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Avatar n tn My question is if you know of any interaction between TB drug and thyroid function? and if my thyroid disease is a result of such interaction would this condition pass?
Avatar m tn Having a "mild" case of Hashi's is kind of like being a little bit pregnant! LOL So, you tested positive for antibodies, but your thyroid hormone levels were not out of range yet, or not too far out of range? Please post the results of thyroid tests you were diagnosed on and include reference ranges. Ranges vary lab to lab, so they have to come from your own lab report. How much levo are you taking? Please post any follow-up blood work with ranges as well.
Avatar m tn All of the hormones in your body must work together in order for you to feel well. We do have some members who have low testosterone, along with hypo/Hashi's. You should get your levels tested. Hashimoto's is an autoimmune disease, which I'm sure you already know. Thyroid function sometimes declines quickly, with Hashi's and sometimes, it goes pretty fast. It's impossible to say. What are your current lab results?
Avatar n tn I have been managed with testosterone pellets implanted every four months since age 58. I recently had my thyroid removed and am balancing the Synthroid doses to TSH. The surgery was at a low for pellets. Are there really any issues with t4 binding proteins,regulation of thyroid function, and testosterone pellets? Some sites posit a possible interaction others say no.
Avatar f tn ve been to the doctor and have been tested for TB, HIV, thyroid function, diabetes, lymphoma and testosterone level (not sure why exactly) but they all came back negative and normal. I also have had the Mirena coil for the last 8 years and am on my second coil. I know it must be something hormonal and not sure if the testosterone test would have disproved this but I'm worried I am perimenopausal. If anyone could shed any light on this that would be great.
Avatar m tn TSH is a pituitary hormone and is not indicative of actual thyroid function. You need to have the actual thyroid hormones tested... those are Free T3 and Free T4, with FT3 being the active hormone and FT4 being a storage hormone that must be converted to FT3 before it can be used by the individual cells. If those tests were done, please post the results, with reference ranges. How was the mass on the right lobe of your thyroid detected? Is it really a "mass" or is it a nodule?
865758 tn?1285952904 Can thyroid mess up these labs?? Sure it can. The thyroid controls almost every aspect of proper body function and if it is running low - then a world of other hormones and conditions can be jazzed up and happen to you.
Avatar f tn I am a 26F, nullipara, lately I have been having probs with my periods. I was bleeding inbetween periods. I went to the doc and they ran some tests and my thyroid came out normal except for TSH. I have a hx of multi-nodular goiter and have always had issues with hyperthyroidism. Prior to this issue, I had normal thyroid levels. My thyroid has been dancing around.
Avatar n tn m 38 and have been on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for almost 3 years primarily due to testosterone and growth hormone deficiency. As part of the therapy, I was prescribed a thyroid medication. The goal of this program was to improve my quality of life and it has worked so far (body fat reduced, rarely get sick, no more erectile dysfunction and general sense of well being). I've been monitored by my doc through this process and get labs done 2x/year.
Avatar m tn The first endocrinologist I visited recognized my hypothyroidism and hypogonadism as two different issues stemming from a thyroid and pituitary disorder.. As treating my thyroid required a lesser treatment, he prescribed me 50mcgs of Synthroid. His plan was to treat my thyroid and determine if it was sufficient in relieving my symptoms. Unfortunately, it was not. The next step was testosterone substitution. Knowing this is a more serious commitment, I searched for a second opinion.
Avatar m tn Speak with your doctor about increasing your thyroid dose, possible side effects of your blood pressure agents and getting your blood pressure down, and also testing your testosterone levels. Also, if you smoke I strongly suggest that you stop--this does not help erectile function either. Hope this helps. Good luck and take care.
Avatar m tn m not feeling right. she did a blood draw for testosterone and thyroid. I had a testosterone test about 3 months ago. that came back low(260) but it was done late in the afternoon. doc told me to go on a herbal over the counter cream. used it for several weeks and stopped. felt the same. now new doc new blood draw. testosterone at 269 and TSH at 0.948. but the endo's office is booked and can't get me in till feb 3rd.
Avatar f tn Thyroflex Testing- a specialized testing device for assessing thyroid function and thyroid medication efficacy. Sounds as through it is a basic check of the reflex in the Achilles reflex time which estimates low thyroid function. Checking the Achilles reflex is still accepted and used by mainstream medicine today as an indicator of thyroid function. I also assume your doctor has had you keep a journal on your basel temp and symptoms.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with female pattern baldness and poly-cystic ovarian syndrome because of the hairloss and weight gain/difficulty loosig weight....not a thyroid problem. Apparently my thyroid tests have been fine, they've been tested a few times over the 10yrs. But I have lost a lot more hair this year and went to the doc and asked for a few specific tests around thyroid (the anti- ones I don't think I've had done before).
Avatar m tn I also am losing strength, focus, and am having depression symptoms, and gynocomastia. I went in and my physician checked my testosterone levels, and I had a total of 323, and free of 10. She has referred me to a urologist which I am seeing next week. I have been doing some online research on testosterone and it kind of looks like I have the levels of a sick 80 year old man. Normal adults at my age usually have levels atleast twice as high as mine and are at their peaks.
919239 tn?1269394658 Most people who are treated for depression have their testosterone, thyroid function, blood glucose, and vitamin / mineral levels checked before starting on anti-depressants. The vast majority of cases of depression are not caused by these things.
Avatar n tn came across a low thyroid problem one year ago and now facing testosterone problems im at total of 304 and I am having sex problems too.I told my regular dr. About sayd it was all in my head tht everything was okay. I went to another place were they do hormone test and took my own list of test I wanted done im not gona lie there were like 20 test I wanted done amr they were just missing 2 tht ran me around $600... I still havent gone to get my results.... by the way im on armour thyroid 30mg.
Avatar f tn I would have all of your pituitary hormones tested, especially a female hormone panel (which includes some adrenal hormones, too)--have your FSH, LH, testosterone, free testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone checked. It sounds like you could have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which is the most common female endocrine disorder and one of the top ten most commonly undiagnosed diseases.
Avatar m tn TSH(0.38-5.5) FT4(10.5-20) FT3(3.5-6.5) 2011-05-07 : 4.8 20.3 5.8 2011-05-18 : 4.7 17.6 - 2011-11-21: 5.8 18.9 5.5 2012-07-17: 5.6 20.6 - 2012-12-10: 9.
Avatar f tn This means that if you were to take your thyroid medication before getting your thyroid function tests done, your lab results might show that you are overdosed, even when you may be accurately dosed, or they may show your labs to be within normal limits when you may be truly under-dosed. Thus, it is usually best to postpone your combination medication until after you get your lab tests done.
1139187 tn?1355706647 I am a 44 year old male who has literally suffered the last 2 years with very low thyroid and testosterone. My testosterone level is 215 , 230 and the highest it has been was 245. I never thought that my symptoms of absolute fatigue could be from low t. I also have no sex drive despite being mentally. Engaged in thinking about it like a normal guy. My ears ring as well. I had some androgel prescribed to me about 5 months ago and just started taking it about 5 days ago.
Avatar f tn Weight gain is a function or common when low on either and in your case BOTH, low thyroid and low Testosterone. Do not be fooled. Testosterone is extremely important for women, especially at your age! By volume women have 3 times more testosterone than estrogen. (Stall FAR less than a man) but this should still tell you how important testosterone is to healthy woman. Yet most doctors completely ignore it. High cholesterol is also associated with low testosterone, as well as low thyroid.
Avatar f tn Test showed high testosterone, high estrogen, and darn near no progesterone. Prescribed est. and prog. and those are supposedly good now...but if I'm normal how come i feel AWEFUL? I'm exhausted, wake up 3 or 4 times throughout the night, am gaining a LOT of weight (30 lbs in the last 6 months) and while i admit i dont always eat healthy...there is NO way im eating enough to warrant that...