Teeth surgery without braces

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Avatar n tn t do the surgery without at least consulting with your orthodontist prior to surgery to ensure that the treatment is completed and the problem resolved.
Avatar m tn I'm 17 and was wondering if I should get braces based on the picture, or is there anyway to get bigger teeth, my two front central incisor or front two teeth seem bigger in proportion to the rest of my top front teeth, I'm fine with my bottom, I'm just wondering if I should get braces, try to get bigger teeth somehow, or anything in general. Always looking to improve my teeth so any tips are helpful!
Avatar f tn i m 18 years old and i want to get my teeth straightened... does havin braces hv any side effect in long term?? i hv overlappin teeth.. will i hv to extract my teeth?? does this have any side effect..
Avatar n tn i had 8 extra teeth and they had to be removed b4 i got my braces on as well.... its called supernumerary teeth....its actually very common.... yea oral surgery will be them prolly putting you to sleep for an hour and cutting the impacted tooth out.... dont worry you will be sleeping and wont feel anything... just make sure you take care of it after to prevent infection..... you get teeth until the age 21...
Avatar n tn ve seen the new dentist four times now, and each time he is more persistent about me getting braces, specifically Invisalign. He says the way my top teeth are hitting my bottom teeth will certainly cause chipping in the future as my teeth get more brittal. If someone would please answer the following questions I would greatly appreciate it: -Is having a class 3 Malocclusion a serious problem that needs attention? -Do people with an underbite normally get it fixed? If so, with braces?
Avatar f tn Since i had spaces between my teeth, i had my braces on without any extractions. As time passed, my dentist found that i don't have enough room and advised me to extract four bicuspids which i was reluctant. After 6 months thought, i finally removed four bicuspids and now i am totally not happy with the extractions. I could see that my nose appears to be big and my lips are drooping and my teeth have gone very much in and i am missing my wide following the extraction of four bicuspids.
Avatar m tn t fit braces on my teeth. I really need the braces, and the dentist has frequently tried to dodge around the subject when I've asked them about it. Their excuse is "your teeth are too brittle and fitting braces could damage them even more", this isn't my fault as I have always looked after my teeth, but my adult teeth grew through badly and the enamel quickly wore down weakening my teeth.
Avatar n tn The baby teeth were crumbling so they were removed and the chains attached to the adult teeth. The chains will be attached to braces next week. I am worried about this effecting the # 23 healthy tooth. will this tissue heal by second intention after the gum tissue sloughs away or do I need to be worried about the tooth becoming unstable due to minimal gum tissue surrounding it?
Avatar n tn I too had perfectly good teeth extracted (2 permanent upper teeth and 2 permanent lower teeth) for orthodontic treatment, i.e. braces for 3 years when I was a teen. I am now suffering the damaged facial appearance these tooth extractions cause...flat mid-face profile, small mouth, sagging, downward smile, crossbite, pain on the side of the face when eating, etc.
Avatar n tn I am about 6 months into orthodontic treatment using Invisalign. I have an open-bite and receeded chin which causes me to have mild lip and chin strain when closing my mouth. After about a month wearing the aligners I realized they just added too much more strain to my lips and chin when closing my mouth.
Avatar n tn I have been through it all when it comes to my mouth and teeth....I had a pair of braces on when I was around 11 or 12 and a expander on the roof of my mouth to make wider, and I always had a under bite...I had a second pair of braces put on in my mid teen years and even had a receding gum on one tooth that was nicley fixed and still looks great! Once I was 20 I gotten my second pair of braces off and then had my jaw surgery...for under bite and they even brought my top jaw out more as well..
1847035 tn?1327274923 ( my question is what should I do?
Avatar n tn what's so good about having braces? Are they only for a better appearance? I read that misaligned teeth can cause tooth decay, but can't you just brush your teeth to avoid tooth decay? I also read that misaligned teeth can affect your speech and chewing, but by how much? Can misaligned teeth affect you so badly that you absolutely can't chew or speak intelligibly? And if yes, does it only happen if your teeth are very misaligned?
Avatar m tn Eight years is an unusually long time to have braces, so taking very good care of your teeth while the braces were on is imperative. A foul odor usually means there is decay but it can also be caused by plaque or food caught between the gum and tooth causing the swelling...and this needs to be addressed. A cavity and a rotting tooth ARE the same thing.You need to stop using mouthwash so much...using it this often can create problems instead of helping.
Avatar m tn My lower jaw is good, and the rest of my teeth too. Any idea what is the procedure to get it fixed? Is it going to be braces? If so, I'd rather stay like this.
Avatar m tn .Good morning or evening or day or night or afternoon ladies and gentlemen and hello. My name is Hamed and I am a 16 year old writer, drummer, band manager, mathematics hater and would be lawyer from Sydney Australia. My main message, however, concerns the would be lawyer part. My teeth are monumentally messed and have been so for about 5 or 6 years. My jaws are completely out of line.
Avatar n tn m not an orthodontist, but I can tell you a few things as an adult who just finished having braces...Yes, teeth can be crooked after taking the braces off, especially when patients aren't compliant about following through with the retainment plan set out by the orthodontist, but even then there are some cases where teeth move back into their crooked position. There are lots of pros to braces.
Avatar n tn The problem is I am going to college next year and my surgery requires wearing about a year of braces. My family and I have talked about this and we've tossed up the idea of possibly waiting until I got a job, after I've graduated to get braces, as adults don't care about braces. Additionally there in college there is so much more social "presure" with so many girls around and such. I will definetly check out the TMJ forum.
Avatar m tn I had braces at a relatively older age than most people in my early 40s. The dentist warned me at that point that if I was to get braces then he couldn't guarantee the strength of my teeth in the future (older age) and said I might have complications. I read braces were allowed at any age, but why did he warn me at that time? I'm 58 now and my teeth are a bit crooked and I've lost several teeth as well.
Avatar f tn i had undergrown orthodontrics trestment at the age of 13 ( worn removable braces )......the gaps between my teeths were cured in around 7-8 months...but aftr that i stopped using the braces without consulting my dentist.....now at the age of 20, the gaps are showing up again....what should i do???
Avatar n tn We were told that there were also teeth missing and that applying the braces would fill in the gaps. Now 2 teeth are trying to come in between the teeth that have been pulled together by the braces, and the doctor wants to extract them now. We were told these teeth were genetically missing. I think the braces were applied to early, before all her teeth had a chance to grow in. I can upload the exray.
Avatar n tn One of the reputed dental specialist in a dentistry clinic in Ajax has whom I had consulted recommended me to wear braces which can lead my teeth properly aligned. I’m totally unaware of this procedure. Which one is the most preferable - the invisalign or traditional braces? Can anyone share their experience who has got braces?
Avatar f tn I'm getting my braces off June 8 and im really nervous! Does it hurt? How long does it take to take out a full set?
Avatar f tn Braces are useful to straighten crooked, crowded or protruding teeth, close gaps between teeth and correct the bite of the teeth. It is a prolonged treatment. It may take 18 months to 2 years. A visit to the orthodontist may be required every four to six weekly. You should take extra care with the braces since there is a tendency for food to get trapped and plaque formation. Do discuss all your concerns with your dentist before placement of braces. Best wishes and regards!
923006 tn?1243768130 The night guard may have been the wrong type of splint for you. Did it have soft plastic? Mine is a flat-planed and has hard plastic. Unfortunately, as far as I know, medicare does not cover these splints.
Avatar n tn I am 16 yrs old. I want to put braces on my teeth. The doctors have said that they would have to pluck my 4 teeth from each side. the 4th teeth from each side will be taken out . Does it have any side-effects like brain-cancer etc.?