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Avatar f tn Alternatively, you could have a problem with your adrenal glands, and they could be over producing testosterone. I am going to assume that if your MRI showed anything abnormal, they would have called you, but I would also encourage you to call them for results! Its important to know all the information! Depending upon what your risk for blood clots is, you might be able to use depo-Provera to suppress the ovaries and the testosterone.
Avatar m tn t answer a lot of your questions, being female and all, but I can tell you that my brother has alot of the same issues. He is overweight and smokes, but he also had his hormones tested and his testosterone levels were off-the-chart LOW. This has led to even more weight-gain for him and very low libido. He was told there was nothing they could do about his low testosterone, but I have heard that they can give you testosterone injections.
Avatar m tn Also the causes of low testosterone can be primary, secondary or tertiary and all the causes need to be ruled out. Your husband may need a series of investigations like urine examination, urine culture, ultrasound or cystoscopy to confirm the diagnosis. Please consult a urologist and get it done. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn After having lost my left testicle due to complications of a vasectomy and having had numerous infections of the urinary tract, kidneys and testicles I have had problems with low testosterone levels. I lost the testicle a year after the vasectomy due to a staph infection and nearly died. I have problems with vision as well and had to give up driving in 2003. I have Rod/Cone dystrophy and have only 15 degrees of central vision.
Avatar m tn Im 37 yrs old and have pain in my genitals and groin and lower abdomen i also have lumps in my ejaculate, i dont feel well most of the time and i have a lot of nausea and my testosterone levels are abnormally low. Can prostatitis cause all of these symptoms? I have had an ultrasound that showed my prostate was 4.5 cm but have had no further investigations.
Avatar n tn m not sure if there is a correlation between testosterone and ovarian cysts but maybe someone will address that. Your cysts are small and there is no real evidence to panic at this time. Leave a message with your doctor's answering service and ask to be called back this weekend. Hang in there.
Avatar n tn Since then I have been in a dreamlike state and everything looks very weird and strange. I was wondering if others had these symptoms and if they ever abate/recede, or what I can do about them.
Avatar f tn s which is too much cortisol before) there are also other hormones too like renin and aldosterone which govern sodium and potassium, and DHEA which can give off a hormone that can turn into testosterone or estrogen. So those cysts can be putting pressure on the adrenals and can be effecting a lot of things. If her sodium and potassium are effected, that can also be life threatening - in other words, she really needs to see an expert soon. She really needs testing to tell what is going on.
Avatar m tn But long term use of testosterone and other steroids have transient effects and there is no scientific evidence that performance is enhanced. There is abuse liability so I would suggest you to follow up with a physician or endocrinologist for case to case prescriptions. Take care!
Avatar f tn Suboxone not only effects sex drive it effects Testosterone levels. There is a lot of misunderstanding of this out there. Viagra and Cialis without sex drive equals an erection that allows for sex but no satisfaction to the male if there is no drive. Low testosterone causes low sex drive and erectile dysfunction.
Avatar n tn The doctor checked my testosterone level due to and adverse affect of opiates, and I didnot have any. He put me on supplemental testosterone, but I have read it would come back naturally and taking supplements will stop the natural production of my testosterone. Anyone had this issue.
919239 tn?1269394658 im in the same boat battled for years and years with anxiety and depression i finally found out last year my testosterone levels are at that of a 70 yr old im 32 not good...
484508 tn?1290010544 In depression and hypomanic state there is a depressed mood, disinterest in activities and also low testosterone can occur. Depression can occur due to reduced level of testosterone in the body. So, supplementation with testosterone might help you. Side effects of testosterone therapy if done in excess can lead to neoplasm’s in the genital organs, gonads. Kindly consult an endocrinologist in this regard. Take care.
Avatar n tn came across a low thyroid problem one year ago and now facing testosterone problems im at total of 304 and I am having sex problems too.I told my regular dr. About sayd it was all in my head tht everything was okay. I went to another place were they do hormone test and took my own list of test I wanted done im not gona lie there were like 20 test I wanted done amr they were just missing 2 tht ran me around $600... I still havent gone to get my results.... by the way im on armour thyroid 30mg.
Avatar n tn The size is determined by the testosterone receptors which don’t change in number after puberty and thus taking any testosterone boosters is not going to affect the size of the penis. I sincerely hope I am able to address your query & hope that helps. Take care.
202436 tn?1326474333 ...........................................................................................................................................................................................................well first let me say that all looks good...there's a 4 chamber heart, 3 vessel cord, brain looks good, both kidneys, all limbs and other pieces parts. Heartbeat was 162 and it's a girl...
Avatar m tn I made an appointment with a Urologist a couple weeks ago because I have been having issues with maintaining an erection and one of the things that the doctor did was take some blood to check my testosterone levels. I am involved in a committed relationship and it has taken a tole on both of us for months. Back in 2007 I took testosterone (Steroids) for about 6-8 weeks. My testosterone level came back as 287 which is low for a man of any age.
Avatar n tn I am extremely depressed and am suffering with hypothyroidism, low testosterone, too much estrogen, high cholesterol and low Vitamin D what is wrong with me? I originally thought that everything here is linked to depression from stress and anxiety so I started taking Lexapro for the depression. But my wife thinks that maybe all of these things are linked to a health issue. About 11 months ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and low thyroid, so I am taking red rice yeast and .
Avatar m tn Has anyone else had a rise in BP with testosterone? Im 36 and in decent shape, BMI is 33 and am taking BP meds. Looking for feedback or personal experiences. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I just wanted to see if low testosterone was still common. I failed to mention I am bipolar and been on many meds and also overweight. Just wanted to see if there were any males that deal with low testosterone. I already had planned on getting the test.
Avatar n tn My urologist tested my testosterone only, which he concluded was normal, and said he expected my situation to improve. Well, it has not, and it is causing me major stress. I first began having problems about a year ago soon after a breakup. Since then, I have not felt right. My level of sexuality plummeted, and I simply don't know what to do. Have there been any traumatic occurrences lately in your life?
Avatar f tn we are actually healthy persons because hbv makes no damage to us, only few patients have strong immune system damaging liver and that is only the liver nothing else of the body...so tdf on hbv studies has 1% of kidneys issues on hbv carriers already having these issues before tdf start if your kidneys are fine from the start, very high creatinine clearance, you ll have no issues.
7059039 tn?1389576984 my question is though has anyone peed blood about four months after stopping coricidin, and also does any one sometimes have severe kidney pain.