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865758 tn?1285952904 When my endo doc ran the TPO antibody test he also checked my testosterone levels and they have come back high. Does the thyroid cause all these other imbalances as well? My endo suggested peri menopause because of the Hashimoto's and I have all the symptoms but afraid that it is just the thyroid messing everything up. He talked about possible estrogen replacement but I don't want to go there if not necessary.
643867 tn?1225298753 A few months later I had horrible burn out, no cortisol output, and felt so miserable I quit my job. In June a doctor put me on a cream with 100 to 200 mg of progesterone, 2.5 mg testosterone, and 5 mg DHEA. At first I felt great, lost weight again, had 8 days without fluid retention, etc. AFter about 2.5 months I started going the opposite direction - 14 days of fluid retention, couldn't sleep, irritable, etc.
Avatar m tn Are these symptoms all related to harmone imbalance?. I tested for testosterone level 5years back and it seemed normal. what is wrong with me?. Please help me out guys.
Avatar m tn Regarding inositol, I know that it often is used to help with insulin sensitivity and hormonal imbalance, two issues that plague many PCOS sufferers. Since acne can be caused by an excess of free testosterone, this may be why inositol was prescribed -- to reduce the free testosterone. I'm not sure if your free testosterone has ever been tested but I don't think it usually is part of any routine labs.
Avatar f tn //www.drtammysprojectfabulous.com/_blog/Project_Fabulous_Blog/post/Women_and_Testosterone/ However lets not forget the importance of exercise and hormones. http://www.fitsugar.com/Hormones-Released-After-Working-Out-19252431 You can try some of my exercises for free here: http://www.youtube.
Avatar m tn It sounds like you have have a testosterone imbalance. Check with your doc - it's a simple test and you can begin taking testosterone if that's what the problem is. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn my tests Testosterone 4.27 ng/ML ref. range 0.084-0.481 DHEAS 1000 ug/dL ref. range 44-332 Cortisol AM 661.9 nmol/L ref. range 166-507 Cortisol PM 495.5 nmol/L ref. range 73.8-291 SHBG 36 nmol/L the DHEAS and testosterone are way high and now we are very concerned that a tumor might exist causing this . Please advise on this if any experience to the above or as to similar cases .
17698157 tn?1459229144 MY Harmones are Imbalance FSH,LH(are very highy like range of above 22.0) Testosterone(is very low like 2.9) no sperm count (means 0) .... my testicles size shrinks and small not functionaing properly what is the solution for me ???
Avatar m tn 1- Free Testosterone 10 pg/ml (scale 10-40) 2- PSA (total) 2.9 ng/ml (scale up to 3) 3- FSH 1.7 mlU/ml (scale 0.7-11.1) 4- Estradiol 54 pg/ml (scale 0-56) 5- PRL 26.5 ng/ml (scale 5.18-26.53) 6- TSH 3.28 mlU/ml (scale 0.3-3.
Avatar m tn My endocrinologist ordered some tests and found that my testosterone was 250. That is really really low. It has hovered at around that level for about a year. A healthy person my age should have a total testosterone of between 700-1000. I don't know what my normal T levels were before but they must have been much higher than 250. It must have something to do with all the cycling I do. The Ed came on suddenly.
535882 tn?1396576685 Usually, high testosterone is associated with anxiety, but any hormonal imbalance can leave a person feeling anxious. Remember, if you have insufficient testosterone, you will be overly passive, less confident, more insecure, and therefore possibly anxious. But I have no idea what that number you quote means, so hopefully the doctor will be more informed. What I do know is that one isolated test doesn't tell you what your hormone levels are.
Avatar n tn I have been going through a very similar situation and recently came across some information about chronic blepharitis and low testosterone levels. (Yes, even women need a certain level of testosterone.) It would make sense in your case that the pregnancy/difficult labor could worsen hormone imbalance, as could other stressful situations. Have you ever had your hormone levels checked, including testosterone? If not, do it! Mine, like so many other women, was totally in the toilet.
Avatar m tn m not considering testosterone treatment for my baby but I know that an imbalance of hormones can effect the body in many ways, not just sexuality. My dog seemed healthy when I was feeding him standard store bought dog food. When I changed over to a high quality organic dog food I was simply looking out for him in the long run. It's the same kind of thinking with hormone levels. Im just looking out for him.
Avatar m tn Have you had your testosterone checked? Men go thru andropause just as women go thru menopause. Your testosterone drops and you need to get injections to rectify the problem, my husband has been on them for years. It can cause many problems including brittle bones.
Avatar m tn ve been wondering if whether or not as a younger child in early puberty I had a little bit of a hormonal imbalance. I seem to have wider hips than most males and bonafide breast nub development. I was wondering if this is a concern for me presently because I was thinking of getting cosmetic gynecomastia-correcting surgery at some point, but I don't want any reason for my body to grow them back. I have pictures that I will gladly PM. Thank you!
Avatar n tn Not sure what the cause of the facial hair is as ovarian cysts do not themselves cause facial hair unless they are the type that secretes testosterone (very rare). If you have polycystic ovary syndrome than an imbalance of hormones can lead to increased facial hair. If that is the case the best solution is birth control pills to balance out your hormones. If you have a testosterone secreting ovarian tumor than this needs to be removed surgically.
Avatar m tn I would see your physician, ask him/her to run some hormonal tests that check testosterone, estrogen and progesterone, also DHEA. A hormone imbalance can cause all kinds of trouble.
393685 tn?1425812522 I wish my hair on my head would grow as fast as these!!!! I suspected hormone imbalance but can not get anyone to move on this. I suppose a few gray hairs on my chin is not as important as the other stuff I am having - but gosh -- I bet I have to shave more than AR-10. Thoughts? Maybe join the circus? Where's my twezzer???
Avatar n tn He has a large amount of facial hair so I am not sure what is going on whether it be a low testosterone level or what? He is concerned and has come to me and his dad, as I am also an RN. He is not on any medications and does work out as well. What would you suggest? What do you think some of the possibilities are that is causing this?
Avatar n tn Hello, Causes of post menopausal bleeding could be ovarian cyst fibroids and endometriosis, diseases of pituitary gland, hormonal imbalance of estrogen and progesterone, thyroid hormone imbalance, malignancies and diabetes. Your sister’s doctor may consider tests like blood sugar levels, thyroid function test, prolactin, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSA), estrogen, and testosterone.
7843530 tn?1395009668 So my problems with ovulation might actually be a testosterone imbalance? I was expecting to hear that I had too much estrogen, not too much testosterone! Are there herbal supplements or vitamins that encourage a decrease in testosterone? I don't have insurance so beyond what the walk-in clinic already told me, I'm kind of on my own in terms of trying to fix this. I'd appreciate any further feedback--I'm really tired of skipping periods for no apparent reason!
Avatar f tn I'm starting to think my issues are more hormonal in nature and not thyroid.. My doc told me last time that even tho my TSH was a little high (11) and my FT4 was normal 1.2 (0.7 - 1.4) that she doesn't feel my symptoms are thyroid related.
Avatar n tn The Endo Doc even told me that giving me additional testosterone would not solve my problem because my free testosterone levels and related tests are in normal ranges. They both said I am pretty much out of luck with my problem. I have tried viagra, levitra, etc.. but do not like the side effects they have on me. I do not believe a healthy 25 year old male should have these problems and I know my wife is starting to blame herself for it. Do the Doctors opinions make sense?
Avatar f tn Other causes could be polycystic ovarian syndrome, diseases of pituitary gland, hormonal imbalance of estrogen and progesterone and uterine abnormalities like fibroid and cervical dysplasia. Your doctor may consider tests like serum HCG, blood sugar levels, thyroid function test, prolactin, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSA), estrogen, and testosterone.
Avatar f tn i'm 45 still have ovaries....partial hyster......what is normal estrogen for someone my age...i have facial hairs my testerone was 45...my estogen was 197...i'm also on syntriod 50 mg for hashimotos...tsh 1.97.........i clinch my teeth i think due to hormone imbalance...an don't sleep well what should blood work be at my age...look like i showed no menapause showed still ovulate so what do you think the problem is....did have small cyst at one time they seem to come an go...dr....