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Avatar n tn you need total testosterone, free testosterone and estrogen levels checked. I was treated @ age 35 and I am now 45 and I haven't taken my meds for 2 yrs and have had alot of health issues in the last 2 yrs esp with my heart it's time to go back to the replacement therapy. I have tried them all from injections to gels to patches.I like the injections I give them myself but the do hurt like hell.
Avatar f tn I suppose that really depends on what your definition of "serious" is. Low testosterone isn't something life-threatening, but it does affect quality of life. Some psychologists are now estimating that as much as 30% of cases of depression in men over 30 are related to testosterone levels. The issues that you have mentioned are fairly typical issues tied to low testosterone, along with the Depression that I mentioned, as well as anxiety.
2103553 tn?1333680006 do 9 year old boys have a testosterone burst? I have a 9 year old boy who has changed a lot since his 9th birthday'he is not his usual self and causing problems at school and home. I want to be able to work out what is happening with him.
Avatar f tn My Vit D is also at 18 and she put me on that weekly as well as Spironolactone 50mg daily to lower my testosterone, which is now at 15. I have to wait for my estrogen and progesterone numbers until a certain cycle date but I guess my estrogen was low due to a higher testosterone that PCOS seems to have caused.
Avatar f tn Also remember that women have a harder time getting the definition men can get because of lower testosterone. When you see anyone, though, with those really tight abs they either work incessantly at it or they're taking steroids, especially the women. Strength isn't seen in big muscles, it's seen in the results of what you do and how well you move your body into your activity. So there's strength, and then there's looks. Which are you after?
Avatar f tn   Shrinking testicles  weak erections  low sex drive and libido  low ejeculate volune  low ejeculate power  flushing body overheating Ive had testoaterone checked and came back normalcheck by regular gp and ive never seen and acutal numbers. So what else is causing this if its apprantly not low testosterone? Ive had this for over a year now. Help appreciated please.
Avatar n tn one of the pills is Testosterone pills. He told him mom that he would no longer take these, but yet he is.
Avatar f tn My question is if ah continues to abuse pills and his tolerance continues to grow would he also have to keep going up in dose on whatever the dr prescribes for this? Do testosterone levels go down in connection with the amount and strenght of opiates used? IE, vicodin causes it to lower a bit so they just dont think about sex, percocets cause it to lower more to the point they have trouble getting aroused and then oxy's just wipe the T level and the sex drive out?
Avatar m tn Hi, How are you? Testosterone has been used for many decades for the treatment of testosterone deficient males.Today options for treatment include topical testosterone gels and creams, short and long acting injections of testosterone esters, application of testosterone through skin patches, subcutaneous testosterone implants, and oral testosterone capsules. The injection is given deep intra-muscular and is quite often painful.
Avatar m tn As of now, all my laboratory tests are within normal level except my testosterone. I’m on testosterone replacement therapy since August of 2009 but I’m afraid of the possible side effects like prostate problem. My question, is it possible if I decide to discontinue my testosterone replacement therapy? I really need your opinion.
Avatar m tn I am a soon to be 64 year old white male, 5'9" 275lbs and my testosterone level is 178.......???
Avatar m tn but turning down my wife or not being in the mood has gotten real old. I had my testosterone tested 2007 total was 297..my doctor did nothing. 2010 I have a New doctor now my test is total 453 free 11.6 My new primary doctor and I agree optimim total should be 800 free 18.0 Doc says my testicles have atrophied a bit. I have a PSA of 2.
Avatar m tn I understand that the definition of hypothyroidism is high TSH and low T3 and T4. My question is this... If T3 and T4 levels are low T4 = .9 (scale of .8 to 1.8) i.e. in the bottom 11% of normal, and the T3=92 (scale 76 to 181) i.e. in the bottom 18% of normal - why is this not hypothyroidism. I am tired ALL the time, sleep 12+ hours a day, fatigue easily, have extremely dry skin, am cold all the time, ...