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Avatar m tn Certain STDs are more common amongst homosexuals than heterosexuals. If you've both been tested and are in a committed monogamous relationship then you shouldn't need to worry about STDs/HIV. I would still always suggest using protection when it comes to anal sex though to stop the spread of none STD related bacteria. Try looking at www.****.com to see your risk with regards to anal sex etc.
Avatar m tn i just see so many people who hate homosexuals. i diddent choose to be this way. i cant just say * the world because i see a promise in every person, but there are so many poeple who hate my kind. it seems like im whining but when you see people with signs that say god hates you, you are disgusting, you are undermining social fabric, i just want to cry and drink to forget it, or just sleep, where nobody can do that. i dont know. i need some help. does anyone have any resources.
Avatar n tn I'd like to know what my blood test results may mean. I've taking diet pills (ephedrine/caffeine) for a few years. In last year my endurance has decline. About 8 months ago I started noticing Fatigue, memory problems, body aches and problems maintaining erections. I started taking pregnenolone and 7-keto DHEA thinking it would increase testosterone. I finally went to my doctor 2 1/2 months ago. He ordered blood tests.
Avatar n tn Why would it matter if homosexuals went there? Do you think all homosexuals have HIV? Do you think no heterosexuals have it?
Avatar m tn ve heard of people doing some pretty nasty things, but this is definitely in the top 5...So, the question...If two people partake in this activity...Do they say they had "lunch" together?!? (Or would it be called "eating out"?
1139187 tn?1355706647 I was just curious to know if any of the guys in the group have testosterone issues and are you currently under treatment for this as well?
Avatar m tn Hello, Microscopic hematuria can be due to urinary tract (bladder) infection, swelling in the filtering system of the kidneys, stone in bladder or in a kidney, blood disease, like sickle cell anemia, certain medicines and tumors in the urinary tract. Also the causes of low testosterone can be primary, secondary or tertiary and all the causes need to be ruled out.
Avatar m tn experiences mainly when I was 9-12, which is the time I started puberty. I never really LIKED guys in that way, but a lot of my experience says otherwise (I have written them after each question) PLEASE answer the QUESTIONS! I can't stress this enough ANSWER the questions with proof/evidence not stupid BS theories 1) Do latent bisexuals exist? I know sigmund frued said latent homosexuals exist, but does it work for bisexuals.
Avatar m tn It seemed to me that the low testosterone was a contributing factor and maybe starting testosterone therapy it would give me the boost to start exercising and eat better. The doctor stated a second testosterone was necessary to validate the low level and that the insurance companies would not also a prescription without a second low testosterone confirmation. The doctor ordered a second testosterone level along with prolactin and LH.
Avatar n tn I must say that i live in a country with very very low rate of hiv, less than 0.001 of the population ( out of 7,500,000 people, less than 6000 are infected, mainly iv drug users, homosexuals and africans). Thanks! I live in country where less than 0.001 of the population are infected (out of 7,500,000 people, there are less than 6000 people, mainly iv drug users, homosexuals and african).
Avatar f tn Since the tumors are not showing up readily, is there a test that would better pinpoint them to allow removal of only part of the ovary perhaps? Is appearance of tumors secreting testosterone in both ovaries simultaneously illogical in any way? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Recently, I was diagnosed with low testosterone (Total and Free = 289 with range 250-1100 and % free testosterone = 1.35 with range 1.5 - 2.2). I realize that low testosterone can play a factor in decreased sexual urges or libido, but can the converse be true? That is, can a dull relationship (sexually speaking) actually cause your testosterone to diminish? Thank you!
Avatar n tn After vericocelle (left) stifness in the erection of penis is very low i ejuculate early... and with low stifness.. i m 27..i also feel a lots of weakness..any one can guide??
Avatar m tn However, It has not been definitively established that the decline in testosterone seen in most aging men results in an androgen deficient state with health-related outcomes that can be improved by testosterone therapy. Hence, I’ll not recommend the same. Still, it’s good to consult an endocrinologist for the same and seek an opinion. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
Avatar m tn but turning down my wife or not being in the mood has gotten real old. I had my testosterone tested 2007 total was 297..my doctor did nothing. 2010 I have a New doctor now my test is total 453 free 11.6 My new primary doctor and I agree optimim total should be 800 free 18.0 Doc says my testicles have atrophied a bit. I have a PSA of 2.
Avatar m tn Measurement of free T is also needed, as in your case SHBG,count would be low, which in turn could increase both free and bio-available T levels. Again, low SHBG and insulin resistance are implied, so that you could be a candidate for type II diabetes, which could affect T levels, so that better to check the blood sugar levels also, especially since you started getting problems of late only.
Avatar m tn The thing with hormones that docs seem to fail to remember from their training - is that they work in feedback loops. So if testosterone is low, other things are working overtime high to make up for it or not functioning at all - so the loop is broken. And since the androgen can come form the pit or the adrenals, they need to test you well. If you are low, and just replacing to the point of feeling better, your side effects should be reduced - talk to your doc or pharmacist about your risks.
Avatar f tn My question is if ah continues to abuse pills and his tolerance continues to grow would he also have to keep going up in dose on whatever the dr prescribes for this? Do testosterone levels go down in connection with the amount and strenght of opiates used? IE, vicodin causes it to lower a bit so they just dont think about sex, percocets cause it to lower more to the point they have trouble getting aroused and then oxy's just wipe the T level and the sex drive out?
Avatar n tn The normal range of testosterone in males is 300 -1,000 ng/dL and in females it is 15 - 70 ng/dL.The normal ranges vary among laboratories. Few labs may use different measurements or test different specimens. It is best to talk to your doctor about the interpretation of test results. Write to me again with more queries. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar m tn The injection is given deep intra-muscular and is quite often painful. The injection results in very high circulating concentrations of testosterone for several days after administration, with a progressive fall to normal or sub-normal concentrations over the succeeding 2-3 weeks. Due to excess and deficiency of testosterone in a fall and rise kind of pattern irreversible side-effects are very common. That is why they are usually not preferred.
Avatar m tn Can sewing needle pass hiv? i stepped on one in a hotel. It was in San Francisco about 1 month ago. I stepped on it twice. the first time it didnt pierce or anything, soo i didnt really pay attention to it. soo i went to sleep. about 7 hours later i woke up. and i stepped on it again. This time it poked inside my skin. there was VERY little blood. Like less then a drop? Well it bleed because i squeezed it. and the needle was like planted on the floor. like someone wanted someone to step on it.
Avatar n tn ) and anyway, when I went to replace my estrogen to keep my bones in shape, I managed to make only... testosterone! Since I am a woman (I think...), this was not happy... so it took a bit of playing around by my endo to get my levels up but now I have low T. Anyway, my point is that you need both, you need a decent level, you need it for bones, you need it for overall mood and for a lot of things.