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Avatar m tn Ive been doing some research to find out that most likely the cause to my concerns are low testosterone/inbalanced hormones. Ive been looking for some type of supplements but im afraid i buy something that wont work as ive already wasted hundreds buying multiple step products that dont work, is there anyone who have similar related problems? Is there any type of pills that worked for you? If so let me know what works best on your experience.
Avatar n tn i am very lethargic physicaly. so i got my testosterone tested here are hte reults plz comment on it. i will go to urologist next friday. (its immuno tech ) dont know what exactly this word at top of the report mean. LH IU/L normal range:(.5-10) mine is 6.7 FSH IU/L normal range is (1.3-11.5) mine is 4.5 Testosterone (ήg/ml) normal range is (2.6-11) [(ήg/ml)] mine is 3.6 [(ήg/ml)] is my testo level low ? i have never gone for this test. this is my first testo test.
Avatar f tn So after 5 years of trying to get pregnant they finally found out that I have high testosterone for a woman my age (24) which is causing me to not make it through the first 2-3 months of pregnancy. I was told to go to a grocery store by my doctors to get a vitamin to get this testosterone under control. What products work?
Avatar n tn Ive read so many opinions online - some MDs say take the testosterone and some MDs say dont take the testosterone! Also I see so many testosterone supplements saying take ours - Have increased energy - high sex drive - stonger erections - increased muscle mass - more energy for $80 a month sold at GNC and other health stores. . My endocrinologist said absolutely forget that hype from GNC.
Avatar m tn 2) TESTOSTERONE, FREE AND TOTAL Testosterone, Serum 274 Low ng/dL (280-1000) Free TEstosterone (Direct) 8.4 Low pg/mL (9.3-26.5) FSH and LH LH 5.4 mIU/mL (1.7-8.6) FSH 5.1 mIU/mL (1.5-12.4) PROLACTIN 7.3 ng/mL (4.0-15.2) PROSTATE-SPECIFIC AG, SERUM 1.6 ng/mL (0.0-4.0) GLUCOSE, SERUM 93 mg/dL (65-99) HEPATIC FUNCTION PANEL (7) Protein, Total, Serum 7.2 g/dL (6.0-8.5) Albumin, Serum 4.5 g/dL (3.5-5.5) Bilirubin, Total 0.4 mg/dL (0.0-1.2) Bilirubin, Direct 0.13 mg/dL (0.00-0.
Avatar m tn To the point where its difficult for me to make my girlfriend happy without using a kind of Viagra like pill I got from GNC. The thing I take works really well but I really don't want to have to take it anymore. I AM 20 YEARS OLD, WHY DOES THAT HAPPEN? And my girlfriend is hot, that isn't the problem! I'm a healthy man. I eat healthy food, I go to the gym 2-3 times a week WHY?!... I hadn't really been concerned with this until the past couple years.
Avatar m tn i am a 20 year old male college student. on tuesday i was formally diagnoised with a hypoparathyroid. my PHT was 5 pg/mL. i had some more blood work done to see what the root cause of my low PTH was. i dont see the endocronologist until oct.21st. my primary doctor told me that hypoparathyroidism could potentially be a cause for (toxic delirium-psychosis, insomnia, memory loss, sexual problems, muscle weakness, and fatiuge) severel of which symptoms i have experianced.
Avatar n tn t bomb 2 is a testosterone booster, and is legal and is sold at gnc i would like your opinion on should i take it to increase muscle mass
Avatar n tn I bought some vitamins known to help increase sperm count but am lost on increasing testosterone in a natural way.I am wondering if anyone has tried any methods on either and what the results were. In March the health ins changes and I am going to take him to an endocrinologist for testing and advice.(And myself is AF is irregular)Til then I want to do what we can at home.
Avatar f tn This can also effect him if its not his testosterone it could be that. You can go into any GNC or Complete Nutrition and they will know exactly what you are asking for. Usually you can get a set that he will take morning and night. Morning for testosterone and night for palactin. It helped my husband greatly.
Avatar m tn I think you will be given a full endocrine workup. They can easily replace the testosterone with a suplement (directly giving testosterone rather than any booster supplement). Most of these things are quite treatable if they can be properly defined and monitored and you have a good endo. let us know how you go.
Avatar n tn All of these supplements can be found at any drug store, walmart, etc. Some places like GNC may carry an all in one supplment that contain these same ingredients.
Avatar f tn I hope I will carry on to feel better. So, why not? Give a try! Maybe it helps you too!!! By the way, you can purchase it from GNC. It's natural and safe to take like an extra supplement. Good luck!!
Avatar m tn I take canasa suppositories and probiotics, pills/yogurt helps a lot like from GNC the $10 bottle. I still wheeze when I exhale from asthma. I had a colonoscopy/flex sig done recently and the biopsies were negative. I read though there is a ulcerative colitis which isn't diagnosed by biopsies? thanks!
Avatar n tn fast. and is nowhere near as intense as it was just a few months ago. I've tried OTC stuff from GNC - which works - but i don't like that herbal stuff - makes me nervous it's not regulated. Is it irrational to think that at 32 I need a medication? I went to my PCP and he blew it off to stress bc i'm 32.
1037702 tn?1255991747 i hope its just the cocaine i did 2 weeks ago. i have low testosterone levels too. i wanna get it out, i am not this type of guy i cant do th is anymore. no one can relate if they dont know me. i just had a really amzing moment where i could do anything but i lost it cause i didnt do action, i didnt do action for a while cause am afraid of losing someone i love. i dont want to leave, i want to leave cause am 20 and i hate being alone and by myself.
401095 tn?1351395370 Well it is a hormone precursor..google it...boosts levels of testosterone in men and estrogen and testosterone in women...I do know that if you have a reproductive gland tumor like prostate cance u r not supposed to take it...anyway i have been taking 10 mg for years but have never been diligent with it everyday...then my friend went to the doctor and she is worn out and he told her to take it....she is also a recovering addict...
Avatar f tn oh niacinamide for my cholesterol in the past 2 motnhs i began testosterone injections weekly..i was very low in my blood levels...testosterone turns into estrogen within 24 hrs..all women produce testostrone and estrogn and progesterone..and vice versa..lack of testorone or low levels causes depressionand fatigue..loss of sex drive..i had no sex drive a few months ago and now my boyfriend probably thinks i am a nympho LOL..
Avatar m tn I know my natural testosterone is out of whack as I've taken steroids in the past but before you prejudge, realize that I've done it in a responsible way. I think my natural test may be down. I'm considering having blood work done to get my test levels checked. I might even jump back on a legal doctors prescription of weekly test shots if necessary. I'm considering going to GNC to buy Extenze, New Vigor, or Libido Max, as they have natural ingredients helping blood flow and libido, etc.
Avatar n tn I make sure I intake enough calories, carbs and protein to maintian a healthy diet, plus I take the GNC multi-vitmens, DHEA (testosterone booster), creatine and other agents for prostant health and protections from other concerns and health risks. Lately after my workouts, my left testicle is sore and tender to the touch, like someone is holding it and sqeezing a little. I do regualr self exams, and nothing seems to be swollen or hardend.
1237757 tn?1323146719 Other bits of info on the hormone level are High DHEAS 58.1 nmol/L range 5.0 - 30.0 Low Testosterone 66.0 nmol/L range 100 - 720 Very High Estrone 159.0 pg/ml range 9.6 to 20 I've been given a bunch of stuff for nervous exhaustion called Adaptan as they think my adrenals are stuffed, but also melatonin to have at night and cortisol to have in the morning when I get up. I've also been given vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium and a bunch of Vitamin C.
Avatar f tn I was told only take microlized pharmacy grade DHEA as it is different than the kind you get at GNC, et al. I have only been on it a month, so the jury is still out for me. I'll know in about 12 days if it helped any this cycle. Here are a couple links that may be useful. http://www.centerforhumanreprod.com/premature_ovaries.html http://ezinearticles.com/?DHEA-Helps-Thwart-Infertility-In-Older-Women&id=702017 http://www.preciousbabyangels.com/page/page/2531047.
Avatar m tn I have been able to tolerate the pre-mixed Muscle Milk, but after 2 uses of the mix I have begun to experience an upset stomach and diarrhea after using the product. I usually mix the product in a GNC shaker bottle with about 10 oz of skim milk. I was wondering if it is normal to have something like this happen when just starting to use a product, or if it means I should get rid of the product and purchase another brand.
1275969 tn?1473537536 I'd recommend your OBGYN or a fertility specialist (reproductive endocrinologist) due a full workup that includes tests for abnormal levels of LH, testosterone, and thyroid hormones. Weight is another factor, as you mentioned. Most likely you'll need to take a prescription to bring hormone levels back into a good fertility range - the prescription would be temporary, of course, during your preconception phase and partly into your pregnancy when it happens. Good luck!!
Avatar n tn there are a few soy products a GNC. They are supposed to help. What I don't get is how your cardiologist thinks he has the endocrinological expertise to adjust your hormones. He is not a gynecologist. I think he is overstepping his limits, but that is just my opinion. Some doctors think because they are experts in one area, they can do everything, and that is simply not true. The more I think about this, the more upset I get.
Avatar f tn it's actually a theoretical testosterone enhancer mixed with caffeine containing herbs, such as guarana, and other energizers that act on the adrenals. Does guarana work? Yes, better than coffee, but whenever you get energy by taking a stimulant, you crash later, so it's only temporary energy, just like coffee, which is why people drink coffee all day long. It wears off quickly and you crash. But most of the herbs in this, such as damiana, tribulus, etc.
20790871 tn?1507165021 Another is that your diet is missing some things it needs to have to build healthy hair, such as biotin. It could be, because you're so athletic, that your testosterone has shot up, which is one of the factors in hair loss in men. You could be taking a supplement bought at a place like GNC for athletic performance that contains steroids not listed on the label or hidden on the label, such as DHEA, which is increasing your testosterone.
Avatar m tn All the tests were taken day 3 for the 1st two test and day 5 on the last test following the start of her period. 7/21/14 • Testosterone total was ZERO percent of range. (20 with a range of 20-73) • Estradiol was 22% BELOW range (23 with range 56 - 204) • Progesterone was 58.6% of range (0.42 with range 0.25 -0.54) 11/10/14 • Testosterone was essentially immeasurable (<20 with a range of 20-73) and therefore BELOW range. • Estradiol Total was 27.
Avatar n tn beer will cause you to lose your erections depending on how much you drink. lastly, go to hihealth or gnc and buy testosterone. they sell it in a pill form. that should kill 2 birds with one stone...... get your testosterone up and "it" up. you will not get ed from this,if you entirely lose function go see a doc right away. if youve never really touched a girl, trust me you wont have a hard time getting it up.!!!
Avatar f tn I would consult further with an endo or dr who knows parathyroid problems. It does suggest some looking into. Have you had any recent calcium tests done? Your ferritin is a little low for a woman...should be above a 70. I would take a food source only of iron. You can find good liquid ones at the health food stores. Estrogen levels cannot be determined by one test. There are several blood tests for estrogen that need to be done...