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Avatar m tn After having lost my left testicle due to complications of a vasectomy and having had numerous infections of the urinary tract, kidneys and testicles I have had problems with low testosterone levels. I lost the testicle a year after the vasectomy due to a staph infection and nearly died. I have problems with vision as well and had to give up driving in 2003. I have Rod/Cone dystrophy and have only 15 degrees of central vision.
Avatar m tn Although a new study shows that pre-treatment testosterone levels had no effect on prostate cancer gleason grade (1). A repeat PSA and possibly a biopsy would be needed to proceed with any clinical course of action. Thank you for your question. Sincerely, AKT (1) Sher DJ, et al. Absence of Relationship Between Steroid Hormone Levels and Prostate Cancer Tumor Grade. Urology. Nov 2008.
Avatar m tn 5grams) in 02 and my testosterone levels went from 300's to 800's. I cut back to 5days a week and they leveled at the 500 range. My PSA levels went up slowly from 1.7 to 2.8 in May 2008. Testosterone was 700 at that time. I just got back from the doctor 11/20/08 and PSA jumped to 6.8 and testosterone 1008. I'm setting up an appointment with a specialist and will probably end up with a biopsy.
Avatar n tn In a 45 year old man normal testosterone levels are around 600 ng/dl. Discuss with your doctor regarding the symptoms you have and ask for a hormone replacement therapy. Best.
Avatar m tn //www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1472885/...raises uncertainty about rising PSA levels and doing a biopsy for PC.
Avatar n tn Hi, Are you monitoring the T level after treatment? Both T level and PSA levels are to me monitored regularly and the dose level should be adjusted accordingly. Hope you are taking the treatment as per a doctor's advice.
Avatar n tn In this group of 345 men with a PSA of 4 or less, those who had low testosterone levels were actually more likely to develop cancer than those who had normal levels. This is a paradoxical finding, But it sheds light, that cancers do not seem to require an absolute need for normal (and by inference higher levels) of androgens.
Avatar n tn look up testosterone levels by age group, print out image flowcharts, make a paper plane out of it, and toss it at your knuckleheaded doctor and ask him/her why they are screwing up your life by being so damn ignorant.
Avatar m tn My PSA has been drifting upwards and after maintaining a level of around 500 for my testosterone, my most recent blood test show an increase of PSA from 3.4 to 3.7 and testosterone levels of 500+ down to 200. I am 63 years old. My concern is that my low testosterone levels may be masking higher PSA levels.
Avatar n tn Iam a 44 year old otherwise healthy male and I started to loose my testosterone about 2 years ago up until I finally had a test and it was almost nothing. I know it is common to loose your testosterone slowly but this fast. I started having severe sweating periods so I started taking testosterone replacement.
Avatar m tn To determine whether the testosterone levesl were right, I had my blood taken to determine levels of testosterone as well as PSA, since the testosterone can increase these levels. On one occasion, the urologist phoned me to inform me that for my age the PSA levels were very high. After talking to me for a bit, I informed him that I had been hospitalized with a kidney infections. I was then told to repeat the tests to determine if the levels were elevated due to the infections that I had.
953148 tn?1246323551 I know 3 men with similar scenarios and all are healthy pushing 80 after radiation treatments. As you age your testosterone levels decline and by the time your in your late 70s your psa might, once again be 0.00. If your bone scan is clear your fine. there is little or no side effects from the radiation as your continent before it starts, it's possible the treatments might weaken your control for a short time, but its temporary and after the first surgery you know the drill! Good luck!
Avatar m tn PET scans are used to detect high levels of metabolism. PET scans have limited use in detection of prostate cancer metastases and bone scans are often used. Salvage radiation often occurs shortly after surgery (4-6 months). Given your time after surgery, hormones are the standard of care. Thank you for your question. Sincerely, Ashutosh (Ash) Tewari, MD http://www.cornellroboticprostate.org This forum is for information only.
Avatar m tn Treatment with these drugs is sometimes called chemical castration because they lower androgen levels just as well as orchiectomy. LHRH Antagonists appears to reduce testosterone levels more quickly and does not cause tumor flare. Hormonal therapy is fairly nuanced and strategies differ from patient to patient and doctor to doctor. Some patients stop responding to hormones in a short amount of time some stay on the same hormone treatment for 10 years.
Avatar n tn 5 - 13) Now one doctor said I had adrenal insufficiency and low free testosterone and DHEAS and prescribed bioidentical hormones -- T cream and DHEAS (as well as Indol-Carbinol to reduce estrogen). She assured me no risks. But I was worried about how this would affect natural hormone production and went to an endo for 2nd opinion (but did start taking Indol-Carbinol).
Avatar m tn If so.. . What was your Total and Free Testosterone both before and after therapy? . Did you do a patch, gels, injections? What doses and frequencies? . Any positive effects? Mood? Energy? Muscle Mass? Sexual Function? Cholesterol? . Any negative effects? Mood? Energy? Skin? Cholesterol? Other? . How frequently are you monitored during therapy and are there any other monitoring tests you advise besides total test and free test? .
Avatar m tn 00am: Reproductive Hormones - Roche Method Oestradiol - 86 pmol/L ( <160 ) Testosterone - 20.2 (11.5 - 32.0) ****UP from previous blood test*** SHBG - 28 nmol/L (15 - 50) Free Androgen Index (FAI) - 72.1 % (15 - 100) PSA - 1.6 ug/L ( 0.20 - 2.1 0 ) ***men 30 - 39, the median range is 0.75 ug/L. This is high for my age*** Can anyone shed any light on my hormone levels and my high PSA level? Thanks!
Avatar n tn The funny part is that I had to end my career first in 2003 before this other urologist placed me on testosterone replacement therapy. My wife and children remarked on how much stress was relieved and how my moods had improved. Even with testosterone effecting moods we as patients still have a choice as to how we deal with things.
Avatar m tn TSH is a pituitary hormone that is affected by so many things that at best it is only an indicator, to be considered along with more important indicators such as symptoms and also levels of the biologically active thyroid hormones, Free T4 and Free T3. Also, TSH has no direct effect on symptoms. Your Free T4 is actually at a good level and does not indicate an overactive condition. You really need to be tested for Free T3, not Total T3.
Avatar n tn Lupron is one of the drugs he is currently taking. His PSA runs all over the place he has had readings as high as 1700 and as low as 24. Fluctuations occurr often..one time up real high then down next test. He now believes there is some correlation between his elevated PSAs and infection in his urinary tract. Is there any such correklation and is his assumption valid? Thasnks.
Avatar m tn I follow up with a physician and he gave me prolactin inhibitor and replacement for testosterone for a month but my breasts are still growing with no sign of effect
Avatar m tn I am a 51 y/o. PSA has been: 1.0 in 2001. 1.7 in 2002, 4.3 in dec of 2011 and 6.3 in apr of 2012. DRE has been positive for enlarged prostrate for couple years. I have been on medication for large prostrate about that long. I have very low testosterone levels. Have been taking bi-weekly shots for that. Brings me up to normal lower level. I have been scheduled for biopsy next month. The urologist put me on antibiotic. Says to retest PSA in three weeks (1 week prior to scheduled biopsy.).
Avatar n tn I am a 43 year old white male with no history of prostate cancer in my family. I have been made of aware and dealing with this enlarged prostate issue for a couple of years now, with little satisfying results. I have been seeing a urologist since 2009 with several digital exams and testosterone & psa tests. My testosterone level has dropped to very low levels to the point of the doctor putting me on adrogel. My beginning psa level was at 1.0.
Avatar m tn My hormone levels of TSH, Estrone, LH, DHEA, and TESTOSTERONE were all w/in the normal ranges and my prostate (PSA) level was normal as well. My question is could my TPO level be the cause of my sexual dysfunction?
Avatar n tn So far the test only reveal very low testosterone but my PSA was normal and even very low. At present my internist seems very confused and concerned. I have read that very low testosterone causes a lot of problems for a man my age and some of which are related to muscle issues. I also know that very low testosterone is sometimes caused by pituitary gland problems at my age. To date my doctor has made no mention of pituitary gland issues or concerns. My question is this.
Avatar m tn Religion, to get higher levels of Testosterone, Reduced Stress and many others, but I got to know that refraining from Masturbation has many horrifying side effects such as High PSA levels, Semen in Urine and Blue Balls. Can these side effects cause any long-term damage? How do I prevent them as much as possible? Please answer as quick as possible.
1616953 tn?1443839111 I was sorta relelieved that Dr Kaylor said I could be back on HTR after a year of good PSA. But a YEAR? And what if my PSA is bad? This is going to require some creative way to make Beth happy in the bedroom. Fake it till I make it #2.
Avatar m tn Hi Birth, At 46 there are to things that can incress your testosterone, DHEA is one,and its a hormone, but please read up about it first as it can have the odd funy side effect with the odd person, ok and two is Tribulus, and its a herb, now both of these run along the same lines by boosting your testosterone, lifting your libido and kicking up your energy levels, now I take both because I had ED and now in recovery.
1649405 tn?1366260626 My husband has past history of irregular PSA(prostate). He had his testosterone levels checked because of certain complaints. His level was 340. They checked again and it had dropped. They put him on Axiron and it has only continued to drop. Currently it is total T is 115 and free T is 3.32. He is having constant headaches, extreme changes in emotions/moods, depression, night sweats, problems sleeping, ED. We are baffled at what to do next. His urologists called and scheduled appt.