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Avatar f tn m really alarmed and how my libido has dropped so much during the past six months. I eat healthy and practice yoga 3-5 times a week, but the only time I think about sex is when my man lets me know how horny he is. He's been supportive and understanding, but he deserves to be sexually satisfied, and of course on some level things I've lost interest for non-medical reasons.
Avatar n tn m a 20 year old male experiencing no libido (rarely had one) and recently had my testosterone levels checked and doctors says there all normal. Testosterone came back at 11.7 nmol/L and my Serum TSH came back at 1.4A mlU/l. After a bit of researching it seems that my Testosterone levels are within the reference ranges but they should be at least double for a man my age. I had groin hernia surgery when I kid, don't know if this is at all related.
Avatar m tn i have low body temp, no libido, no energy, thinning of my eyebrows, ringing in my ears, memory lost, anxiety and depression. doc doesn't take the time to listen, its like a human mill at the office. its not normal for the libido and temp, but they dont listen. any suggestions. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1276467'>low body temperature</a>.
Avatar n tn Symptoms are fatigue, frequent urination, fatigue, sleeplessness, mentally slow, and decreased to zero libido. My blood tests are available below. Obviously, testosterone at 71 ng/dL is a major concern along with LH at 1.1. Can anyone interpret these for me and rule out hypothyroid vs. overtraining. I have since stopped training and plan on taking 2 weeks to rest and recovery intensely. Any comments are appreciated. Thank you- Prolactin – 8.1 NG/ML TT4 – UG/DL FT4 - 79 ng/dL TSH – 0.
Avatar m tn With correcting the thyroid, things should improve but also test testosterone levels.
Avatar n tn I take self administered testosterone injections every two weeks.Makes me have more energy,libido, and motivation. The only negative side effect for me is that an excess of testosterone will raise the estrogen levels. If I take a small amount of arimidiex-no problems. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I do test I discove that I have low testosterone I start treatment and I take testosterone injection called Nebido 1000 after I take the injection The situation did not improve no sex drive or libido I do testosterone test I found result testosetrone high 8.7 but there's no any effect inside my body !!!!! What are the causes of high testosterone level without any effect on the body ???? the problem in testosterone receptor or in what ??
Avatar m tn He went in to see a hormone doctor and come to find out his testosterone levels have dropped dramatically. I really like his testosterone doctor because even though my husband was on the low-end of normal he still treated my husband because of his symptoms . My husband has been on testosterone therapy for over a year now and he says he feels like a new man. His doctor does all of the follow-up testing every three months to make sure his cardiac health stays OK because of the testosterone.
Avatar f tn First of all, yes I have all the hyperthyroid symptoms (trouble sleeping, high energy, high appetite, sometimes nervousness.) But my hyperthyroidism is a clinical treatment to suppress TSH because I've had thyroid cancer (papillary carcinoma.) So the bottom line is that I've learned to deal with all of the symptoms except this one. Second, I wanted to talk about birth control.
Avatar m tn Testosterone replacement is a complex thing about which the vast majority of health practitioners are not adequately informed. Frankly, T replacement for the issues you specifically report usually has minimal effect, often just temporary. Overly aggressive T replacement without adequate co-medications (such as HCG) can result in painful testicles and permanent testicular atrophy. There are very few practitioners who are adept at T replacement, which, honestly, is still in its infancy.
Avatar m tn 241 - 827 but i am facing ED problem. less libido, hair fall, ruf hair, becoming lean day by day and huge pimples on my back, i wont get erection on morning, quick ejaculation, decreased muscle mass, please specify the what might be the reason for these problems. i am having normal thyroid levels also.
Avatar m tn After brachytherapy for my cancer, I am in remission, and after 2+ years resumed taking androgel. I am on androgel again, and have high Testosterone levels (about 1000), but my libido has never recovered. I also have had hypothyroidism, but have been taking synthroid for it for many years with no adverse impact on my libido. Does anyone have a suggestion for what to do?
Avatar m tn I have been diagnosed with low testosterone and fibromyalgia. I am 33 and was diagnosed at about 28. I really think I have always had this as a problem, just undiagnosed till now. Can long term low T levels cause muscle fiber deterioration and chronic debilitating muscle pain. Sometimes I couldn't even tell you where it hurts, and I am always sick and ran down. My doc has me on a T cream.
Avatar n tn Projesterone is also necessary for libido. It is a female harmon. Testesteone and projesterone both are needed in the right proportion to get enhanced libido.For incresing libido there are exercise mostly based on breathing. you may google to fond the techniques. One of the popular and effective exercise is male deer exercise.
Avatar f tn Libido in both men and women is related closely to the level of testosterone in the blood (yes women have testosterone produced largely by the adrenal glands and men have so-called female hormones in their system). Testosterone level in the blood can be increased by a number of medications (androgel applied to the skin of the stomach, shots in the buttocks, etc.) all of which require a doctor's prescription.
Avatar m tn that's funny i'm trying to increase my libido and testosterone. This isn't really a good option, but i've heard weed can decrease testosterone levels..............
Avatar m tn Struggling the past few months with depression, anxiety, insomnia and loss of libido. Some recent test results for your consideration. What could be causing the low FSH and LH? How can I raise these levels? Is there a relation between the low FSH+LH and the T? And should I undergo testosterone therapy? Thanks. Nov. 2016 FSH: 1.5 (Low) Reference range: 1.6 - 8.0 mIU/mL LH: 0.5 (Low) Reference range: 1.5 - 9.
Avatar n tn i had some erectile dysfunction and a little low libido but not depressed or anything. 2 days after the surgery , my libido went through the roof , and i had the best erections ever . I was horny all day literally, i really felt really high and happy like never before ( high test level signs) . then , suddenly after exactly 7 days , the libido took a nose dip and i have a hard time getting an erection or getting aroused , i have to force it .
Avatar m tn I am a 35yo male and have been suffering form severe depression and low libido so I had some testing done. I submitted a saliva neuro adrenal test by Genova labs and all my neurotransmitters were way low and the cortisol levels are as follows...9:30am=5.2 ( range 7.0-10), 2:30pm=8.3 (range 3.0-6.0), 7:30pm=13.8 (range 2.0-4.0), 12:30am=8.1 (range <1.5). So my cortisol is spiking at 7:30pm which is completely backwards. My DHEA was 285.2 (range 63-644).
Avatar m tn ve been more fatigue, gaining weight and have low libido. I got tested for low T and I just received my test results. The number was 274. I know that 's considered low. I've been doing a lot of research and reading and found out that most of the treatments available give a warning about sleep apnea. I've been diagnosed with sleep apnea. However, I'm under treatment for it (CPAP). Can anybody tell me the relation between Low T, treatment and sleep apnea?
Avatar n tn The doctor checked my testosterone level due to and adverse affect of opiates, and I didnot have any. He put me on supplemental testosterone, but I have read it would come back naturally and taking supplements will stop the natural production of my testosterone. Anyone had this issue.
Avatar f tn Any hunch what could be reason if male has low libido and ed in mornings? Things gets better the more day advances. The highest libido in evenings before getting too sleepy. What i've read men should have highest testosterone in morning thus doesn't it mean also highest libido? Why it is up-side-down?
Avatar m tn I got my dr to check everything else last time and to me my dht and dhea are very low as well as my testosterone, but my testosterone was a little higher before I started the injections. thinking about stopping them all together and going to try to get him to pursue one of the other possibilities. heres my results. I threw everything that I had checked in the only thing that gets me is the dhea and dht. and before I started the injections my t levels were around 360.