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Avatar n tn I’m 50 and for my age I would say I’m in pretty good shape. I have 2 thing that are bothering me one is that I’m tiered all the time, I have to take a nap at lunch and I can fall a sleep while in my car at a red light. the other thing that bothers me is when I’m with my wife and I get erect I may loose that erection before we have intercourse. I know I’m getting older but I would like to think that I’m not to old at the age of 50 to still live life.
Avatar n tn I've heard (and read) that some can. I'm reasonably certain that some can't. Sometime around 45-50 years old the level of testosterone in the blood starts to decrease. By the time a man is 90 it is likely his testerone level is so low that he not only can't get enough of an erection to masturbate but he loses interest in sex and doesn't feel the need to.
Avatar m tn Men maintain their highest levels of this hormone in their early 20s. By age 50 there is a 50% drop in DHEA, and by age 60 a man possesses only one-third the level he had as a young man. Because DHEA has so many beneficial effects of its own, everyone over age 50 should have a DHEA blood level exam done at some point. If the level is low, you should supplement with 10 mg. of DHEA and get tested again in about three weeks. If it is still low, increase the dose by another 10 mg.
Avatar m tn Just like women lose estrogen with age, men lose testosterone which leads to osteoporosis in both sexes. Take care!
Avatar m tn s important to note that libido wanes with age - way faster than the sex industry would like you to know. About 50% of men at age 60 are no longer interested in sex. 30% at 55. It's just the way it is. Studies so far, show no relation between T level and libido in the majority of men that age. But, those studies are incomplete. The T levels those men had at age 30 or 40 are largely unknown.
Avatar n tn I'd like to know what my blood test results may mean. I've taking diet pills (ephedrine/caffeine) for a few years. In last year my endurance has decline. About 8 months ago I started noticing Fatigue, memory problems, body aches and problems maintaining erections. I started taking pregnenolone and 7-keto DHEA thinking it would increase testosterone. I finally went to my doctor 2 1/2 months ago. He ordered blood tests.
Avatar m tn I'm in my late 50's. I'm in very good shape. I run 5K races and often take 1st place for my age group. I play ice hockey three days per week in the winter when not running road races. Until just three or four years ago, I was able to have sex 6 to 7 day per week. Sometimes twice a day. Then I dropped to 3 to 4 times per week.
Avatar f tn A problem is, testosterone varies a whole lot in both men and women, by the day, hour, week, etc. and even more in women than men, so the only true way to know if you had abnormally low levels would have been to test you a lot, not just twice. You did have the same levels twice, so it might be a problem. A question would be, how's your sexual desire? How's your stamina? How's your ability to build muscle? How's your energy levels?
Avatar f tn Long term pain management with opiates cause sexual dysfunction of 50% of all patients, both men and women. It causes testosterone deficiencies in both men and women, which is called hypogonadism. Docs are supposed to monitor testosterone levels, but seldom do because the topic just doesn't come up in the Doctors office. It's not just men that need to worry either, in fact it's of critical importance to women. Check it out, there's a lot more to read: pain-topics.
Avatar n tn Because DHEA has so many beneficial effects of its own, everyone over age 50 should have a DHEA blood level exam done at some point. If the level is low, you should supplement with 10 mg. of DHEA and get tested again in about three weeks. If it is still low, increase the dose by another 10 mg. and get tested again. Once it is back in the normal range, stop there since excessive use of higher doses can lead to problems.
Avatar m tn 6) Masturbation is a problem in many marriages. Men that get used to masturbating may find that easier and more gratifying that the act of intercourse. If a man get's used to a gripping motion, as oppose to vaginal sex, obviously the gripping motion can be held tighter on their person, If that's what he's used to, it might be that regular sex is not as satisfying. As i said, there are many reasons, not all of them here.
Avatar m tn I'm 24 and used to be an outgoing, energetic and happy person. My wife now says to me, "You aren't the same person I married!". I'm depressed, I'm fatigued, I have next to no libido at all (Which is what is hurting our marriage), weight gain, worsening gynocomastia, extreme irritability and I desperately want to feel better. I haven't felt normal for almost 2 years and my irritability is sooo difficult to control.
737515 tn?1252552423 I know that all men suffer a decrease in testosterone starting in their 30's, but again that isn't connected to a reaction that starts only when you go on an antidepressant. Having low testosterone, a disease state, is probably not very common overall, but yeah, we do get lower as we age. But for all I now it's more of a nitric oxide problem, which is much more responsible for performance than testosterone is.
Avatar m tn A 1999 study examined how the effects of heavy resistance training in both young (23 to 35 years old) and older (58 to 65 years old) men affected their testosterone levels.20 Both groups saw a statistically significant increase in testosterone levels after exercise. A more recent study published in 2001 also showed that strength training in middle-aged (44 to 48 years old) men increased levels of free testosterone.21 2. Protein combats SHBG, helps maintain optimal testosterone levels.
Avatar m tn Have you had your testosterone checked? Men go thru andropause just as women go thru menopause. Your testosterone drops and you need to get injections to rectify the problem, my husband has been on them for years. It can cause many problems including brittle bones.
Avatar m tn Could you list your lab ranges for testosterone and prolactin. In general, blood prolactin above 200 ng/ml almost always is diagnostic of a true prolactinoma. High prolacin lowers testosterone. And if your testosterone is also measured in ng/dL that is so low it's ridiculous! Research shows over 95% of euthyroid patients with no thyroid symptoms has a TSH under 2.5mU/L. TSH is of no value with conditions that do not affect the thyroid such as central hypothyroidism and cellular resistance.
135456 tn?1301437624 Also, doe anyone know if replacement testosterone therapy bring ones own natural levels into balance over time? Thanks guys.
1139187 tn?1355706647 I was just curious to know if any of the guys in the group have testosterone issues and are you currently under treatment for this as well?
Avatar n tn So over in the UK , there is no Free and total testosterone? In that case your level is very low. Its in range but very low. I would find a good urologist or testosterone person over there and explore the possibilities of testosterone replacement therapy. Even if your thyroid levels are low, the testosterone being raised will add to your libido, your energy level, and possibly aid with other issues as well.
Avatar m tn Testosterone Therapy May Increase Mortality, The study, published in JAMA, noted that “a recent randomized clinical trial of testosterone therapy in men with a high prevalence of cardiovascular diseases was stopped prematurely due to adverse cardiovascular events.
Avatar m tn Does under active thyroid causes to decrease testosterone in men. What is the exact relation with thyroid and testosterone. I could not able to get concrete explanation over internet. Does anyone treated for elevated TSH and low T with levothyroxine?
Avatar m tn Elevated levels of estrogen in men cause them to take on more feminine characteristics. In fact, when estrogen levels in men are higher than they should be, it can bring about a whole slew of unwanted and potentially dangerous side effects. Enlarged breasts are one of the first and most noticeable side effects to appear in men when estrogen levels are elevated. This is known as gynecomastia and a few other names in the gym too.
Avatar f tn Why do men wake up erect and ready to go? When I wake up in the morning, sex is the last thing I am thinking about but my BF always wants a little action. I don't mind it but it takes me a while to get excited and he doesn't seem to need anything to get in the mood. Just wake up and ready to go. He is very considerate and good at it so it's nice. He is 51 and I'm 48 but we both look younger than our age. Neither have children so no stress there. Anyone have any ideas?