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Avatar m tn Is it safe to take Amlodipine Besylate 10 mg with the testosterone booster EvlTest?
Avatar m tn Oh also I would like to say that i was on testosterone booster while this all started...testosterone booster can enlarge the prostate which can back up the urinary tract...causing urine to sit there and maybe lead to a UTI???? Could this be the case? because both times I have gotten these symptoms, I was on testosterone booster. Could be the culpret. Also since I have stopped masturbating, I feel as if Im backed up...when i get aroused i have a clear substance come out of my penis...
Avatar m tn I am a 65 year old male and let me tell you the Dr Max Powers Testosterone Booster works because I feel allot more energy and stamina,I recomend it for active men that do some exercises and workout,it makes allot of difference in your all around energy levels,it’s great. And no side efects at all. I am on my 4th bottle; I use it for about a month, and then not use it for 3 months (really because I dont need it). I have made it a hobby to study natural herbs and their effect on the human body.
Avatar n tn I' m 19 years old ill be turning 20 in two months if i take a testosterone booster is there anyway way me penis will increase a little more at least?
Avatar f tn Hi, I saw a testosterone booster while browsing the net. It's called Test X 180 ignite. I want to get it for my husband to give it a try. Dunno if you're aware of the drug and if you can advice on it. I read through and I think that's what he needs since it seems difficult to get where he can do the testosterone replacement therapy, here in my country. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Hello, You can consult a urologist and get prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone replacement therapy can be prescribed as an intramuscular injection usually given on a biweekly basis, as a patch or gel placed on the skin, or as putty that is applied to the gums of the mouth. Please do not try test freak as it is not without side effects. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn i still have yet to recieve all of my test results, i wont get them all in until next week tuesday. but i just found out my FSH is 1.5 mIU/mL. FSH should be between 1.6 - 8.0 mIU/mL. ideally a man aged 20-30 wants to have an FSH level of at least 2.0 mIU/mL.
Avatar f tn I took my birth control pill both mornings but forgot to take it the next morning and went all day without it. My boyfriend is also on a testosterone booster to help with body building for a month but has been weening off of it. Is it possible that after missing one pill after having sex that I can more likely become pregnant?
Avatar m tn I think you will be given a full endocrine workup. They can easily replace the testosterone with a suplement (directly giving testosterone rather than any booster supplement). Most of these things are quite treatable if they can be properly defined and monitored and you have a good endo. let us know how you go.
Avatar m tn Hello all, I know this is going to sound a little crazy but last weekend I went pretty heavy on my supplements. I took testosterone booster (P6) 2 pills, and 2 mega men "prostate & virility" blend.. You guessed it I was going for my own version of Viagra as I was feeling a bit anxious on my new date. This was my first time taking a testosterone booster but not my first time taking the mega men pill which I regularly take about 3-4 times a week.
Avatar n tn My 4 year old son had the swine flu shot on October 22. The paperwork stated that he would need a booster in 4 weeks. When I called his Dr. to schedule it, I was told he didn't need a booster. When I questioned why this didn't match the informational sheet I was given a long and rambling explanation of how the regular flu shot along with the swine flu shot was enough. I think it's just that there is a shortage. Anyone know anything about this?
Avatar m tn Anything that claims to be a testosterone booster **if it is legitimate** just has the fats and raw building blocks so your body can produce it. If your eating normally 2000 + calorie diet with meat they wont benefit you. However if your cutting or your a vegan you might see a very slight effect. Every company is trying to make money trying to market their drugs as testosterone. Which in elevated levels, do help build muscle.
Avatar f tn Eh, that's rough on a guy. Does your doctor have any recommendations? Psychological factors can impact it. Did you ever get morning wood though? Most guys do as a teen, even a young teen. Has this always been the case for you? Do you also have low libido in terms of wanting sex? The depression and SAD, do you do anything for that? I understand if you are reluctant to try medication but it does help many people. And therapy can be very helpful.
Avatar f tn Is it wrong for me to ask my husband to ask his parents to get the TDaP (Tetanus, Diptheria, and Pertussis) booster shot before our baby is born? I know pertussis (whooping cough) can be very dangerous and fatal for newborns and babies are not able to get their own immunization until they're at least 8 wks old. His family will be around us a lot after I give birth.
361951 tn?1220578983 I need to purchase a booster seat for my 3 year old. She's been in a Britax convertible (Roundabout) until now. She's about 35 lbs and a little tall for her age. I want one with the 5 point harness for now, but I guess one that will eventually convert to a regular seat belt? Everything I've read says to stick with the 5-point harness as long as possible... I've looked at a bunch of boosters, but having trouble deciding.
395047 tn?1200947016 Just wondering when you all move your kids into booster seats (with just the seat belt going across them, no 5 point harness)? My little girl is going to be 3 in 2 months and I see the Graco Turbo Booster is listed for ages 3 - 10, 30 - 100 lbs (she is 30 lbs). Thanks~ p.s. not trying to start anything, just looking for advice.
1031264 tn?1318524241 How many days is still ok to do booster? Everywhere I read they say to do it 7 days after trigger, but I have to wait till tomorrow for mine to come in mail and I will be 9 days past trigger. Nurse says its ok, but I just wanna be sure. This is my 1st IUI cycle. I did gonal f 75 ml x 5days then 500 ovidrel and now 250 ovidrel booster. Thanks. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I am worried I have a severe problem. I have aching in my testicles, sometimes its the left, sometimes its the right, or both. This sarted back in October after I started taking a testosterone booster. I certainly wouldn't think that has anything to do with this. I stopped a month into taking them because of this, shortly after the fact I cant remember them hurting bad enough to notice. I do remember an occassional ache. This last Saturday it started again, but worse than ever.
Avatar f tn I live in tx & they have to be a certain height& weight for booster. My 3 1/2 yr old just switched to a highback booster.