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Avatar n tn 3 and albuman in urine is some time nill and some time trace i m little bit afraid should i continue bodybuilding or should i leave it . for bodybuilding i m taking high protien and low carb diet , and testosterone and growth harmone .
Avatar f tn Hi, I bought testosterone undecanoate powder and would like to take it orally (for fitness, I live in Switzerland where testosterone undecanoate is legal). With what should I mix it (pure powder) in order to take it orally ? Thanks for your answer!
Avatar n tn Please also note that my steroid use did not revolve solely around testosterone but also included a wide arrangement of bodybuilding supplements and other non testosterone steroids that bulk you up. Like I said they all add muscle and include winstrol, trenbolone acetate, testosterone enanthate, stanozolol, and other bodybuilding anabolic steroids (not necessarily strictly testosterone).
Avatar m tn I have read that a varicocele can contribute to low testosterone and a lower sperm count. As for your hubbies testosterone levels the ones that really matter are the free testosterone levels or the ones readily available for use. I have other symptoms of low testosterone too so I am working on that. I retested my blood and I am waiting on my results. Anyway good luck and do let me know. I'm curious about my options if i face the same situation.
Avatar f tn Obviously, anything that gives you side effects that bad is probably not the right treatment for you. Generally, women aren't given that treatment as it can cause acne, hair growth where women don't want it, and other male attributes. In your case, you had low testosterone and high SHBG, which might have been able to be treated by dietary changes. But people are different. A problem is, testosterone varies a whole lot in both men and women, by the day, hour, week, etc.
8309591 tn?1397596954 t get depressed or upset if you are depressed it will lower your testosterone level. go for swimming also cause it is a big asset for this.
Avatar n tn I made it a point to have hubby thoroughly checked out and now I know he has a low sperm count. I have heard Clomid being used on men as well as women, What do I do/?
Avatar m tn If your going through the testing above - you need to make sure the doctor reading the tests is well informed on thyroid metabolism hormones and testosterone levels appropriate for you. Even though you are male - estrogen and progesterone needs to be evaluated to make sure no disturbances are happening that is blocking your testosterone from it full potential.
Avatar m tn I went through puberty with more estrogen than testosterone. I am on testosterone injection but it does not solve my ED issue. I am thinking of injections as Viagra does not work any more..
Avatar n tn Everything is normal, therefore, the doctor prescribed the following antibiotics, Offlox 200, Tamflo 0.4 and Zerdol (Paracetamol) for a month. Also citrate soda for 5 days. I took all as described by the doctor except the zerodol (took only for a week) which hurt my stomach as i have stomach ulcer. But the condition has not improved and the burning feeling has increased now. I have consulted the doctor again and he has prescribed Citralka Liquid and urispas tablet for a week.
401095 tn?1351391770 I am also very interested in how the testosterone shots go. I have thought about them for myself. it is not unusual for women to be low in testosterone. it occurs natuarlly in women too but is counter balanced by estrogen. maybe i need some of that? lol, i don't think so. i have noticed that adrenalin is great for fighting pain(as are other naturally occurring chemicals)and have often thought about getting my levels of all these chemicals checked. maybe i should. Nick.
Avatar m tn Test at 3 months for a conclusive test result.
623156 tn?1322865851 I was reading a weekly newsletter I receive in my email and it mentioned that Zinc is a key natural aid in boosting fertility. For women Zinc helps cell divsion which is critical to the earliest stages of conception and fetal development. For men it helps with adequate levels of testosterone and sperm counts. Research has shown with 15 mgs a day in men it can increase semen and testosterone production, in women it can help ovulation and fertility.
Avatar m tn Women may develop unwanted hair growth or acne. Testosterone transfer is especially dangerous for pregnant women because it can cause birth defects. "Women and children who are exposed to testosterone products should call their doctor right away. "To prevent these problems, the man using the gel should not allow skin-to-skin contact of the treated area with other people. He should keep the treated area covered or wash it well before letting others touch him.
1320252 tn?1290190343 Anybody know what are considered normal and what are considered high for women trying to get pregnant?
Avatar m tn I am 5'10, 62 kilos, I am really skinny except for little bits of fat on my abdomen and back which I cannot shift. I personally think I look disabled in some way, although doctors tell me I'm "normal". I've read up about conditions like Marfans syndrome and can't help but wonder if I have something like this (I have so many symptoms; long limbs, low muscle mass, kyphosis, Pectus carinatum, Arachnodactyly, I could go on a while).
Avatar f tn In men, low thyroid levels can cause low testosterone.
Avatar f tn The endo indicated that low testosterone in women is a good thing and isn’t the source of my problems. She suspected PCOS and ordered her own battery of tests. I’ll provide the abnormal results below for you (normal range in parenthesis): Cortisol – LOW at 0.6 (6.2-19.4) Dhea Sulfate – LOW at 32.3 (57.3-279.2) Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy – LOW at 29.1 (30-100) In addition, this time total testosterone was normal at 13.6 (10-55), as was free testosterone at 0.5 (0.0-4.2). TSH was normal at 0.
Avatar m tn Do your mean lifting weights as in weight lifting the sport, or lifting weights as in bodybuilding, I cant think of a reason that bodybuilding should stunt your growth, but that you may just a small build, in that case you may find it hard to build your weight up, and weight lifting could stop you growing by the amount of weights that you lift over your head.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 11yrs old with an ovarian cysts of 4.4cm... Her testosterone levels are high, her glucose levels are high.. her blood level has dropped to a 9... What should I do... The first doctor said she was ok.. moths after I took her back to the second doctor which sent her to do more test which came up with the results of the results I mentioned earlier... But she was not clear on how to treat her.. please what should I do....