Testosterone and heart failure

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Avatar f tn Prolonged standing Long airplane flights or automobile rides Menstrual periods (for some women) Pregnancy -- excessive swelling may be a sign of preeclampsia, a serious condition sometimes called toxemia, which includes high blood pressure and swelling Being overweight Increased age Injury or trauma to your ankle or foot Swollen legs may be a sign of heart failure, kidney failure, or liver failure. In these conditions, there is too much fluid in the body.
Avatar f tn heart failure, kidney failure, or liver failure. In these conditions, there is too much fluid in the body.
Avatar m tn t yet have strong evidence that testosterone replacement in patients with heart disease improves survival or reduces heart attacks, etc. I don't know if I would necessarily go the route of TRT unless you are having symptoms and/or have diagnosed hypogonadism (testes producing little or no hormone). I would discuss this with both your endocrinologist and cardiologist and come up with a plan that best suits you. Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn I would also like to let you know that I have been under tremendous mental stress since last year due to break up, failure in academics and job loss. And now, with this new problem, I feel that I have started giving up in life. Also, I have noticed that my urethra and the tip of the penis itches after ejaculation and a strong urge to urinate develops. Please help. Thanks.
Avatar n tn The sequence includes nerve impulses in the brain, spinal column, and area around the penis, and response in muscles, fibrous tissues, veins, and arteries in and near the corpora cavernosa. Damage to nerves, arteries, smooth muscles, and fibrous tissues, often as a result of disease, is the most common cause of ED.
10948614 tn?1414173719 t experience any breathing issues while lying down, which, I understand, is a common symptoms with heart failure patients. Additionally, the edema symptoms have been ongoing for years but haven't gotten worse, as far as I can tell. Given the extensive testing and examinations, is it possible I could have an issue with right heart failure that's being overlooked?
Avatar n tn [48] A 2007 systematic review of controlled trials, however, suggested metformin is the only antidiabetic drug not associated with any measurable harm in people with heart failure, and that it may reduce mortality in comparison with other antidiabetic agents.
Avatar n tn High Im a 31 year old male who has been having skipped or fluttering beats while getting a dizzy or freakout type feeling exactly as it happens in my chest for a few years now, i went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with having low testosterone and pvc's after some blood tests and a checkup, since i have been on the androgel testosterone supplement and greatly reduced my caffeine intake my fluttering of skipped beats( FEELS LIKE A PAUSE THEN A HARD THUMP) ive noticed that it has been way
Avatar f tn Suboxone not only effects sex drive it effects Testosterone levels. There is a lot of misunderstanding of this out there. Viagra and Cialis without sex drive equals an erection that allows for sex but no satisfaction to the male if there is no drive. Low testosterone causes low sex drive and erectile dysfunction.
Avatar f tn lol trust me natural progesterone will make your husband like a 20 year old man with his sex drive and its cheap with not one side effect and can take with his heart meds i think being as your body makes progesterone male and female so substituting with more progesterone is safe.
Avatar f tn Levitra may not be effective if you have uncontrolled diabetes, very low blood pressure (hypotension) or uncontrolled high blood pressure (hypertension), heart disease or heart failure, stroke or you are taking any nitrate drugs for angina, blood-thinning (anticoagulant) medications, antihypertensives or alpha blockers for enlarged prostate. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn Get to a doctor and try to find out why you have low testosterone and what form of Hypogonadism you have. If its testicular failure you will want to look at your options for Hormone Replacement if your "signals" are wrong you might want to give a drug like Clomid a try and see if it kickstarts you back into production.
3165168 tn?1343857471 Elevated levels may be due to liver disease, but they may also be due to other conditions, such as congestive heart failure and alcohol consumption. A high GGT level would help rule out the cause of an increased ALP as a bone disorder. If GGT is low or normal, then an increased ALP is more likely to be due to bone disease. A low or normal result would also indicate that it is unlikely that a person has liver disease or consumed any alcohol. Is there anything else I should know?
973741 tn?1342342773 Many women do lose bone after menopause, supposedly due to the loss of estrogen. But I suspect that loss of progesterone also plays into it. Testosterone is critical to bone health too. However, although testosterone levels drop around menopause, they gradually increase to reach reproductive levels in a woman's 70's if she is intact. Hysterectomized women have lower levels of testosterone and women whose ovaries were removed have even lower levels (along with other hormone deficiencies).
Avatar m tn I'm sure you are very worried. Let me try to help.............a bit. First of all - I have experienced Pulmonary Edema on 2 serious occasions in '08. Both - life threatening..........the second - so life threatening that I experienced Respiratory Failure at my local hospital and had to be airlifted to the central hospital here in Maine. I was put in a coma and was not expected to live. I am a 58 y.o. male with an Ejection Fraction of 10-15% since '03.
Avatar m tn I got an Ekg and an Ecg both came out normal but I heard those test arent conclusive to a clogged heart?
Avatar n tn She should see a cardiologist for the fluid in her lungs and a diuretic medication can help that condition. I had lung edema from heart failure and it is not very pleasant experience...feels like I was breathing through a cloth and not getting enough air and coughing was just as bad. Yes, there can be a full recovery depending on the underlying cause. There is effective therapy for heart patients so don't give up.
Avatar m tn why this odd disassociation between heart failure and NSVT when there ought to be a corelation? Also, which is more unsafe- heart failure symptoms without NSVT or NSVT without heart failure symptoms?
Avatar m tn My Patty was diagnosed with Heart Failure 10 days ago, he had been doing pretty good, not liking taking his meds but now he is NOT wanting to eat and when we make it liquid and squirt it down his throat, it has started coming back up. He has no problem drinking and peeing. He is a month over 15 years old and my precious baby. Any ideas out there, he goes back to his dr in 2 days but I am about sick, his mom died of kidney failure and I hate to think this is happening to him.
Avatar f tn My parents are planning my funeral just in case it hurts me to even talk about it and there asking me how I want my funeral. I dont care I just dont want to die. All family and friends have been here with me, but I just want evreyone to go home and leave me alone I do not want to talk about death. All they do is sit around me and cry I dont want them to feel sorry for me because that just makes me even more upset.
Avatar f tn Palpitations are like headaches. By themselves they mean nothing. In rare instances a headache could be a brain tumor. A palpitation could mean anything. Sometimes it's something serious. If it is a rare occurance it probably is nothing. If it happens a lot, it is probably something, but the overwhelming odds are that something is far, far, far less sinister a medical condition than heart failure.
Avatar n tn I now have many of the long term complications. The one that is most difficult is heart failure, specifically diastolic heart failure. I would like to communicate with others who are dealing with this to see if they experience the same issues that I do. I was diagnosed with this heart condition 5 years ago, and have had a triple bypass 2 years ago. The problems result from the interaction of the heart condition with my diabetes. Your response would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I am worried about heart failure. Do you think they would have been looking for heart failure when I went to the ER? And given the information I have given you does this sound like a possibility of heart failure?
Avatar f tn How do we define heart failure? Am I correct to say that it does not refer to an absolute state but more to the degree of inefficiency of the heart in performing its function? Is it true that when a person has heart failure, it doesn't mean that his/her heart is going to stop beating soon, and that death is imminent? A cousin of mine has had chronic atrial fibrillation since 3 months ago.