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Avatar n tn When i don't feel like doing it for the day as it is exhausting i throw the ball until he is tired and let him in for the rest of the day with us. I also throw the ball for a while before i walk him to wear off some of that excess energy. Good luck hope some of this helps.
Avatar m tn This is more than possible, it's likely. And yes -even neutered dogs can mate with a female! They can even go as far as to form a "tie" (when both dogs get stuck together back-end to back-end) I have seen it happen! But as the years pass after their neutering, they find it increasingly hard to do this. Because the levels of testosterone in their system gets less and less. Also this will vary from dog to dog.
Avatar n tn They talk to cells through specific receptors that are made for them. For example, bio-identical estradiol (a type of estrogen) in patch form, gel or cream (brand names: Estragel, Estradot, Tri-Est, Bi-Est) acts just like the estradiol our ovaries secrete into the bloodstream. However, bioidentical estradiol in pill form (brand names: Estrace, Tri-Est, Bi-Est) has the negative effect of increasing blood clots because it is not natural for estrogen to enter the bloodstream through the stomach.
Avatar m tn HEADACHES, BRAIN FOG, HOT FLASHES, MUSCLE TWITCHES, UN-REFRESHED SLEEP(after 9 hours of sleep). 2 years ago I tested positive for HYPERCOAGULATION. My Doctor placed me on blood thinners for 6 months. I now have been diagnosed with BONE LOSS OR Osteopenia. I am positive for Epstein Barr Virus, CPN(Chlamydia Pneumoniae Bacteria), and HHV 6 Virus. My IGG leverls are elevated for all 3. I am 39 years old and miserable.
Avatar n tn It takes a month or so after a canine neuter for the testosterone to drop low enough to diminish male "impulses". Dogs will also display mounting behavior for non-sexual reasons such as a show of dominance.
Avatar f tn Hey that link didn't work for me, sorry, it was under lunestainformation.
1031264 tn?1318527841 So excited for you. It sounds like you responded well to the injections. Best wishes for a successful IUI. Let us know how it went!
Avatar m tn Maybe -if it ain't broke, don't fix it....? If your dog is a happy, healthy, energetic good dog, then that's all the evidence you need to tell you he's doing just fine. Testosterone at too high levels can definitely cause problems, even cancers. And it might be hard for you to judge what is ok, and what is not.
Avatar m tn There are several of us on here who have a similar eye complaint: seeing a bright flash, like the afterimage of a flash bulb, when we blink, and sometimes, on upgaze. This is transient symptom for most of us, lasting anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. When the "spot" in our visual field passes over a dark background, the spot appears light. When the spot passes over a light background, it appears dark.
346570 tn?1267503627 I'm feeling full, really full, like I just ate like 5 hot dogs or something. I have been eating lightly so food isn't the cause. Is this bloating?? Again, I feel silly even asking this but I have honestly never experienced this. I also feel just kinda blah. I can't really explain it. I'm not nauseated or crampy, just feel like ick. I get up out of bed to walk around for a few minutes and I start to feel weak. Not in a major way, just in a I'd rather be in bed way. Does that make sense??
Avatar n tn However, as far as having viable sperm goes, a dog can have viable sperm for as long as 4 - 6 weeks after neutering, so it's wise to make sure he doesn't get near any breedable females in that time. Some dogs will be able to breed females their whole lives, even after neutering, but these dogs are the exception and not the rule, and naturally the females will not become impregnated, but the males will give it the old college try.
Avatar m tn High consumption of beef, lamb, or pork was described as 3 or more ounces a day for men and 2 or more ounces for women; high consumption of hot dogs, bacon, ham, sausage, or cold cuts was considered to be 1 ounce eaten five to six days a week for men, and two to three days a week for women. In this study, people who ate the most processed meat had a 50-percent greater risk of colon cancer and a 20-percent greater risk of rectal cancer as compared to those who ate the least.
Avatar m tn As long as the younger dog tolerates it, and it doesn't start a fight, I wouldn't worry about it. For dogs to lick and sniff each other is normal, also -- even on the privates. There is a dominance ritual associated with that, too. The subordinate dog is expected to allow himself to be licked or sniffed first. Then the dominant dog is supposed to let the subordinate dog lick or sniff him. That is the canine etiquette for the situation.
Avatar f tn Potatoes are ok for dogs too. But it might be best not to give him a food which is high in saturated fat. Go for good protein, like beef, chicken, venison, rabbit, sardines, tuna, and omega oils, and carbs. Because I live in England, we have different dog foods over here, so I can't recommend a food for you to try. But with a little research, maybe you could find a suitable food.
787406 tn?1339206783 I have always had every dog i owned spayed or neutered, there are too many dogs in shelters. Is it normal for a neutered male to keep trying to connect with a female? He is able to ejaculate, is this normal? The neutering at 4mths did not cut his dominance down one bit. And he marks his territory.
Avatar n tn Perianal adenomas are usually a benign tumor that affects older, intact, male dogs. In male dogs these occur in tissues around the rectum that are responsive to androgens (like testosterone) and develop into benign tumors under the effect of these hormones. An "adenocarcinoma" would be a malignant form. (cancer) Maybe all you need to do is speak to your vet and find out which of the two he thinks this is.
Avatar f tn Last month went to the vet for check up routine. She said he is underweight. 21kg for his age was not satisfactory. prescribed some vitamins. He always looks well and is running and jumping in the yard almost all day long. I hate to lock it in his small house, because he is friend of the kids around and I love to see him playing free. Any suggestion to bring him to 30kg as suggested by the vet? Is it the right weight?
Avatar f tn Additionally, potential attackers may avoid your dog a bit more once he is neutered, since they will no longer feel that he is competition for mating. Testosterone will take a month or so after neutering before it goes down low enough to change any behaviours. There is no way to know positively if neutering will be effective, but it is worth a try.
Avatar f tn Yes this can be very common ! you have to let him know he cannot do this as it upsets him and is leaving him very frustrated and a bit sore. When he does this again say no very firmly and if that does not work put him somewhere by himself for 10 min then let him back in and if he does this again do not say a word and out he goes again until he gets the message.Oh when you let him back in turn your back on him for a few mins as well, they Hate being ignored.
1201929 tn?1293711672 First of all, natural progesterone is much preferred over synthetic progesterone (such as Provera). Again, for a full explanation and dose recommendations for progesterone cream. John Lee, M.D.'s web site and books are some of the best resources available regarding progesterone. One can also use natural sublingual progesterone, and the dosages should be recommended by a doctor based on hormone tests.
Avatar n tn Testim 5g (50mg testosterone) once a day (on this for 2 months now, testosterone levels at 380 ng/dl now). Xanax 2mg and Melatonin 9mg at night for sleep. I am suffering. I am constantly in a daze. I rarely sleep more than four and a half hours a night. My mood is up and down in a moments' time. Anxiety is free floating and depression occurs at least once every day for an hour or so. I am quick to snap at my wife and our dogs. I have the shortest fuse.
Avatar n tn Or even worried that the dog will gain weight afterwards. These fears are all unfounded. For a start, dogs do not think like we do. All they care about is feeling OK in the moment. And they are not going to miss a thing, believe me, as long as they are having a happy life. He has no emotional attachment to his testicles.
Avatar m tn And vets lop off the manly bits from dogs and cats and they seem 'fine' so they think testosterone is 'optional' Maybe it is in cats and dogs, but it isn't in people. That said, I found that when I'm low on testosterone I find it very hard to deal with life. That is some sort of mental symptom that to me is very obvious particularly to me because if I'm off my meds for more than 36-48 hours I can totally feel it.
764201 tn?1245619865 facilities around that have air conditioned play areas for dogs, and those are great for young social dogs. They get lots of excercise playing with other dogs, AND they get to socialize more, which, if you're lucky, just might help some of your territorial issues as well. You might look into something like that if you feel your pup needs some more activity during the hot months. Best of luck, and try to keep cool! We'll be doing the same!
8039555 tn?1396382970 Yes, I think there is a cultural difference here with the situation. Where I live, dogs aren't allowed to roam for the reasons stated by Tonyb. Our dogs are pets that we raise as part of the family really and when that doesn't happen, it is sad and they are taken into shelters (hate when this happens). Sounds very different from where you are from.
Avatar m tn she has been on this treatment protocol for 2 yrs. with consistent improvement until this last test in 10/10. Her Androstenedione is really elevated bringing the progesterones up with it (and probably testosterone as well tho it wasn't included in the assay). Her cortisol is within normal range, tho it is creeping up; estradiol and aldosterone are normal. I realize Lysodren is probably in her future but her vet nor I feel it is necessary now as she is clinically fine - no signs.
5986700 tn?1380794980 I tried to journal elsewhere but it's just not the same......I don't know why.... My IPad is like my "Wilson" too. Sinead O'Connor says that about hers......so ima borrow that. I think I'm going mad. How long can a person go without real human contact? Rhetorical...I don't care. Slipping back into old sleeping patterns...up at 1:30am this morning...it f*cks the dogs up too cuz they think, "oh great it's breakfast time! ....
Avatar f tn My husband said he has noticed the dog getting a small lump there lately but then going away. But nothing of this size. Please email or text for picture if you have medical knowledge.