, with the same hand I think, he grabbed my balls and stroked me for about 10 seconds (I wasn't fully erect because I was scared and also not interested). I told him to stop, I left and showered. Before I left he told me he was an 'aggressive/magnetic' (can't remember which one) bottom if I change my mind.
Avatar m tn Just one more question guys. I kissed his penis with pre seminal fluid, and than we kissed each other again. A about 1-2 hours later, my mouth and my lips had dried, and I don't had washed my mouth/lips. When my mouth/lips dried, some cuts apear in my lips, and then I went to bathroom to wash my face, and I felt some pain in the cuts, but I did not feel any taste of blood. I didn't kissed the open part of penis, you know? I kissed next to the open part.
Avatar f tn However, the cuse of losing a baby does not come down to whether seminal fluid stays in or out. When you lose a baby, it can be many things. Losing a baby can be the cause of an abnormality in the foetus, weakened cervix, medications, placental problems, infections, illnesses in the mother, e.g. diabetes, or high blood pressure, womb structures, etc. There's a lot that can go wrong, but it's not down to the seminal fluid. That did it's job correctly.
Avatar m tn When I finished the ejaculation, I saw the seminal fluid in the condom. But a terrible things happened!When I picked off the condom, I found there was a little hole on the condom!!! The seminal fluid was running out slow! The size of the hole was like a mung bean. The distance between the hole and the top of condom was 2-3 cm. The condom was supplied by the sex worker. It was low-quality and cheap. I don’t know when the hole was there. Maybe it was there before we used the condom.
Avatar n tn Most of the seminal fluid is produced in the prostate, so a problem there could decrease the amount. An infection, or BPH (enlargement due to aging), blocked ducts due to inactivity, or frequent ejaculation not allowing for recovery time. Also, lack of excitement and enthusiasm can result in a less than spectacular release.
Avatar n tn What if the HIV in his pre-seminal fluid came in contact with my own pre-seminal fluid? What if the virus have entered the opening of my penis to my urethra? Is it even possible? Is there a need for me to get an HIV test? I'm sorry. I know I'm so paranoid.
Avatar m tn And, he says that his post-vasectomy seminal emissions are noticeably different, in that... it appears to have lessened or diminished in volume... and appears to have a clearer and more fluid viscosity. Other than that, there has been no noticeable or significant changes. He is able to ejaculate, as before.
Avatar n tn Could you get pregnant...yes. Pre-seminal fluid would have been ejaculated from the guy and would have been inside of you. Pulling out is not a method of birth control. The chance is very low but possible.
Avatar m tn As we know HIV virus could breed well in seminal fluid, and I am afraid that the tiny bit of vaginal discharge may contain some HIV viruses, which became large amount after breeding in seminal fluid for half an hour, and I have been worried about being infected. Please educate me. Thanks a lot.
Avatar n tn Blood in semen or hematospermia can be due to several causes like benign or malignant tumors of the prostate, bladder, testes, or seminal vesicles, infections like chlamydia, herpes, cytomegalovirus, and trichomoniasis, prostatitis, epididymitis, or urethritis, stone in the seminal vesicles or prostate, polyps in the urethra, obstructions in ejaculation-duct, and cancers of genitourinary system. Get a culture sensitivity test for both semen and urine done.
Avatar n tn For a few weeks now I have had discolored seminal fluid. At first it was a pinkish brown in color and I understood this to be most likely blood, but nothing to worry about. More recently the color has become more brown and also spotty. By "spotty" I mean distinct specs of darker material. Specs are small and light brown or tan in color. I have also ejaculated larger (2-3mm) very dark specs. I am 28 years hold and have not suffered any physical injury to the area.
Avatar m tn Hi am trying for a child with my partner and i am experiencing seminal fluid leakage when aroused and after ejaculation. The fluid is clear and does not contain semen, the more aroused my partner gets me the heavier it leaks. It drips out of me like an elephant on heat. I am not suffering from premature ejaculation and when i do ejaculate there is a lot of sperm in the fluid . Why am i leaking so much?
Avatar m tn What about these 1st blood in seminal fluid and then these brown colored clots in seminal fluid
Avatar f tn t mention, this is unlikely). The risk from seminal fluid on you lip is in the range of oral sex, or perhaps a little bit lower. On average, with oral sex the chance of getting HIV from an infected paartner is less than 1 in 10,000. For you, if anything it would be a bit lower. This average figure includes people with chapped lips, bleeding gums and dental disease. I would not be terribly concerned.
Avatar f tn where at some point a couple of times my pre seminal fluid into his mouth pulling it out from my glans .. he took my fear is that touched his hand a little its pre seminal fluid and then I touched my glans .. or the fact that it took her mouth! ?? .. Not ejaculate there was no oral or anal sex only what I tell them. It will have lasted about 20 min nothing else!
Avatar n tn what is the likelihood of the transmission of the hiv virus if pre-seminal fluid (pre-***) enters a) a cut b) anus/genitals and c) a healing body piercing with scar tissue?
Avatar f tn About two years ago a boyfriend got seminal fluid on my upper thigh just outside my underwear, so very close to my genitals. Im worried if somehow the seminal fluid got through a gap in my underwear (i realize std's cannot travel through clothing) and onto my genital area, am i at risk for an std?
Avatar n tn t get HIV from that), however, I am concerned that the pre-seminal fluid has come in contact with my vagina and could potentially infect me. My questions are: How long does the HIV virus live outside of the body? and How much pre-seminal fluid does the penis continue to release during sex? During my scenes, before having intercourse, they start off with me performing oral sex on the male performer. Most of the time, I see the pre-seminal fluid and I swallow it.
Avatar f tn For pregnancy to occur, you need an amount of seminal fluid surrounding the live semen that allow the semen to swim to the egg. So no, a tiny amount of dried semen won't get you pregnant. Any sperm that might have still been living on the hand won't be able to survive inside the woman's body without seminal fluid.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 18 years old. Bisexual, and a hypochondriac. A couple of days ago, I met a guy and I touched his penis using his t-shirt. He also played the head of my penis full of my own pre-seminal fluid. The problem is, I'm not sure whether he has some of his own pre-seminal fluid on his hands. What kind of STD's can I get from this act? So far, it's been 2 weeks and I don't experience any symptom of STD.. Should I still be worried? HELP! I'm really scared!
737715 tn?1347791040 It's normal for seminal fluid to come back out over several hours to a day or so later. It's possible you are also seeing cervical mucus if you are around ovulation, however if it's every time after having sex I would assume it's seminal fluid. What you are describing shouldn't have any negative affect on your ability to conceive.
Avatar n tn The sperm that are present in the semen are actually produced in the testes and then travel to the prostate where they are nourished in the seminal fluid before they are ejaculated. The main content of semen is this nourishing fluid or seminal fluid. Ejaculation 1-2 times a week should be within the capacity of the prostate gland to produce fluid. However, it is better that there is at least a gap of a few hours before you ejaculate for a second time.
Avatar m tn t suck any pre seminal fluid, neither kissed pre seminal fluid. But when a drop of pre seminal fluid came out, he spread through his glans, and a kissed in the place where glans ends and foreskin begins. And at the time I kissed, his glans are dry, and I passed a little of saliva. But my lips touched his penis. My anxiety passed a little, and lot's of symptoms gone, and I really feeling better, but everything happend last saturday, and it's very hard to forget it and move on.
Avatar n tn Hi, Last night I almost had a wet dream (I haven't released in a 1 1/2 months. I'm trying to abstain.). Later this afternoon, I noticed what looked like seminal fluid? (a little globby) coming out with my urine. What concerns me a little is that I noticed this on the third time I went to the bathroom. Is this normal or could this have been something else? Note that I have had a vasectomy if that matters or not.
Avatar f tn hiv is also present in pre-seminal fluid. if you had unprotected sex...you need to test!
Avatar m tn His penis was uncircumcised, and had seminal fluid on the tip. I touched the tip to my lips, but did not put it into my mouth. Seminal fluid was on my lips, I wiped it off with my shirt, and I don't think any of it got into my mouth. The encounter was very brief, but the health of the man is unknown. I am worried that I may have contracted something. 1. Do I have anything to worry about? 2. Should I get tested? 3. What is the timeline for symptoms if infected with anything?
1601564 tn?1297794542 It is unlikely, since it was your finger, and you say there was no seminal fluid, I doubt it. She can buy a pregnancy test to find out however if she misses a period.