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Avatar m tn What could be causing the low FSH and LH? How can I raise these levels? Is there a relation between the low FSH+LH and the T? And should I undergo testosterone therapy? Thanks. Nov. 2016 FSH: 1.5 (Low) Reference range: 1.6 - 8.0 mIU/mL LH: 0.5 (Low) Reference range: 1.5 - 9.3 Sex Hormone Binding Glob: 30 Reference range: 10 - 50 nmol/L Dihydrotestosteron: 25 Reference range: 16 - 79 ng/dL Testosterone, Tot, LC/MS/MS: 295 Reference range: 250 - 1100 ng/dL Testosterone, Free: 48.
Avatar m tn Well I think you should also take blood tests for FSH, LH and Testosterone and perhaps repeat prolactin again in a few months time. If you know that you produced sperm at some point in your lifetime, then probably you will be able to produce sperm again once the medication takes full effect and prolactin is stabilized. However, FSH is the best test you can take because then you will know whether your testicles are working or not.
374593 tn?1257879950 FSH ratio was consistent with PCOS, anyhow i got the testosterone level today and they said it was 68 (i guess it should be under 75 they said) but that anything over 30 its really too much... They said we won't do anything different this cycle, but we need to get the LH level down.. Does anyone know how that is done?? are there any ways of lowering testosterone either?? Has anyone had similar ? Thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn Obviously, testosterone at 71 ng/dL is a major concern along with LH at 1.1. Can anyone interpret these for me and rule out hypothyroid vs. overtraining. I have since stopped training and plan on taking 2 weeks to rest and recovery intensely. Any comments are appreciated. Thank you- Prolactin – 8.1 NG/ML TT4 – UG/DL FT4 - 79 ng/dL TSH – 0.397 uiu/mL TT3 - .65 NG/ML FSH – 2.5 MIU/ML LH – 1.1 MIU/ML Serum,Testosterone – 71 ng/dL Cortisol – 10.
Avatar m tn I have read Tribulus, one of the herbal components of the X180 supplement increases Testosterone (T) level by boosting LH and FSH . In your case, even though the LH and FSH are marginally above limits, I feel the damage is mainly done by the high estrogen level and if you can reduce the same ( which any way you need to do), with proper diet and exercise, I would think you will be able to realize the good effects of high testosterone.
Avatar m tn All those analyses can give information, the anterior lobe of the pituitary produces and releases (secretes) six main hormones: GH (measured by Igf-1), TSH (by free t4 can have an idea), ACTH (cortisol levels reflects that, because it's production is stimulated by ACTH), LH and FSH (LH is synthesized within the same pituitary cells as FSH and under the same stimulus (GnRH)) and prolactin. You should do the MRI if doctors thinks it's necessary.
Avatar m tn This makes me think he is not a very good endocrinologist. I looked online and there are lots of treatments for LH therapies. Testosterone alone shrinks testicles and your body can completely loose its ability to produce testosterone. i have read that I need to take something called HCG, human chorionic gondadotropin. This should raise my LH and stimulate natural production of testosterone. Should I take this. Here is where I can finally ask a question.
Avatar m tn Also, the LH hormone produced by the pituitary is the trigger for testes to produce testosterone, so if the brain does not produce enough LH, then also an otherwise functional testes will not produce enough hormone. Higher amounts of estrogen will also compete for testosterone receptors in the brain, so that the LH produced by the brain will reduce, which in turn lowers the production of testosterone. How old are you?
Avatar m tn but high LH is positive for testosterone. For instance Clomid causes both LH and FSH to spike, mine are off the charts. Simply put from wiki: Luteinizing hormone (LH, also known as lutropin [1] and sometimes lutrophin [2]) is a hormone produced by gonadotroph cells in the anterior pituitary gland. In females, an acute rise of LH ("LH surge") triggers ovulation[3] and development of the corpus luteum.
Avatar n tn Were any other androgen levels tests - LH, FSH, dhea sulfate, any testosterone levels, or SHBH? Estrogen and testosterone are related and estrogen comes from multiple sources.
Avatar f tn Hello, What is the level of his testosterone? Normally the levels of LH and FSH will be high if the testosterone level is determined to be low by the brain. It therefore implies that the problem is mainly with the testes. Varicocele does affect the sperm production in the testes as it increases the temperature of the scrotum, thus interfering with the functions of the other healthy testicle also.
Avatar f tn Since you are telling me your periods are regular, then I assume you have PCO ovaries on ultrasound and excess hair growth or elevated testosterone? If true, you may have PCO, If not, I am not so sure. Regardless, what is most important if you are trying to get pregnant is that you have regular periods and usually seem to ovulate regularly. As for this unusual month, have you used clomid?
Avatar m tn , 160lbs) and I have never taken any steroids/drug to affect my levels. My LH seems low for a man of my age and on most medical websites, the ideal range is 2-14, which puts me even lower than this shows. Also my FSH does not look ideal. While my testosterone is not too worrisome, I still would of predicted it to be higher. I am just curious as to if this is something I should bring back to my GP or not. Thanks a lot in advance.
Avatar m tn The doctor ordered a second testosterone level along with prolactin and LH. The testosterone was confirmed low with a result of 148 ng/dL. The LH was normal at 3.8 mIU/mL and the prolactin was slightly elevated at 17.3 ng/mL (reference range 4.0 – 15.2). The nurse called and stated that the testosterone was confirmed low however was secondary because the prolactin was slightly elevated. She stated the doctor wants an MRI to check pituitary gland.
Avatar f tn FSH levels are important as they are usuall low and not enugh to stimulate follicle production, as i why meds are usually taken, clomid or FSH injetables and LH being high means that a surge will no happen to mature and release the egg for ovulation in which a trigger shot ovidriel is usally given, but if you have a resonable cycle good luck and if you do fall pregnant then you should have no problems carrying to term
Avatar f tn 8-291 SHBG 36 nmol/L the DHEAS and testosterone are way high and now we are very concerned that a tumor might exist causing this . Please advise on this if any experience to the above or as to similar cases .