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Avatar m tn My PSA has been drifting upwards and after maintaining a level of around 500 for my testosterone, my most recent blood test show an increase of PSA from 3.4 to 3.7 and testosterone levels of 500+ down to 200. I am 63 years old. My concern is that my low testosterone levels may be masking higher PSA levels.
Avatar m tn To determine whether the testosterone levesl were right, I had my blood taken to determine levels of testosterone as well as PSA, since the testosterone can increase these levels. On one occasion, the urologist phoned me to inform me that for my age the PSA levels were very high. After talking to me for a bit, I informed him that I had been hospitalized with a kidney infections. I was then told to repeat the tests to determine if the levels were elevated due to the infections that I had.
Avatar m tn He ALSO did a blood test for additional hormone levels and PSA and here are the results taken on Feb. 7th, 2012 at 9:00am: Reproductive Hormones - Roche Method Oestradiol - 86 pmol/L ( <160 ) Testosterone - 20.2 (11.5 - 32.0) ****UP from previous blood test*** SHBG - 28 nmol/L (15 - 50) Free Androgen Index (FAI) - 72.1 % (15 - 100) PSA - 1.6 ug/L ( 0.20 - 2.1 0 ) ***men 30 - 39, the median range is 0.75 ug/L.
Avatar n tn 58 is well within the normal range, however if considered on the higher side by your urologist, you could take a short antibiotic course and get the PSA levels repeated and if still high, consider getting free PSA levels done. You may like to discuss the situation with your treating urologist. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar m tn Religion, to get higher levels of Testosterone, Reduced Stress and many others, but I got to know that refraining from Masturbation has many horrifying side effects such as High PSA levels, Semen in Urine and Blue Balls. Can these side effects cause any long-term damage? How do I prevent them as much as possible? Please answer as quick as possible.
Avatar m tn feb 6,2014 surgery. Davinci Robotic. Geason 3+4. Stage pT2, pN0. My 1st follow up psa March 20 <0.02; June 20, psa 0.02; September 18 psa 0.06. my concern is the obvious rise in psa. Although significantly below .2 warning level. Any thoughts on this increase and or recomendations. Thank you.
Avatar n tn And your doctor told you what? Is the low testosterone level manifesting itself in any symptoms? If not you don't need any supplements, if so check with doctor for appropriate type and dose to take.
1139187 tn?1355706647 Hi, Yes, I think you should be concerned, you should maintain the levels within range and also monitor the PSA levels regularly. Needless to mention that any hormone replacement treatment should be done as per a doctor's advice only and regular consultation with the doctor is essential.
Avatar m tn - I saw a sex therapist lately, and i got a blood test to see PSA/Testosterone levels. the PSA was OK, but she said the testosterone was low. it was 4.7 np/dl, which I've read is normal per se, but she said it was too low. Is this correct? - She gave me some testosterone meds, and i don't think there is anything physically wrong. My intuition in life is pretty strong, and i think it's psychological. Though I read here http://emedicine.medscape.
Avatar n tn i am 43 and am worried. my dad has prostate cancer. they took blood to check psa levels. i was wandering if anybody else on here had or has an enlarged prostate around my age and what may cause this condition. std related, or other infection. i appreciate any help and thank you in advance..
Avatar m tn Hi Birth, At 46 there are to things that can incress your testosterone, DHEA is one,and its a hormone, but please read up about it first as it can have the odd funy side effect with the odd person, ok and two is Tribulus, and its a herb, now both of these run along the same lines by boosting your testosterone, lifting your libido and kicking up your energy levels, now I take both because I had ED and now in recovery.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your response. There are years of history here and I don't have my records, but I will try to recall as accuratly as possible. My first urologist did the normal exam and lab work and diagnosed me with "chronic prostititus". Over the next few years, he prescribed many different antibiotics. Of them, two seemed to start giving me some relief just an my prescription ran out. I expressed my feelings of slight improvement to him, but he would prescribe something different.
Avatar m tn - I saw a sex therapist lately, and i got a blood test to see PSA/Testosterone levels. the PSA was OK, but she said the testosterone was low. it was 4.7 np/dl, which I've read is normal per se, but she said it was too low. Is this correct? - She gave me some testosterone meds, and i don't think there is anything physically wrong. My intuition in life is pretty strong, and i think it's psychological. Am I on the right track, or does it need to change?
Avatar n tn ve had one visit with a urologist two weeks into my symptoms and he seemed to think I was suffering from pelvic inflammation. He did run a PSA test on me and my levels we normal. However, he did not do the routine prostate check. My symptoms have now been present for just over a month.
Avatar m tn I simply would like advice on general known things most comonly known to effect labido I might consider as a 38 year old healthy male who has been on HRT (100-200 test cyp per week) with no success in labido and e.d. Example, the things on my list so far are dopamine levels, proprolactin, psa. I have tested E2, cortisol, thyroid, adrenal wich all are middle normal range.
Avatar f tn blocking production of testosterone and lowerring PSA levels. I had almost a dozen side effects on Lupron. The worst were cardiac effects. Now I'm on Firmagon (Degerelix) for a month so far, and only ONE side effect: occasional sweating; not night sweats. I can deal with that. Ask the urologist to try this as it's been proven to work very fast(1-3 days to castration levels). Oncologists are extremely attatched to THEIR profession and have tunnel vision whwn it comes to other therapies.
Avatar n tn Usually older guys that take Cialis and Viagra and it works in the beggining and then stops later on down the road is when E2 levels go out of range. You should get tested for this ideal range should be between 20-32 pg/dl I think. You should talk to your doctor about taking either DIM or Armidex. You can buy DIM at your local health food store but you should talk to your doctor first and see what he thinks. Good Luck!
Avatar n tn s physician. Also, the PSA levels should be monitored closely now. Surgery is an option here. PSA levels are expected to decline after surgical removal of the prostate. At this point, discuss the options with the physician. Medications ( chemotherapy and hormone therapy) may be given first prior to radiation therapy or when surgical therapy fails to bring down PSA levels.
Avatar m tn In these conditions, the SHBG is increased and this decreases the amount of testosterone that is available for use. The opposite is true where SHBG is decreased and the free testosterone levels are high. This situation is seen in men with obesity and hypothyroidism; these men have normal amounts of testosterone available for use by the body but the serum testosterone level is decreased. Saliva or urine test results are considered a good representation of free hormone levels.
Avatar m tn PET scans are used to detect high levels of metabolism. PET scans have limited use in detection of prostate cancer metastases and bone scans are often used. Salvage radiation often occurs shortly after surgery (4-6 months). Given your time after surgery, hormones are the standard of care. Thank you for your question. Sincerely, Ashutosh (Ash) Tewari, MD http://www.cornellroboticprostate.org This forum is for information only.
Avatar m tn it does not stop growing and this is really annoying.
Avatar m tn I recently was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My PSA was 4.8 and a gleason of 3+3. I also do a lot of bicycle riding. I've already had an elevated PSA when I was tested 12 hours after a 35 mile bike ride. My question is, how long should I wait from my last bike ride before taking another PSA test.?
Avatar m tn In come men, this may cause a temporary increase in urinary symptoms and/or pain. It is recommended that your PSA and serum testosterone levels be monitored at regular intervals. Also, from what I have been reading that is normal protocal to shrink the prostate prior to the surgery and the Lupron Depot will do that. It also said there are 3 convenient dosages for tx once every 4 months 30 mg, once every 3 months 22.5 mg or monthly of 7.5 mg.