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Avatar m tn i am a 20 year old male college student. on tuesday i was formally diagnoised with a hypoparathyroid. my PHT was 5 pg/mL. i had some more blood work done to see what the root cause of my low PTH was. i dont see the endocronologist until oct.21st. my primary doctor told me that hypoparathyroidism could potentially be a cause for (toxic delirium-psychosis, insomnia, memory loss, sexual problems, muscle weakness, and fatiuge) severel of which symptoms i have experianced.
Avatar f tn So after 5 years of trying to get pregnant they finally found out that I have high testosterone for a woman my age (24) which is causing me to not make it through the first 2-3 months of pregnancy. I was told to go to a grocery store by my doctors to get a vitamin to get this testosterone under control. What products work?
Avatar m tn Ive been doing some research to find out that most likely the cause to my concerns are low testosterone/inbalanced hormones. Ive been looking for some type of supplements but im afraid i buy something that wont work as ive already wasted hundreds buying multiple step products that dont work, is there anyone who have similar related problems? Is there any type of pills that worked for you? If so let me know what works best on your experience.
Avatar f tn This can also effect him if its not his testosterone it could be that. You can go into any GNC or Complete Nutrition and they will know exactly what you are asking for. Usually you can get a set that he will take morning and night. Morning for testosterone and night for palactin. It helped my husband greatly.
Avatar n tn iam 100 percent satisfied in case of adhd but not in others (dep,anxiety , libido,....) . i am very lethargic physicaly. so i got my testosterone tested here are hte reults plz comment on it. i will go to urologist next friday. (its immuno tech ) dont know what exactly this word at top of the report mean. LH IU/L normal range:(.5-10) mine is 6.7 FSH IU/L normal range is (1.3-11.5) mine is 4.5 Testosterone (ήg/ml) normal range is (2.6-11) [(ήg/ml)] mine is 3.
Avatar m tn I think you will be given a full endocrine workup. They can easily replace the testosterone with a suplement (directly giving testosterone rather than any booster supplement). Most of these things are quite treatable if they can be properly defined and monitored and you have a good endo. let us know how you go.
Avatar f tn To: Anxiety and depression sufferer, I had suffered from anxiety for three years now, Two weeks ago, I met someone who had suffered from depression for ten years but had recovered now. It was Swiss oaks that help him, Quickly I bought it and tried it for myself, believe it or not, after taken for about two weeks, I feel much better and not so fatigue anymore. I hope I will carry on to feel better. So, why not? Give a try! Maybe it helps you too!!! By the way, you can purchase it from GNC.
Avatar m tn Ok, I will be brief but try to explain as detailed as possible. I need help with this. I'm a 31yr old male and recently stopped drinking over 60 days ago. I'm athletic, and in excellent health. 5'11 and 200 pounds, 10% bodyfat, and just started back in the gym doing cardio after a 4 month exit from training. So you'd think I would be just fine in the sex category. . I'm having issues with not only erectile dysfunction, but libido, and just overall sex drive.
401095 tn?1351391770 boosts levels of testosterone in men and estrogen and testosterone in women...I do know that if you have a reproductive gland tumor like prostate cance u r not supposed to take it...anyway i have been taking 10 mg for years but have never been diligent with it everyday...then my friend went to the doctor and she is worn out and he told her to take it....she is also a recovering addict...I was always scared it would make me grow hair on my chest so i took it in small doses...
Avatar f tn GNC is a vitamin/health store. www.gnc.
Avatar f tn Rite Aid sells GNC.....
459155 tn?1264008142 GNC for sure, but you can go on the website for walgreens or wherever and do a search or call
Avatar f tn s actually a theoretical testosterone enhancer mixed with caffeine containing herbs, such as guarana, and other energizers that act on the adrenals. Does guarana work? Yes, better than coffee, but whenever you get energy by taking a stimulant, you crash later, so it's only temporary energy, just like coffee, which is why people drink coffee all day long. It wears off quickly and you crash. But most of the herbs in this, such as damiana, tribulus, etc.
Avatar f tn I've had blood work and I have all the symptoms. 1k mcg of the GNC brand B12. I take 1k mcg of folic acid every other day.
1275969 tn?1540644784 d recommend your OBGYN or a fertility specialist (reproductive endocrinologist) due a full workup that includes tests for abnormal levels of LH, testosterone, and thyroid hormones. Weight is another factor, as you mentioned. Most likely you'll need to take a prescription to bring hormone levels back into a good fertility range - the prescription would be temporary, of course, during your preconception phase and partly into your pregnancy when it happens. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn Beware of GNC vitamins....I am so mad about this....I can't take Cellulose in any form and got some B-12 that the bottle states there is no cellulose, then looked online and it listed Cellulose and Dicalcium Carbonate as ingredients that WERE NOT on the bottle!!!! I also found out it is synthetic B-12.....I am new to the vitamin game, but glad I did some homework. I called GNC and they said they would "take care of it" and offered me a $15 coupon. Wow.
Avatar m tn thanks for the info... Yes, they do run in families. They are in my family.. I am one the lucky "victims: to have them. Horsechestnut also helps with the pain, achey feeling.
Avatar n tn Did you take them regularly, or just here and there? If you took them close to every day, you need to be slowly tapered off by your doctor. Do NOT get your guidance from GNC. If you only took them here and there (not every day), you should have little to no withdrawal. You will probably experience some rebound anxiety either way. Do this correctly, with the help of your doctor. I think you're going to be just fine. Let us know!
Avatar f tn I highly recommend Vitex Fruit, which can be purchased online or at GNC for about $7-15. We tried many treatments and conventional treatments over several years which were not successful for us. We tried vitex after doing a lot of research and were pregnant 3 weeks after starting Vitex. I have recommended it to friends who have struggled to conceive and one was pregnant within 4 weeks.
Avatar f tn If you have a GNC nearby they carry it. I was just at the GNC in my hometown for L-tyrosine yesterday. This isen't something that supermarkets seem to carry. If you have a health food store nearby check there as well, they only had one kind of dosage of l-tyrosine at GNC but the health food store I went to had even more.