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237053 tn?1258828426 What I have heard over the years that has to do with pregnancy and MS, is that the woman's body will shut off part of her immune system to allow her body to carry the "foreign being," inside of her body. Otherwise the pregnancy would be attacked by the immune system and destroyed. This lasts until about 3-6 months after delivery. Usually about 3 months. So scientists are trying to figure out how the immune system "shuts off" to allow the pregnancy to continue.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with hep c many years ago and went through the Interferon treatment, my numbers were over 4 million to start with and they had gotten down to around 27,000 at the time I had to stop. Know I have issues with my Immune system, can anybody tell me if that's is a bad sign or what.
Avatar f tn I am diabetic now, I have had kidney stones and gall bladder surgeries. I had 7 surgeries in 18 months. Can the chemo still affect my immune system?
Avatar m tn I already said it before and I recommend that you read the forum at its widest. I have not had a cold since I had PATM, nothing of any disease, only sometimes I cover one side of my nose, I do not have any infection in the skin. Nothing.
Avatar f tn Researchers have found that sugar, even just 1 teaspoon, impairs your immune system by 50 percent for up to a few hours after consumption. And if you eat a little bit of sugar now and then throughout the day, your immune system will be impaired by 50 percent ALL DAY LONG! At lectures given back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, pioneering University of Alabama nutrition researcher Professor Emanuel Cheraskin, M.D., first explained sugar’s hold on the immune system.
Avatar m tn s told me the best way to fight hepa B is to make immune system stronger. I am new member here and I am positive hepa b carrier.
1262322 tn?1287412786 Since several years my immune system seems to get worse and worse. Wheat and dairy cause stomach pain and skin reactions so I try never to eat these products. But I also had uveitis three times in the last three years. Skin rashes - apparently caused by stress, extremely bad flues, constant tiredness... and don't get the wrong idea, I'm no wimp and I rarely complain. I'm just wondering, is there anything we Aspies should take to help our immune system?
Avatar n tn hi not to sure with the faldaprevir ,my hubby on wk20 with 4wk to go he on triple tx using teleprevir,but yes it does weaken your immune system and was told by hep doc to make sure you eat well, plenty of fresh food and fresh food, i know it is hard when appetite goes but try to eat little but often also because hubby is nearly 62 he was advised to have the flu jab also try to get some fresh air and exercise each day that will boost your system.
478228 tn?1215161484 If so, the interferon can suppress white blood cells and reduce the ability of the immune system to combat infection. This is often monitored by ‘absolute neutrophil count’, available in his Complete Blood Count (CBC test). If this is the case, medical intervention may be required. Preferably, an injectable drug called Neupogen is ordered to encourage production of white blood cells.
Avatar n tn I hope you are having better luck with the med then i am. I have heard mixed things about it so who knows. For you immune system take Zinc pill but dont exceed more then 90 mgs and take a multi vitamin. Go to you local nutrition store and ask them they are really helpful.... i.e.
Avatar n tn I am very worried, as I am being treated for a UTI and my papsmear results came in and the Doctor left me a mesaage to discuss my results. I'm thinking of every scenario possible. I cant get a hold of her , said she will return my call. Anyone experience this? On top of that, I went to the dermatologist and I have shingles -__- on my back right side.
Avatar f tn When I get sick with a cold, or any virus that invades my body, my immune system attacks it and I get better. Because I have had HepC for so long, and my immune system has constantly been trying to battle it, doesn't that mean that it has not had the same strength to battle other illnesses at the same time? When I look back, before I knew I hade HepC, everytime I even got a cold, it took me about 2 to 3 weeks to get rid of it and everyone else in my family was over it in 4 to 5 days.
Avatar m tn t think it is a good indicator of the overall health of your immune system. Everybody responds differently to the virus and while a person with a weakened immune system would likely have a bad outbreak, a bad outbreak does not indicate a weak immune system.
Avatar m tn In any sort of way, is it possible that a poor immune system can cause fainting throughout someone's life?
Avatar f tn Hi. I have a friend who has a weakend immune system due to medications from a transplant. She is now worried she contracted an STD from her boyfriend who cheated on her. She is not showing any symptoms although she still plans on getting tested. We were curious, however, if she is more likely than a person with a regular immune system to show symptoms or not?
Avatar m tn m sorry to bother you again, but as I had my severe fatigue investigated, docs noted an abnormally low testosterone level (below lower range). Would this affect my immune system in such a way that I would have to retest beyond the 3 month point? Thanks for your reply.
Avatar m tn But zinc can be stimulating in small ways -- it ups immune system activity and it also can affect testosterone levels, usually in a beneficial way but I suppose a very sensitive person could notice. You also could be sensitive to the picolinic acid.
Avatar n tn I have had a kidney transplant and take medicines to suppress my immune system. My question is: If my immune system isn't strong, will I ever be able to get rid of my genital warts?
Avatar f tn I know that is not chronic drug use but I am not really informed on the effects ecstasy or cocaine have on the immune system and I was just wondering how much (if this was possible at all) a person would need to use for to cause them to be considered possible late seroconverters
663901 tn?1232649671 But another side is most of us get sick far more easily, we often do not eat as well as we should, look after ourselves, sleep as well as others or exercise properly - its a combination of factors but some medications can depress the immune system yes, and depression itself makes people sick.
Avatar n tn I've read that eczema is some kind of disruption in the immune system and there are many treatments that reduce the immune system to get rid of the eczema. Does that mean that taking echinecha and other tablets that strengthen the immune system is bad for eczema?
Avatar f tn ve read some posts on the internet that someone with a healthy immune system is less likely to have outbreaks is there any truth to that? Should I take immune system boosters? I have HSV2 and have never officially had an outbreak but have neuralgia on the back of my leg. I started taking Valtrex a couple months after the leg pain continued and it went away. I'm just trying to make sure I am taking all the precautions on my part to avoid spreading and having any recurring symptoms.