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Avatar m tn Hi Bec , look both men and women have testosterone, and I think you will find that if he is useing gel then its quite possible that he is useing it on his p***s, so unless you've been touching that you should be OK, like did google it, and yes they do say prenant women should not be useing it, but if you google testosterone gel and women you get a differant results, so the picture gets even more confusing. But just shaking hands your safe.
Avatar m tn See your doctor. Your doctor can prescribe testosterone gel for you. The gel comes in measured doses that you rub on to your body (not the genitals). I am not sure if the testosterone has anything to do with the sperm count. You need to discuss your options with your doctor.
Avatar m tn Hello. I'm a 39 y/o male with lost testosterone. I had some bloodwork done which revealed this and symptoms of low sex drive, fatigue, etc. My doctor put me on Android 20mg/day. I don't have insurance so I'm paying $650/mo for these pills. I was wondering if a comparable dosage in gel or injection form would be cheaper than the pills... Any help would be appreciated!
110491 tn?1274481937 This whole hormone thing is so confusing. I do know that since I've been on the estrogen gel (2 weeks), I feel 100% better. Its amazing that 1mg of gel can change a persons life so much. I think I would benefit from having a tiny bit of testosterone to increase energy levels and sex drive, but am just relieved that I finally can see the path forward, after the total shock of surgical menopause.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the info. I think that was the study I had come across. I was just wondering since ED was often a symptom of MS I was wondering is the testosterone gel would help. We haven't had his levels checked but the gel would have less side effects than drugs like cialis etc. And thanks to everyone else who responded. I appreciate all the info and support.
Avatar n tn The primary treatment for low testosterone is testosterone supplement. Testosterone replacement therapy may be in the form of skin gel, injections, long acting pellets, patches or oral inserts. Clomid is not the primary treatment mode for testosterone deficiency. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
Avatar f tn I have low normal testosterone,on testosterone gel. plus a cyst on the left testical that causes pain when I sit or some position when I sleep. I also have a lower left abdominal pain that comes and goes, but I can feel like there is something wrong in my abdominal.
Avatar f tn JNR, I had my prostate removed on 5th May 09 because of prostate cancer. I stopped using testosterone gel then, I'm now 60 yo and do not have the energy like before but am wondering if you (or anyone) got any answers about the safety issue of restarting the T gel. Please answer direct to me on ***@**** any help is appreciated.
Avatar m tn I personally think the whole testosterone treatment is a scam. Nobody tested me for free and albumin bound testosterone, the biologically active forms. Total testosterone is useless. This is like measuring total cholesterol without the HDL and LDL fractions. The primary practice docs are totally clueless. I would recommend talking to a good endocrinologist only.
919239 tn?1269394658 I found that I still had no energy,no drive,depressed, just no zest for life. I finally had my testosterone checked (2 times) My total testosterone level was 195 & 203. Both low levels for a 54 yr. old male. I just started taking testosterone injections once per week in the last 2 weeks (2 injections-1 ml) I understand it usually takes up to 5 weeks for the full benefits. I was wondering if any one else found this method helpful?
Avatar m tn Hi, How are you? Testosterone has been used for many decades for the treatment of testosterone deficient males.Today options for treatment include topical testosterone gels and creams, short and long acting injections of testosterone esters, application of testosterone through skin patches, subcutaneous testosterone implants, and oral testosterone capsules. The injection is given deep intra-muscular and is quite often painful.
1139187 tn?1355706647 Hello, Androgel contains testosterone gel can be used for testosterone replacement but should be sued with caution because it has plenty of side effects. It may cause skin irritation, blisters on skin, problems with urination, nausea, stomach pain, low fever, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice and swelling of ankles. Hence use it only under a medical supervision. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn Im worried about transfer from my partner he has to use testosterone gel
Avatar m tn Hello, Gynecomastia(enlargement of male breasts) and priapism(frequent or prolonged erections) are common side effects of the androgel(testosterone gel).Pls stop using this drug and consult a urologist for the erection problems that you are having. It can be due to psychological or medical causes which need to be ruled out one by one. I hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts.Kind regards.
Avatar m tn I have been ot Testosterone gel for 2 weeks and so far i don't feel any better i was wondering if anybody has had a good result on Testosterone therapy and if you have any advice?
694895 tn?1263662430 My last episode began in the fall of 2006 and, in spite of numerous antidepressants, my symptoms perstied. I finally asked my Family physician to check my testosterone level. The result was 80...At my age, it should be close to 350. It is possible that low T is responsible for the severity and long duration of this episode. The Rx prescribed is Androgel...but at $250 an Rx I am unable to have it filled...I have no insurance and not enough money to start the treatment...
Avatar f tn Where can I find the latest medical advice on using Testosterone gel 13 years after prostate removal? Removed because of cancer. Doctor keeps saying that Testosterone Therapy is not proper for patients who have had prostate cancer. I feel like my energy battery is just about depleated and seem to have all of the symptoms for need of T Therapy. Is there any good medical research that I can use to further discuss with Primary Care MD?
Avatar n tn I had a hormone test and my Testostrone levels were Testosterone 393 ng/DL and my Prolactin 354. My doctor prescribed Testosterone shots ever 40 days. After the first two injections I felt a difference in my libido.... But there is a problem, every time I get a shot I start to feel extremely weak and develop a fever that lasts for days or even a week. I get chills and feel awfully down. Also my bottom muscles feel stiff as a rock 12 hours after each injection.
Avatar n tn 16 and 1/2 and puberty not progressing. Has anyone tried testosterone supplements to help puberty to speed up?
650419 tn?1281359937 Gojo im a 45 yr ole man who because of a severe trauma accident had to do testosterone treatment also. I started with the gel, but my level barley rose. So for about 6 months now i take the shots, which also had to be increased because follow up blood test showed an actual drop , so its crazy. But i do find i have more energy and sexual desires with the shots. As for as sleeping ,that really isnt my problem. So o can't tell you much expect id try the shots if i were you.
689860 tn?1238718032 I found out today mt testosterone was 216. HOLY COW ! I had asled my doctor before the results if cialis will help in getting an erection again and she said let's get blood work. What are my options now? I don't want my marriage to suffer.
Avatar m tn But for a man so young to not be producving enough testosterone is not normal. There has to be an underlying cause and that needs to be addressed. Testosterone levels start to drop at 40 and low levels cause brittle bones, mood swings, depression, anxiety and hot flashes, impotency, etc. You should be seeing a difference in how you feel, and since you're not contact your Endo about this and also find out "why" you're not prodocing enough testosterone.
Avatar m tn Hello, You can consult a urologist and get prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone replacement therapy can be prescribed as an intramuscular injection usually given on a biweekly basis, as a patch or gel placed on the skin, or as putty that is applied to the gums of the mouth. Please do not try test freak as it is not without side effects. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn you need total testosterone, free testosterone and estrogen levels checked. I was treated @ age 35 and I am now 45 and I haven't taken my meds for 2 yrs and have had alot of health issues in the last 2 yrs esp with my heart it's time to go back to the replacement therapy. I have tried them all from injections to gels to patches.I like the injections I give them myself but the do hurt like hell.
Avatar m tn Testosterone injection given every 10 weeks - Nebido does not give mood swings. Nor does testosterone taken as a transdermal gel eg. Testogel, give mood swings. I just wonder what kind of testosterone you husband is on and would it not be a good idea to stop it or at least change. That as it may, you deserve better that the abuse you describe. Talk to his doctor and tell him what's going on. Consider marriage counseling also.
Avatar m tn I do not know whether you will maintain a certain level of Testosterone in your blood, or whether you must take Testosterone injections,skin patches, or rub-on gel to keep your Testosterone level on a daily or weekly basis. Anyway, there is good news for you as your body image will soon change for the better.
Avatar m tn I have been battling with low testosterone for a few years and trying to address it through natural means. Lost 20 lbs body fat (Now 5'08" 156 lbs 13 % BF), added heavy weight lifting in 3x weekly, eat a low carb high vegetable intake diet with more than adequate fat content, etc. Sadly doesnt seem to be helping.
Avatar m tn a week ago it is now SGOT 71 SGPT 74 -- I have seen all sorts of what is/isnt a normal level on the searches I have done. The other issue is his testosterone levels are 120-130. as u know this is extremely low for a grown man, but does decrease w.age etc. He used to take testy shots 2x's a mth for a few months. He was lke a new man, energized, libido so back, etc. The doc has hm spooked on taking the shots again due to these liver tests.