Testosterone and constipation

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Avatar n tn Some ppls bodies just do not produce enough testosterone. You may be one of those and supplements may be a life long requirement. But again consult with your PCP or better yet an endocrinologist. Please let us know how you are doing. I will look forward to your updates with interest. And as always I wish you the best of luck.
1240683 tn?1268232755 The only thing that has shown up is an ulcer in the ileum, low vitamin d, and low testosterone. The testosterone was rechecked after a week of vitamin supplements (particularly vitamin d - 1400mg day), and it came back normal. I've read that low T can be related to low vitamin d. Is this correct? Anyway, my primary question is this, could there be pancreatic insufficiency problems causing malabsorption of nutrients such as vitamin d that is causing the fatigue?
Avatar n tn I went from Hyperthyroid to hypothyroid to normal levels. Lately some of my symptoms have returned i.e constipation and hair loss and blood test showed high TSH, T4 still with in normal range. My question is if you know of any interaction between TB drug and thyroid function? and if my thyroid disease is a result of such interaction would this condition pass?
Avatar m tn I'm just curious, if you're a female as you say on your profile, why are you taking testosterone? If you're posting on an anxiety site, especially, why are you taking testosterone? Just wondering. You probably have a virus, but there are no doctors on here. You say you missed school -- how old are you? At any rate, if you're concerned, you should see a doctor.
6970651 tn?1386600870 t anything in the CBC or CMP that really jumps out at me as being abnormal, so instead of retyping the whole thing, why not just give us the ranges for your Testosterone, FSH, Estradiol, Thyroxine and Triiodothyronine Free. Unfortunately, your doctor apparently did Total T4, rather than Free T4, so that will be of limited use. According to the ranges we normally see, your FT3 (Triiodothyronine, Free) is very low or even below range. Are you currently on a thyroid replacement hormone?
Avatar m tn So um.... I'm here because I had this big cyst on my thyroid, but I also have central hypogonadism. It's my impression that doctors in general for psychological reasons really really want to ignore hypogonadism. Anything but that. Also doctors are often very confused and mixed up beliefs. For instance, early pregnancy will stop a young women's growth because of hormones.
Avatar f tn   I've had these symptoms on and off since 2001, after I had my kids and was diagnosed with PSOS. The last year and a half I started gaining weight again with no change in diet. I started losing hair again, mood swings, irregular periods, horrible lack of energy, fatigue, swollen face, hot flashes during my cycle, dry skin, memory loss, migraines, hoarse voice, constipation,bloating , and my Raynaud's  got 100% worse.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your thoughts! He has hit puberty and his testosterone is good. My nurse practitioner who he sees tests and treats women and men em with testosterone so she’s pretty up on it. We haven’t tested his cortisol yet. I’m trying to get his ferritin up then will go back to my NP and have her order all of the suggested labs. He does build muscle. His mobility is a little limited due to some knee issues (he’s had surgery) and a rare metabolic disease that causes leg pain.
Avatar f tn My wife Beth, is 48 years old and exercises religeously and has been fit and healthy her whole life. Beth has been feeling absolutely horrible for the past 6 months, showing many symptoms, fatigue, no sleep, hair loss, irritability, constipation, hoarseness, intolerance to cold, weight gain, muscle weakness, loss of balance. Beth went to an endocrinologist and had full blood work done. Beth received the following results. High level Anti-Microsomal Ab (Thy.
Avatar n tn As with your constipation, a stool examination and diet modification may be needed. Permanent constipation is not normal.Stress,sedentary lifestyle , diet, and water intake may be factors that can affect bowel movement.
Avatar n tn The most common complaints when using saw palmetto include stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, bad breath, constipation, and diarrhea. Stomach upset caused by saw palmetto may be reduced by taking it with food. Some men using saw palmetto report difficulty with erections, testicular discomfort, breast tenderness or enlargement, and changes in sexual desire.
Avatar m tn Random testosterone levels indicate below normal testosterone production and shrinkage of right testicle. I was prescribed monthly, 1ml. testosterone injections. In 2006 came down with right inguinal incarcerated hernia and was close to loosing remaining testicle. Prior to surgery was told of the possibility of loosing the right testicle. I did not conscent and after supervision of a urologist, testicle was saved during the hernia repair.
Avatar m tn But long term use of testosterone and other steroids have transient effects and there is no scientific evidence that performance is enhanced. There is abuse liability so I would suggest you to follow up with a physician or endocrinologist for case to case prescriptions. Take care!
Avatar f tn Suboxone not only effects sex drive it effects Testosterone levels. There is a lot of misunderstanding of this out there. Viagra and Cialis without sex drive equals an erection that allows for sex but no satisfaction to the male if there is no drive. Low testosterone causes low sex drive and erectile dysfunction.
Avatar n tn The doctor checked my testosterone level due to and adverse affect of opiates, and I didnot have any. He put me on supplemental testosterone, but I have read it would come back naturally and taking supplements will stop the natural production of my testosterone. Anyone had this issue.
Avatar m tn my hair stoped falling, my skin looked awesome, pain was gone and anxiety too.. constipation was gone and i felt damn happy like never. Check it out, maybe you have the same problem as me. Since I know this diet I've been fighting with temptation 'cause the hard thing about this is doing the diet... =S it's tought but we can do it!! I'm commited to doing it. =) Don't forget to exercise, drink lots of water and sleep good enough... that also helps.
919239 tn?1269394658 im in the same boat battled for years and years with anxiety and depression i finally found out last year my testosterone levels are at that of a 70 yr old im 32 not good...
1202943 tn?1347840652 We have found that if you take several grams of vitamin C with each dose of iron that it both helps absorption and helps counter the constipation that iron can cause. These iron capsules are available from health food shops, pharmacies, and web resources like Iherb. It can take several months to bring iron up to a suitable level and you must remember to stop supplementing iron 5 days before lab tests." This may be a bit aggressive for some patients.
484508 tn?1290010544 In depression and hypomanic state there is a depressed mood, disinterest in activities and also low testosterone can occur. Depression can occur due to reduced level of testosterone in the body. So, supplementation with testosterone might help you. Side effects of testosterone therapy if done in excess can lead to neoplasm’s in the genital organs, gonads. Kindly consult an endocrinologist in this regard. Take care.
Avatar f tn My labs were as follows: TSH <.005 (.4-4.0) Free T3 15.2 (2.3-4.2) Free t4 3.2 (.8-1.8) Estrogen: 12/10/14 348 2/18/16 1311 2/26/16 528 I was taking bioidentical testosterone/progesterone/dhea and stopped taking them 12/1/15 because I'd felt that something wasn't right. I know that high estrogen will cause hypothyroid. I am taking 180 mg of armour thyroid (120 in am, 60 pm) since July 2015. Prior to that, 120 daily (60 am, 60 pm).
Avatar n tn came across a low thyroid problem one year ago and now facing testosterone problems im at total of 304 and I am having sex problems too.I told my regular dr. About sayd it was all in my head tht everything was okay. I went to another place were they do hormone test and took my own list of test I wanted done im not gona lie there were like 20 test I wanted done amr they were just missing 2 tht ran me around $600... I still havent gone to get my results.... by the way im on armour thyroid 30mg.
Avatar n tn The size is determined by the testosterone receptors which don’t change in number after puberty and thus taking any testosterone boosters is not going to affect the size of the penis. I sincerely hope I am able to address your query & hope that helps. Take care.
Avatar m tn I made an appointment with a Urologist a couple weeks ago because I have been having issues with maintaining an erection and one of the things that the doctor did was take some blood to check my testosterone levels. I am involved in a committed relationship and it has taken a tole on both of us for months. Back in 2007 I took testosterone (Steroids) for about 6-8 weeks. My testosterone level came back as 287 which is low for a man of any age.