Testosterone and pheromones

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Avatar m tn But the degree of this contribution is not easy to gauge. There are many pos and some neg effects to high testosterone.
Avatar n tn Pheromones and hormones aren’t the same thing. Also, female and male hormones and female and male pheromones are not the same either. PATM exist for both women and men despite our differences on the above. If you are referring to an over concentrated sex hormone, they usually show visual signs on the body months before a doctor takes blood samples for tests. “And androgenous odors are often perceived to be "musky" in scent.
Avatar m tn For instance, the male pheromone product has androgen among the hormone mix. While hormones and pheromones have different purposes, it seems there’s a cross here. https://www.athenainstitute.com/ But that’s not the interesting part. The interesting part is, this compound solution is ODORLESS and cost around $100 USD per bottle. It’s a tiny bottle that you can mix with your favorite perfume.
Avatar n tn Vaginal smells and tastes aren’t related to pheromones, etc. And your breasts and vagina don’t have the same glands. In fact, why your breast would smell and taste like an onion is a mystery to me. However, various factors CAN affect the smell and taste of your vaginal lubrication. One obvious factor is the form of contraception you use, since some forms can affect your bodily chemistry. Therefore, you might experiment with various contraceptives to see if your smell changes.
Avatar f tn Your male is picking up pheromones that your female has when she's in heat-your male smells them and tries to get some action. Once you get her fixed, then I can almost guarantee that this will stop. I wouldn't wait too long to get her fixed. The longer you wait, the more likely she will get breast cancer and uterine cancer. Ask your vet, they'll tell ya the same thing!
Avatar n tn I'm sorry everyone, but I am laughing a little bit at the irony in all of this. The smell everyone is referring to is TESTOSTERONE. After a particularly vigorous "romp" large amounts of testosterone are released into the body and then breaks down shortly after, giving the "manly smell". In some people it's "fishy" in others it's "musky". It depends on the person's own chemistry (and the person smelling it as well).
Avatar n tn for me it was a combination of not being around women for a very long time and high blood pressure. My testosterone levels dropped and the urologist said that that is where the phrase "if you dont use it you lose it" came from. (you need to get your hormone levels up as well to keep him going..
Avatar m tn Find some real girls and start sniffing and touching them. You have unwired, I think you need to rewire.
Avatar n tn I even faked/pretended to be afraid that I have testosterone deficiency and underwent a lot of stress with the doctors! I started thinking maybe this happens only with me! So I started trying to control my masturbation a few weeks back... The first time it was very tough not to sit back and watch some porn or some cyber sex and get off... I lasted only a day and the next I was at it... The next streak was 3 days though after which I failed the next 2.