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Avatar f tn However, recently I developed moderate acne and noticed new hair growth at the corners of my mouth and in between my eyebrows. It turns out that i have a mildly elevated total testosterone level but normal SHBG. Could the elevated total testosterone be causing these symptoms and be enough to diagnose PCOS or is my elevated total testosterone in someway linked to my T3 use?
557911 tn?1225980644 He said that cholesterol isnt always high, but it has been associated with it and he thinks that mine is because of the PCOS. My total is fine but the bad is high and good is low. My free testosterone is too high as well. I don't have the cysts though, which really surprised me.
Avatar n tn But I thought I would ask, is anyone that has PCOS symptoms (high testosterone, insulin resistance) and on BCP on any other BCP besides Yasmin, and does it control PCOS symptoms? Have you seen any side effects?
Avatar n tn A lot of women with cysts or PCOS have elevated testosterone levels and therefore, have excessive hair, thinning hair, etc. Losing weight and other meds help control the symptoms. Talk to your doctor. If you don't feel that they give you the attention you need, please look for another doctor that will :) Good luck!
Avatar n tn As for hysterectomy and influence on hormones...I have no idea. Perhaps it's the influence on your facial hair. If not, I would think a look into Testosterone & Dhea-s (or perhaps Testosterone alone would suffice.) P.C.O.S. can cause hirsutism (and a number of women who suffer hypothyroidism, also have PCOS). As can adrenal problems. I would ask your doctor to take a look into your hormones (Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone...), if only to put your mind at ease.
Avatar f tn 8-291 SHBG 36 nmol/L the DHEAS and testosterone are way high and now we are very concerned that a tumor might exist causing this . Please advise on this if any experience to the above or as to similar cases .
Avatar f tn The warning signs of PCOS are irregular or absent period, excessive facial or body hair, weight gain, trouble losing weight, and bad acne. You can have your testosterone levels drawn to see if you have PCOS. If you think you might, go to your gyno and ask about being tested. Best of luck!
1467678 tn?1370941532 He advised me that the blood work showed i have high testosterone levels and i have PCOS, ( the ultrasound and internal ultrasound, helped him to understand this. and that my tolerance to glucose isnt very good. i havent had a period since june and to my knowledge i do not ovulate. how can i speed this up to try and concieve within the next few months.
Avatar n tn I have elevated testosterone also and I have pcos. I also have insulin resistance they said. Was your insulin up?
2100308 tn?1388496839 Im the same and i was told that not all symtoms will show in everyone so some women miss periods and others are like clockwork
Avatar n tn Due to some concern over these results my physician decided to recheck them on 9/25/08 and again my Free Testosterone was high at 3.14 and my Testosterone was also elevated at 79. During my research about high Testosterone in woman PCOS is something that came up more often than anything else. If you could please help me with any information available I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much!
Avatar n tn My testosterone level and triglycerides level are high. The doctor ordered glucose tolerance test and sure enough the results came back that I have insulin resistance. The doctor then put me on Metformin. I have been on Metformin for almost a year now and my dose was increased from 500mg to 1000mg a day. I am have several dry skin, my hair keeps falling off, and diarrhea.
Avatar n tn I am not a doctor but I can tell you that most woman that have higher level of testosterone suffer from PCOS. I have a higher level of testosterone and i have had PCOS all of my life.. but was diagnose in 2001. You should go to your doctor and ask to be tested for PCOS.. Good luck..
Avatar f tn thanks for your comment .. I had the bloods done and it shows high testosterone so doctor said its a sure case of pcos.. I just dont have the normal appearance of polycystic ovaries. not sure where to go from here..
Avatar f tn actually metformin regulates your insulin and testosterone levels which for many women is why their cycle is irregular. the high insulin and testosterone prevent you LH from rising which prevents ovulation. so for most women when the hormones levels return to normal it can trigger ovulation, then two weeks later a period.
374593 tn?1257879950 FSH ratio was consistent with PCOS, anyhow i got the testosterone level today and they said it was 68 (i guess it should be under 75 they said) but that anything over 30 its really too much... They said we won't do anything different this cycle, but we need to get the LH level down.. Does anyone know how that is done?? are there any ways of lowering testosterone either?? Has anyone had similar ? Thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn they showed high levels of testosterone which my doctor said is PCOS. In the repost on the ultrasound it said there are undermatured follicles in the ovaries but not in a classic polycystic way ??? im not sure what that means and neither did my doctor as he said the report was worded badly.. Does it mean there are cysts there???
Avatar f tn I started dieting and exercising and was not losing any weight. I then had some tests done and found out I have high testosterone. The dr said it could be PCOS, but my insulin came back really low. Are there any other tests I should ask? I feel sick all the time. Even when my thyroid is ok, I still feel exhausted, brain fog, achey, etc. Insulin 1.6 L (1.9-23) Glucose fasting 86 (60-99) Testosterone total 87.2 H (18-70) Free Testosterone 14.9 H (.6-6.
Avatar f tn t whether or not you will ovulate this cycle, but I can tell you that I have PCOS and I had strong OPKs and no rise in BBT. However, I was not having regular periods. It is probably a sign that the other symptoms are showing up. I even had a postive HPT that turned out to be false. I think you should see your doctor and have some tests.
Avatar f tn So she talked to my GYN on the phone and she said she cannot confirm my former diagnosis of PCOS with completely normal testosterone levels and ovulation present. My periods had been completely normal up to the age of 24. I have never taken BC pills or anything else. Since then, they haven't been that regular and my periods often start with brown discharge for the first 2 days.
Avatar n tn s possible I could have had implantation bleeding and could be pregnant but only time and a test will tell! The benefits with Metformin and PCOS are worth it in my opinion.
Avatar f tn I am due to see an endocrinologist but in the mean time wanted to see if anyone with PCOS has the other symptoms I have or if anyone else might have been misdiagnosed with PCOS and had something else and if so, what that was?
Avatar f tn For PCOS, I have stopped taking medicines, due to very severe side effects. I have consulted dietitian for a PCOS diet and joined gym to reduce weight, as suggested by doctor. Now I have reduced some weight. my normal periods are of 45 days. Initially i have gone to doctor as i do not got periods for last 75 days. But now again my periods are back to normal i,e, 45 days. Now should i stop taking thyroid medicine or I have to take it for life long. What step should I take as precaution for PCOS.
Avatar f tn With the high testosterone and glucose levels as well as the ovarian cysts, it's possible she could have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which is a metabolic disorder of insulin resistance. Cystic ovaries are a common manifestation of this disorder. The typical presentation of ovarian cysts associated with PCOS is a strand of pearls which cannot always be differentiated as separate cysts on ultrasound. These types of cysts do not require treatment.
Avatar m tn Regarding inositol, I know that it often is used to help with insulin sensitivity and hormonal imbalance, two issues that plague many PCOS sufferers. Since acne can be caused by an excess of free testosterone, this may be why inositol was prescribed -- to reduce the free testosterone. I'm not sure if your free testosterone has ever been tested but I don't think it usually is part of any routine labs.
Avatar f tn Women with PCOS can have high testosterone. It's interesting that she used to have PCOS. I have to wonder if the high T is one of the lingering traits even though her periods have normalized. (I assume her periods have normalized on their own - no birth control). You didn't say if her ovarian cysts have disappeared but cysts associated with PCOS are just a symptom. One can have the underlying metabolic traits of PCOS (e.g.