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Avatar m tn Hi, Increased sweating can be due to many reasons including reduction in testosterone, thyroid isuues, blood circulatory problems etc. and is not to be taken as a standard mid life symptom. You should consult a physician and get it properly diagnosed.
6207205 tn?1389776918 You were tested fairly recently although you could have been exposed within a more recent time but since you have no other symptoms I doubt it. And yes you are right the BCG was the vaccine for TB. Maybe the sweating is just a transient hormonal thing. You don't have any other symptoms at this point so it is hard to determine what else it could be. If you had some other infection you would have a fever or other symptoms. If it gets worse or you develop any other symptoms I would see a doctor.
Avatar n tn iam here to get a remedy for my peculiar problem which has been hampering my day to day activities and also my proffesional career. Iam 28 yrs old and working for a leading IT company as a business development executive. My problem is that it sweats so profusely even when iam in the office not to mention about going for a meeting with clients(cos iam in the marketing field).
Avatar m tn The doctor will run a simple blood test to check your testosterone and other hormone levels. This will quickly tell them (and you) if there is a treatable issue or not. Best of luck!
Avatar n tn I also had funny beard growth and the same with my hair, and this is down to low testosterone, my way out at first was with DHEA, but please read up about it first as its a hormon replacement, and can have some funny side effects with the odd person.
Avatar n tn I am currently a second year medical student and was recently diagnosed with Hoshimoto's thyroiditis (the most common form of primary hypothyroidism) and my hyperhidrosis is what caused me to seek clinical attention -It's embarrassing to do a physical exam on someone and start sweating all over them.
Avatar f tn Needing a diagnosis by captainleads, 29 minutes ago I'm a 25 year-old +male with symptoms of insomnia irritability with frequent alternating symptoms of “hot and cold” sweating and freezing. I have a hot temper but it's usually related to feeling lousy. I've had this for 3 or 4 years possibly longer! Is this more likely a thyroid problem or over-production of testosterone, or something else?
Avatar n tn I know it is common to loose your testosterone slowly but this fast. I started having severe sweating periods so I started taking testosterone replacement. It has helped with the sweating but I still almost have no sex drive and when I can have sex it is very hard to reach orgasm and when I do almost nothing comes out and here lately I have been experiencing a burning sensation I get a shot every 4 weeks. I have also had major back surgery and I take methadone for long term pain concerns.
Avatar m tn I am a 32 year old male and have had low testosterone levels since birth due to premature birth. I've fought excessive body heat and sweating, jumping (high/low) sexual feelings, and excessive body odor since puberty. Is it possible that all of this is directly related to my low testosterone levels? I've heard this is called male menopause. Is male menopause real? If it is then it seems I've been dealing with it since puberty.
Avatar f tn I'm 36 and 28wks pregnant. My 2 oldest are 15 & 12yrs old. I cannot relate to the sweating, but this pregnancy has definitely gotten the best of me. It also seemed my 2 other pregnancies were so much simpler. But honestly,each pregnancy is different, and we were younger then and our bodies could take more. I feel way more nauseous and completely exhausted with this pregnancy. The one thing I suffer from the most, is pulling, or stretching, muscles in my abdomen.
535882 tn?1396580285 I have read that low testosterone can cause accessory organs (ducts, glands, penis) to atrophy (shrink) and for semen volume to decrease and also cause impaired erection and ejaculation. Nothing about fatigue or anxiety. Sorry. Perhaps you could try googling low testosterone?
Avatar m tn Thyroid conditions should be ruled out, and can be evaluated with a blood test. Also, hormonal fluctuations can lead to sweating and tests for testosterone levels can be considered. Infectious causes can also lead to increased sweating, and tests to exclude HIV or TB can be considered. Imaging the chest and abdomen can be done as well to rule out an abscess or lymphoma. Both would be uncommon, but possible, causes of the increased sweating.
Avatar n tn After a recent blood-test I have been told that my thyroid hormones are high ( I do not recall which particular hormone it is), my insulin is very high and my testosterone is very low. I have been experiencing hair loss, increased bowel movements. sweating, difficulty in sleeping, very low libido and fatigue / lack of concentration. Can you please tell me whether this combo of high thyroid , high insulin and low testosterone is a sign of hyperthyroidsim, pituitary problems, or something else.
Avatar n tn Sorry te hear that, im also having a lit if heat in my body,like you said come in a rush and make me feel very bad, also trembling and nausea and a lot af anxiety. What your doctor had tell you about it?
Avatar m tn There are moments I've had when I'll wake up in the middle of the night, shaking and dizzy and sweating and begin retching and convulsing and then violently vomiting. This lasts for about 20 minutes and then my boyfriend has to carry me back into bed and force me to drink water before I pass out. It takes me a few days to recover. I've never understood why this happens, is it a crisis? Or is a crisis much more serious and the person always ends up hospitalized? Thank you!
Avatar n tn We aren't talking about the flushing caused by drinking alcohol/soda, but the type that casuses bright red cheeks and sweating all day long. It was very difficult for me to interact with anyone on a daily basis. Doctors told me not to worry and that this would pass. Shortly after my facial hair stopped growing. Soon after that I was missing 2 small patches of hair on my scalp, above my groin, and my left eyebrow hair began falling out.
Avatar m tn - Out of breath from SIMPLE activities (like huffing and puffing after mowing the lawn) I dont know if this is all caused by low serotonin or low testosterone,. I had my t-levels checked and the doc says that DHEA was very elevated by testosterone was normal , however I have a very good feeling that , naturally, i had higher than average T-levels and the sudden decrease to normal may be the cause of these symptoms im experiencing. If its not the Test, then perhaps its low serotonin?
Avatar n tn Does Perimenopause and Menopause have symptoms of having a fever, breaking out sweating, and physical exhaustion after an episode of this? I am 48 years old and am in Perimenopause. I have periods where I spike a low grade fever, 100 degrees to over 101 degrees. After a while I break out in a full body sweat, have chills and feel extremely exhausted. I have spoken with/seen my PCP and he told me to sit in front of a fan it would help. He also told me it was caused by hormones.
1896537 tn?1381903609 I recently found out that I have low testosterone (weird for women, lol) and Hashitmoto's Thyroiditis and am on hormone replacements for both so I don't know yet if it's the ms or the hormones. I suspect the MS because it's only excessive on my head which seems weird. It is really annoying and frustrating 'cause I always feel like a frumpy, sweaty mess. A haircut did help because it still looks decent when it's all wet and it feels much cooler.
Avatar n tn I go to the toilet. Explosive diarrhea and sweating and weakness and faint feeling (some times I do faint or lean on something to keep me from falling over). Then after it's over I get very cold. I still feel a little weak but I feel much better. I drink lots of fluids and am a pretty healthy 25. I don't believe it's all separate diagnoses. Like the vaso vagal and then another one for the diarrhea and another one for the sweating etc.
Avatar n tn You want to get the sweat off your scalp pretty soon after working out or other sweating because sweat has testosterone in it and that's not good for your hair. Do work out. Muscles and strength are very attractive. They are working on a new baldness cure now.
1211508 tn?1343083205 All of a sudden I broke out into a massive sweat and got hot. I live by the coast. It was only 60 degrees and we all had on jackets. I had to take mine off (and it's not a heavy jacket either) and sit out in my T-shirt...I was that sweaty/warm. It lasted about 1-2 minutes then I felt "normal" again. During this time my heart did NOT race and I never felt nervous...except a little when I started to sweat profusely. Was that a panic attack????
Avatar n tn Insomnia, where I will fall asleep fine and wake up 2-3 hours later, to stay awake for 5-6 hours then fall asleep again for an hour or 2. No sex drive at all, NONE. And an increase in Hot Flashes, these differ from the profuse sweating with activity. I am taking Thyroid, Estrogen and Blood Pressure meds. BP runs around 130/90. I have had and MRI of my head done that was negative. My PCP drew blood to check Thyroid, Hormones etc. He said that was normal.
Avatar m tn I have been feeling unwell for around three years, with brain fog, intense sweating and hot flushes, ED, fatigue and headaches. This has got steadily worse, and for the last year I have experienced extreme anxiety when waking, and dreadful fatigue throughout the day. About this time I had some blood tests done, which showed low testosterone. Although my GP fed this back to me, nothing was done about it, and he did not seem to connect this to my symptoms.
Avatar n tn You should have your thyroid and adrenal glands checked with tests for TSH and 24-hour cortisol along with blood sugar, testosterone and prolactin. Don't miss the prolactin test because it could pin down the diagnosis immediately.
Avatar n tn You should have your thyroid and adrenal glands checked with tests for TSH and 24-hour cortisol along with blood sugar, testosterone and prolactin. Don't miss the prolactin test because it could pin down the diagnosis immediately.
Avatar n tn I took my meds and about halfway through the treatment my lower back started to hurt and I started to sweat in my groin region. The sweating did and does not happen all the time. The groin region feels cold and clammy. The sweat doesnt show at all when I am wearing clothes and you cant see any moisture when I examine the area. The only answers I have gotten from my doctors: it is sweat and to put desonex on the area to soak up the moisture.
Avatar m tn These involve excessive sweating from the face and chest, feelings of hot spots on my face and chest, and redness in the face - people tell me "you were out in the sun too long." My family doctor and an endocronologist have check and there appear no signs of things like carcongenic not sure of the term) tumors in the abdomin - I have had the blood tests.