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Avatar m tn I had low testosterone 225 (33 yr old male). I never had bad acne at all. Since the testopel pellets were injected my testosterone has gone to 500 which is still the low side of normal. I started getting breakouts on my face and a lot of acne on thew back of my neck and on my shoulders. Some of the pimples are very large others itch. Ive tried some acne treatments. The pads help with the face but irritate the skin. They do nothing for the shoulders neck or upper back.
Avatar n tn Hi I have adult acne-I'm a 26 year old female and have had acne since I was 16. It has gone from slight to severe cystic then back to moderate. I'm still getting cysts and I don't use milk products. I don't have a food allergy and I cut out all sugar except natural sugars. I recently had my hormones checked by a reproductive endocrinologist at the follicular phase of my cycle and the doctor said they were normal. I think my testosterone looks on the high end.
Avatar m tn Since acne can be caused by an excess of free testosterone, this may be why inositol was prescribed -- to reduce the free testosterone. I'm not sure if your free testosterone has ever been tested but I don't think it usually is part of any routine labs. I can tell you that during the first couple months of going low-carb, I noticed that my scalp acne and oiliness vanished.
Avatar f tn I am female, finished puberty about 5 years ago and have not had any acne for 2.5 years. I have a total T3 in the upper end/top of the reference range due to using T4 and T3 for hypothyroidism. However, recently I developed moderate acne and noticed new hair growth at the corners of my mouth and in between my eyebrows. It turns out that i have a mildly elevated total testosterone level but normal SHBG.
Avatar m tn The testosterone supplements will be contributing to your acne. Androgens (male hormones) stimulate the sebaceous glands which produce oil. If you have high levels of androgens or are particularly sensitive to their effects you may have acne. Accutane may cause joint and muscle pain so you may need to reduce the frequency of your gym workouts. Eloise.
Avatar n tn My skin too is really dry. Does this medication cause acne to get worse? What can i do to reduce the acne? Plz help as am really frustrated.
Avatar m tn however, I do know that even a slight increase in testosterone levels in men will cause increased acne, oily skin, rapid hair and facial hair growth, anxiety, irritability, etc... This will also cause muscle twitching. Just a guess, but maybe the unrest you are feeling in your hands and legs/feet are caused by the testosterone increase; thus, creating more irritability. As far as the grey hair...I turned completely grey when I was 17. Sometimes that is a genetic thing.
Avatar m tn My daughter never really had acne in her life and recently tested with higher then normal testosterone which the doctor has attributed to this severe acne condition. We purchased proactive but she has a reaction to that. I just purchased Mario something or other and it doesn't seem to be working. any ideas?
Avatar n tn What I know is that taking Testosterone causes acne, and that is why so many pubescent boys have acne. From your post I am pretty sure that the Testosterone and the nipple infection are related. The symptoms you mention do not sound like cancer at all but your husband may need an antibiotic so I would see the doctor if it doesn't get better. It may also help a lot for him to soak in a tub of hor water and about one half cup of Epson salts added.
Avatar f tn ve only read that acne can be caused by hypothyroidism and that thyroid replacement will help acne. My problem is that my acne started AFTER starting thyroid. The acne is definitely cyclical...I am a 36 year old female still menstruating. The acne is most noticeable right after my period and goes away almost completely for the two weeks after ovulation. This pattern doesn't seem to fit premenstrual acne.
Avatar f tn More often than not you are producing too much testosterone from a spill off of the high progesterone turning into testosterone too. Relation when this is fact is the adrenals have overproduced and cortisol issues are present also - but rarely considered at a doctors office who only goes by reference blood labs and not saliva to pin point the fatigue.
Avatar m tn I had high free testosterone that appears to have resolved itself over time and it gave me acne, thinning hair, some unwanted, unusual hair and a deeper voice than most women. The acne and the unusual hair resolved but the voice and thin head hair never came back.
Avatar m tn Acne along the jawline and the neck and back indicate a hormonal imbalance for women. Typically, men get acne in those areas. There is no one answer for everyone. The first food to get rid of, in my opinion, is cow's milk products. That is the food that gives my daughter acne in those areas. My daughter needed to get several things out of her diet to cure her acne. It's not easy for her and every time she cheats, she gets flare ups.
Avatar f tn think this one is a boy too!! Acne again, 11w3d. It has a lot to do with more estrogen or testosterone in your body. Are they pimples that you can pop, it hard zit type??
Avatar f tn m having a boy and my doctor said that the testosterone you produce can cause a lot of acne. I had really bad acne in between week 30 and 34. My cousin went through the same thing with her boy.
Avatar n tn On 8/13/08 I had to get my Testosterone levels checked to start an acne medication and my Free Testosterone was elevated at 2.13 (normal range 0.10-1.50), but my Testosterone was fine at 54 (normal range 14-76). Due to some concern over these results my physician decided to recheck them on 9/25/08 and again my Free Testosterone was high at 3.14 and my Testosterone was also elevated at 79.
Avatar f tn hello, to all my new hepc friends,was wondering if anyone else w/ cronic hepc has had a problem with acne ,i'm getting tiny little pimples all over my forhead and cheeks too,i've been useing which hazel on them seems to help a bit,now i've never really had acne even as a teen ,not even sure if its related to hcv ?if anyone can answer me if this is from hcv or what i can do about it ty?
1155893 tn?1263018015 Does drinking 8 bottles of water a day actually help clear up your acne? Should I start drinking 8 bottles a day?
Avatar m tn I have been on the 5 g androderm testosterone patch for a couple of months. Its amazing my outlook is better, just feel better all around. Erections every night. Sometime the patch doesn't stick very well and becoms itchy, but its worth it. I am a new person. Im even imagining my penis is getting larger!!
467959 tn?1207086251 7 Since December 2007 I started breaking out with acne on my cheeks. I never had a problem before with acne. I am also suffering from hair loss (like many of you out there). According to my dr. this should have stopped by now. At my last dr's appt in Feb 08, I asked him about the acne and hair loss, his answer was, "I really don't know what to say about that." I know there is something out there that can be done. Does any one have ANY suggestions?
Avatar f tn Female acne patients will also benefit from taking a combined oral contraceptive pill such as Yasmin or diane35 since the oestrogen and anti-androgens these contain block the effects of acne-causing male hormones (like testosterone) on the skin. If these medicines have resulted in failure or relapse after long term use, you may be a candidate for oral Isotretinoin (Roaccutane) the strongest acne medicine available.
Avatar m tn im a 22 year old male 6 ft. i think i have low testosterone because i have very low muscle mass skinny wrists and quite small hands i have been on weight lifting programs for months and done the diet but no results. my arms look like a young boys. i also have little facial hair. i really think i have some sort of hormone defiencey but i dont know what to do.